Portal Lords Reward Changes

Portal Lords Reward Changes

With the Portal Lords that begins on Monday, May 3 we’re making some changes to the rewards to make them more appealing to more players. We’re also adjusting the schedule so Portal Lords will happen every 4 weeks.

Tier Reward Changes

  • Individual Hero Shards have been replaced with Aspect Filtered Heroic Chests
  • Individual Epic Gear Scraps have been replaced with Aspect Filtered Epic Gear Chests
  • Individual Hollow Skins have been replaced with Aspect Filtered Guaranteed Hollow Cosmetic Chests
  • The 2 Common Chat Stamp rewards have been replaced with Guaranteed Chat Stamp Chests
  • The 1 Uncommon Chat Stamp reward has been replaced with a Golden Chat Stamp Chest
  • All Embershards have been changed to the Adamantite version
  • Overall, these main rewards have had their amounts increased
    • Hero Shards
    • Epic Gear Scraps
    • Normal Gear Scraps
    • Gold & Hero XP
  • Some of the rewards have also been rearranged and changed to more requested things like Essence Chests

Benchmark and Rank Rewards

  • All of the Portrait Border rewards have been replaced with Guaranteed Portrait Frame Chests
    • Guilds that rank higher within their Faction will receive more chests
  • The Individual Skin rewards for the winning Faction have been replaced with Aspect Filtered Guaranteed Special Cosmetic Chests

Actual complete list of changes that are all welcome shock!

Who are you, and what have you done with per blue?!

(But seriously, even a stopped clock tells the correct time twice a day I guess)


Love the new changes

Any lucky charms?


Finally, some good f :ticket::ticket::ticket: ing changes

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tenor (2)

Two Finesse factions but no Focus? :thinking::pensive: on S8 would have included a piccy but I don’t know how :woman_facepalming::rofl:

Focus? Pfffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttt

We need a “not doing it cos I’m freezing” button.

Also, see that button that looks like a landscape at the bottom right of the post box @METAL_ANGEL

That one. With the sun and grassy knoll…

Press it.

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It’s fixed,. Thank you :kissing_heart::heart:

Focus is love.

Focus is life.

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Focus is focus

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