Portal Lords Rewards Changes

  • Large XP Vials added

  • 3 Guaranteed Chests replace 8 style chests at tier 27, 1 guaranteed chests replace three style chests at tier 19, and one hollow cosmetic chest at tier 20.

  • Large XP Vials added.

  • Wild Essences added.

  • Combining the ideas of @Pixie_Mici and @Specs , ONE consumable granting access to mega raid for 24 hours upon usage added.

  • ^ all of the above added to Lord’s Prize

  • Exclusive border (NOT in chests) granted to top 3 guilds in each faction and top 3 participants in every guild.


I’m spending too much time reading wadda messages.

That all made sense

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Huge Skillpoint prizes would be nice regardless of Guild contest rank

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