Portal lords rewards should be better

Blah… Was just my opinion lol… Rewards are okay and my guild always is in top 10 to 20. I was trying to get us better stuff but ehh… Yall happy… I’m good lol they might have caved in… But nah yall happy :+1:

oh come on. 2 copper ore and 5 or more guild icons are great rewards for everyone.

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Yeah I have no idea why people are complaining. Maybe we will get some embershards instead :grinning:

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The rewards might be better if you did it for the full 5 days.

I disagree, PL rewards are the best. The 13 trial resets alone are enough to justify the 20 minutes or so it takes to do 16 quests. That comes out to more than a billion XP during quad trials, and without that boost every 3 weeks most of us would in a pretty bad spot.


Portal Lotds is about choice of prizes. In short, you either become a sheep and join the popular faction and get a skin. Or you join the least popular faction and get good rewards.

If you dont place in the top 20 guilds, you dont get good rewards, doesn’t matter which faction you choose. The 2 unpopular factions usually have less than 20 guilds. Thats why you need to choose, skin or end of event rewards… unless you belong to a top guild, then it doesn’t matter.

Like in life, you need to win to get good stuff.

Although i do wish, PB would reduce the amount of points needed to get to the top prize tiers, but in all, the prizes are pretty decent. Plus i love the dungeon based quests because they force me to play dungeon, which usually nets pretty good things just from playing 10 floors of endless.

Bah! :slight_smile: