Portal Quest Community Discord Server


Hi all,

I thought I’d go ahead and create a discord community server so we can all get in touch in real time! Feel free to join and I hope it will attract a lot of attention so we can all discuss strategies, get help and keep in touch!

The server has just been created and while I have done configuration some things may still need touching upon. Let me know if this is the case!

Hope to see you all there.

Update 1 (Feb 16)


I have been improving the server to further enhance your stay should you wish to join us!

We now have two channels dedicated to posting updates on what happens on this very forum, currently we have two channels, one for announcements (patches, server maintenance, etc) and in general new forum topics! Check out our announcements section here

Also check out our new info section!l

Join and contribute to an upcoming community! :slight_smile: :heart: We’re currently 40+ members up!

Update 2 (Feb 20)


Hey all! I’ve created a voting channel to vote for which heroes you think belong to what tier. I know this is subject to where they are used and with who but I thought it would be best to show some new players what heroes we think are tier 1 and should be worked on so they don’t end up maxing Storm Wizard only to find out Pony is a million times better!

Here’s a little sample of what it looks like

I’ve also been improving our guides section to help anybody new to Discord get settled in!

Here’s a sample of that

Come join us and vote! :slight_smile: We have cookies!

Update 3 (Feb 20)


We’re now on Reddit!

Check us out: https://www.reddit.com/r/portalquest/

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Hi, portal quest has said for two days now that it is unable to connect And to chalk on forums because it is unavailable. Why is it not working?


@Xylus could you help me, I’m missing out on daily rear


I mean daily rewards


@Skylar Sure, you should try to create a topic to get more attention but you’ve got mine.

Each time you try to connect you cannot because it says the servers are unavailable?

While I don’t know what the direct fix for this might be I can offer general solutions

  1. reinstall the application
  2. ensure there’s internet connectivity
  3. has anything changed since you last used Portal Quest successfully? New apps, etc?

You can add me on Discord and I’ll help you via private message, my id is Cikibriki#7360


Hi, @xylus it is working and thanks for your advice.


@xylus the Internet was right , I re installed it and I didn’t have any new apps