Portal quest dying soon?

Does anyone know how much longer?

10/1 …


Strange edit there…

Taking into account the trends of other games of the same genre, the amount of players playing and simple logistical statistics, portal quest has 2 days 17 hours 51 minutes and 22 seconds until it’s dead starting from…now!


You could have made another post instead of changing your entire post lol

I’d estimate that the game will last somewhere between 1-120 months longer.

This is only 30% of what is needed for a single item of Orange +7 rarity and most of them are like this one or worse, apparently devs are simply ignoring us, so yeah GG Portal Quest. I don’t think even their whales will last for a couple more months, they’re probably just planning to milk them through Stamina offers till they can’t do it anymore.


It’s already dead, it’s now officially un-dead. It’s become a Zombie, feasting on people’s brains… and credit cards.


Lol wait till you build red lol

Erm, red is easier than orange 7/8…
Even with the changes per blue made to make it less work back then

Yup. Zombie mode activated.