Portal Quest Fanart Chat


I wanted to make a chat. Or topic, that was for people who drew fanart(drawings based on portal quest) and show it here. In this General chat.

Please no unrelated content, and be reminded that the guidlines apply to this chat aswell.

Be thoughtful and postive about others works, and try not to be negative about anything.

If you want to be critize please comment that on your post.


Recreating the Portal Quest Icon or Logo. I redrew and made my own version of it. This took a minimum of 3 hours, even with a basic outline, i didnt use lines but different contrastic colors to make this piece.


Thats awsome! But I’m pretty sure the fan art chat is the forum’s


Looks like a great Mo to me! Love even the veining going through the face!


That elder looks kratos (God of war inspired)
He does. Look way older though like that. Adds a more realistic vibe to the hero… Not so blocky