Portal Quest Front Liner Tier List

I think everyone should make a tier list of who they think are the best and worst front liners in Portal Quest.

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Every front liner is affected by what you attack it with.

Apart from elder mohawk obviously.

Don’t believe me?
List your S tier, unaffected by meta heroes below, see how long it takes for someone to list their kryptonite …


What about wizard
Wizard deserves that S tier


Two words. Lion knight?!

I had thought about writing about the usefulness of jelly and dragoon and how wander really is the only S tier front line hero in the game.
(I will fight you. I have studies!)

But anyone that labels lion knight as bad, then I can’t help you.

TL:DR Wander is the only S tier hero.
If you include the phrase UNAFFECTED BY META
Change my mind.

Pro tip: you can’t remove her from S tier.
But you could mayyyyybe add a hero.
If you can prove that they can’t be affected by lion / fur / cleric / etc

First they should make a tier list of all of the front liners in Portal Quest.

It doesn’t even have prize fighter.
He’s not that new

Lion and ww are the only SS tier IMO

I lost track of the fact this was a defence front line tier list, as it is never explicitly listed anywhere in this thread.

Still. I stand by my first comment.
No one is S tier.
Everyone has a weakness that can be exploited.

That’s why I love this game.

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