Portal Quest has been stopping randomly


So, I’ve noticed my game stopping and freezing. I did report this to the portal quest team. I just would like to know if this problem happens to anyone else. Also, when I’m talking in global my keyboard freezes and its quite annoying. If anyone could relate I would like to know.


I mean the game gets a little slow if I’m also using Spotify or something but besides that it runs fine for me.


I had the game crash today when I sent a PM.


It crashes a ton since the new update. About Everytime I send a PM or if I send a guild chat message or even if it’s open too long. Super annoying.


It randomly crashes when i post messages… Only when i post messages. Sent it a bug report to mods.


I get occasional force closes usually when opening chats but hasn’t had a negative impact


Yea it’s real annoying


I have this problem too. Though I do not know what triggers the crash, I do know that sometimes the android force close message pops up and the game crashes to home screen.


I have problems with the keyboard also. It keeps sending messages before I finish typing. It doesn’t even show me what I’m typing sometimes. I did restart my phone but nothing. @ironangel could there be something done to fix this?


Same problem here as well, although it may not be a bug in this case. If I accidentally touch my home button while typing (which happens quite often with my new phone) the message is sent halfway. Don’t know if it’s meant to but doesn’t work for me…


I don’t press my home button like you’re saying. I don’t understand what’s wrong with it. This issue brothers me.


PQ crashes a ton, even well before the latest update. Recently though it has been crashing frequently during chatting in global and pms. The pms also take awhile to load, and battles take awhile then I get taken to my home screen.


I’ve reported this same issue, at the direction from ironangel, a while back to CS but never got a reply back. Perblue is aware of this. @Ironangel @Andrew is this issue being worked on? I know it’s probably not a priority but I figured I’d ask.


I honestly hope it’s fixed. It stresses me out.


I’ve been experiencing random crashes for the past week or so, usually when trying to start a fight in the normal campaign. Not that often, so no big deal. As of today, the game crashes on start-up, so I can’t get on at all. :worried:

edit: phone restart seems to have fixed the problem!


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Portal Quest has become extremely unstable.

It exits randomly all over the place.

Either this is due to IOS or the Game itself.

What are your experiences on your device, please indicate if you are using IOS or Android.



Hey, if you’re having technical difficulties, please send in a support ticket so they can review your game data. Cheers!