Portal Quest Improvements List 16.04.19

(With Wiz’s permission, I will attempt to continue where he left off. Much of this was copy-pasted from the previous thread. Please be gentle.)

Hey all,

This is a list of suggested improvements. It is not extensive. This covers the basis of what is discussed in the Discord channel, but does not include everything. If you have anything to add, please comment on this post and it will be considered.

Some items are not overly explained, as they justify their own posts. I have still included them for awareness reasons.

List as follows:


Orange Grind – The grind and stamina issues have much improved, but primarily for paying players. F2P players still struggle to break through the later stages of Orange. These are key for competitiveness, as promoting a hero to Red rewards an essence which can be used to strengthen their top team.

  • A guild perk for double orange drops would go a long way. I could’ve sworn this was agreed to at some point, but I can’t find it.

PL Rewards – As stated before, we put a week’s worth of work into an event, spend our valuable torches to finish those long dungeon quests, and spend a few stam packs to clear 30 elite campaign levels, costing 20 stamina each. The rewards still feel a bit sparse.

The problem with rewards lies with the Ranking rewards. We finished 3rd, sure, we don’t deserve the best things out there, but we didn’t get much, so I don’t know how others feel. 7 event chests turns into 2 gold chest which turns into ore or Squire scraps we don’t need. Please focus on improving them.

We put a lot of work into this and trying to get all our members to hit. With Server 1 and 2 now at 40 members, we have also come to realise the struggles of reaching all tiers. It is very difficult to get 40 members to do all of their quests. I realise these are meant to be hard to get, but we seem to be expected to be near perfect.

Guild Shop Improvements – These are outlined in a separate forum post as to cover the issues at hand. These largely stem around low currency conversion rates.

Hero Shard Shortage – With the increased need for Hero Shards, with the introduction of a series of crystals and the continuing need to level up epic skills, some hero shards are becoming sparse for some people.

A lot of people have more Epic Scraps than they do Hero Shards, even for heroes which have been available since the beginning of time. The purchase prices in the Guild Shop are very unreasonable for F2P players, ranging between 1000 to 4000 scrip a day, meaning you could buy 3 shards if you have a lot of scraps to burn, and thereby does not resolve the issue at hand.

Every hero should get 30 shards from each gold chest. It takes far too long to earn shards for a new 1 star hero. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for this. In a lot of cases, we’re actually getting 7 shards for heroes which aren’t as good as heroes which earn 30 shards.

(New): It’s very discouraging that the new gold box heroes have been 1*. I get the impression that this is being done intentionally since we get many more chests than we used to get, but nearly all of these heroes are must-haves for guilds that want to stay competitive in war.

Crafting Menu Improvements – I don’t know how long it has been there for, but I only just noticed that you can, in fact, farm from the information tab in a Hero’s gear menu. From this tab, you can click a future item and farm the gear you need. However, you cannot craft here. It would be very useful to be able to do so. Simply adding the craft button in this menu. Additionally, it would be of use to see how many of said items are needed by your heroes. This would enable us to make sure we have all the gear we need for the heroes, and would be particularly useful when you are a lower rarity are grinding future gear in a contest.

Fortress Power – This needs amending. There needs to be some kind of balance which enables us to all fill our bars, but not require us to use every single one of our heroes and spend 30 minutes of each day hitting Fortress.

(It was hinted that Fortress raids may be a feature in the future.)

Contest Variety – People enjoyed the return of dungeon contests, but the fact remains that contests are almost always spending-based contests: stam/diamonds, gold/exp, stam scraps

(New): The newly-added hero usage contest was nice, but it doesn’t feel very inclusive to most users. The scoring should be changed, and resetting arena shouldn’t feel like the only way to grind for points.

(New): More Gold – The cost of crafting for the red rarity, on top of the cost of skilling normal skills and skilling honor skills, has grown to the point at which high-moderate spenders are having difficulty keeping their heroes up-to-date. We lack gold as it is, and the additional amount needed is not nearly compensated by the amount gained through campaign. Crafting costs, while high, have thankfully stayed constant.

(New): More Hero Experience – While gold has been an issue since r2, hero xp is quickly overtaking it as the resource people lack the most of. Required hero xp seems to be increasing at an alarming rate due to the amount needed for essences, but the amount of hero xp that people receive (mostly from campaign) is barely increasing. Moderate to high-moderate spenders are beginning to have trouble keeping their core group of heroes up to date. This issue will become much worse with each subsequent rarity.

(They are aware of this issue, so we’ll see)


Increase Vial Drops – Allow us to earn these somewhere which isn’t just daily and dependent on completing the Fortress. Maybe just drops in Dungeon? Allows non-competitive guilds to still earn resources.

Stamina Cost Rework – Rework the amount of diamonds it costs to buy Stamina. With the deals offering more stamina than they used to due to the higher gear requirements, it only makes sense that stamina costs follow suit.

Gifting Event Chests – The same as gifting Gold Chests, but for Event Chests. I don’t think I need to explain further.

Forge Sort – The Epic Forge being accessible in the Epic Dungeon is fantastic. It could just do with a tweak which allows us to sort it so we can easily find the heroes we are looking for. Preferably the 5 heroes we are running dungeon with should be at the forefront of the list, then rest should then follow alphabetically or in some other logical order.

Gold Chest Refresh / Heroes – A free gold chest every 2 days is not particularly useful anymore. I opened about 100 chests and found the new hero twice. The ever increasing number of heroes continues to dilute the usefulness of the chest, and so one solution would be to offer them at a quicker rate, perhaps 24 or 12 hours per free chest. Additionally, removing older heroes from the Gold Chests and increasing their drop rate in Silver Chests would make Gold Chests much more valuable, as it increases the probability of finding a newer hero, the one we are actually looking for when opening the chest.

Lockpick Consumables in Dungeon Chests – Now that the Lockpick Consumables have been made 24 hour consumables, and are of use to people, it would be very useful to have them made available int he Dungeon Chests in which we can find the rest of the Dungeon Consumables.

Skill Point Consumables in Guild Shop – Can these be added to the Guild Shop in some manner? They are a useful addition to the game, and it would be nice to be able to obtain them as needed.


Private Messaging – Actually getting notifications for unread messages, and being able to clearly see which chats you haven’t read.

Tournament Daily Rewards – Add diamonds to rank rewards, such like those attained in Arena.

(It was hinted that this will be worked on soon)

Remove Daily Torch Cap – All this does is disadvantage f2p players. Paying players already have stacks of torches, on the whole, and so having a cap to stop them generating more doesn’t make any difference, all it does it stop f2p players who generate torches if they are unable to use the Dungeon for a period of time, not everyone can play all the time.

New chat function – The ability to send a message to the entire guild’s inbox so that everybody has the opportunity to read the message, and important information can be passed on.

Purple/Orange Scrap chests – Similar to Silver chests, yet they only drop Purple and Orange Scraps. these would cost more than Silver Chests, but would drop a number of scraps or full items. They would also have a free refresh rate, similar to the other two chests.

Dynamic XP/Gold Costs – Lower gold and xp costs at lower levels when new levels are released. This will enable f2p players to catch up new heroes to a reasonable level much more easily.

Increase Dungeon Speed – We’re here to enjoy the game, the 5x Walk Speed should not be a consumable, it should be something we all benefit from. Some alternative suggestions for what the consumables could be replaced with, including auto-unpicking traps and showing all shrine effects before drinking from them. Also, a shrine effect which increases speed could be additional to this change. Additionally, it should be possible to have the fights at a normal speed or 2x, yet maintain walking speed at a 5x pace.

Epic Items tab – Currently, one must sift through all of their heroes or through orange scraps in order to view how many of each epic scrap they have. It would be nice to not have to do that.

Improved VIP Perks – Once you get to about VIP 14, there aren’t really any additional benefits.

Manual Shop Refreshes – Being able to choose when we use our shop refreshes. Sometimes we have a lot of one kind of token, and so want to just use the tokens to refresh the shop and save the Shop Refresh consumable for elsewhere. There should be the option to use our tokens/diamonds or consumable to refresh the shop.

Boss Fights – There has always been the idea of a Boss Fight mode in the game being worked up. This could work in a similar way to Titan Temple in DS, in which the guild work together to defeat 5 bosses, however it could be mixed up a bit so that more than 5 people are involved, people can be involved more so if there are less active players… etc etc. This would need discussion, I imagine.

Campaign Plot Book – There is currently a fan-made compilation, but an in-game feature would still be preferred

Preset Lines – Adding the “Load Saved” button, which can be found in Tournament, to the line-up menu. This would allow us to set our own preset lines and chop and change easily as we wish.

Levels in Hero Log Screen – Showing levels in the Hero Log screen within the War tab in order to allow screenshots to fully represent the heroes available to the user.

Dungeon Resource Drops – Adding Hero XP, Gold, Influence and Vials to the Epic Dungeon, and also putting Vials in Endless Dungeon, would ease the resource void for F2P players. A lot of paying players already have an abundance of several of these resources, and adding them as drops in the campaign will allow F2P players to keep up if they are willing to put in the time to grind them.

Event Calendar – Can there be a in-game calendar which keeps track of all of the upcoming events, be this expected updates, expected downtime, upcoming PL events, upcoming Chest events. All of the things we have to mentally keep track of.

(New): Trial/Tower Resets – The elimination of the timer at a certain VIP level is great, but players must exit trial/tower and go to their inventory to use a reset. As with stamina, it would be much more convenient if resets could be used within the features themselves.

(If you believe one or more of what is below has not actually been resolved, feel free to reply as such.)

  1. Gear Drops Rework - Purple drops perk, lower grind for red rarities
  2. Banked Stamina Cap
  3. Fortress Difficulty – Opposing team power is properly matched
  4. Stamina Tab Improvement .
  5. Friend List Limit
  6. Crusade Raid
  7. Trials Rework – Honor trials were introduced
  8. Fortress Red Dot
  9. Tournament Cooldown – Tournament extended by 12 hours
  10. AP Bank Display – Now shows points held by players + bank
  11. PL Sneak Peek – Has returned.
  12. Skill point resets – Skill point consumables
  13. New Fortress Difficulty – Blockbuster Fort exists
  14. Attack Points!!! – New AP generation perk
  15. STAMINA!! – Can use 10 packs at a time without having to go to inventory
  16. New PL Quests – War quests were removed, some new quests based on newer features were added
  17. Gold Purchasable Epic Chests – Event chests purchasable for gold or exp appear from time to time
  18. Hero Shards Numbers in Elite - Total shards for heroes are now visible from epic campaign. Furthermore, there are more opportunities for epic shards in epic campaign if one gets consumable bonuses
  19. Manual Gear Sales – Slider
  20. Purge Fortress Lines – Defeated Fortress lines are placed below lines that aren’t completed.
  21. Hero Skill Preview in War
  22. Energy Draining Hero – Spellwards silence makes cleans easier
  23. War Rework – Scheduled to be released for update 3.6
  24. Stamina / Elite Resets from Campaign
  25. Epic Charge Confirmation
  26. Guild ranking in contests – Appear for 24 hours after the contest has concluded
    Leave more comments and I will add suggestions. Thank you
  27. Soul Chests/ Hero Chests – Silver chests now allow players to obtain hero shards, even for the newest hero(es)
  28. Guild Shop Dot – A daily for the guild shop now exists
  29. Gear Crafting
  30. Dungeon Raids
  31. Gear Crafting improvement – “Equip All” option
  32. PL Tier rewards – Have been improved
  33. Need for stamina – Deals have improved to a sustainable level. I believe F2P are doing okay (correct me if I’m wrong), if there even are any left.


Elite Campaign
- Cosmetic rewards theoretically allow for two additional attempts, but those will take a very long
time to obtain
- Stamina cost is still very high

Gear Crafting Improvement
- If an item cannot be crafted, players won’t know which item(s) they’re missing until
they sift through every required item

Please note that the prioritisation of the list is very subjective and just an attempt to give a rough idea on the biggest concerns in the community, and will not represent the main concerns of every individual.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this extensive list. If you have any



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–Oasis Is Finesse


Something something alt amnesty.

But seriously, you are doing god’s work :slight_smile:

Less need for stamina would work better than more stamina.

Guild perk for next guild level update .

Stamina issue and high orange grind helped :slight_smile:slight_smile:
Isn’t going to affect whale income.
Is going to help f2p
No downside


¨With Wiz’s permission¨
I don’t believe it, real Wiz would never let anyone touch his list

You killed Wiz and stole his list


Said Samwise to Strider . :grin::rofl:

This would be an awesone feature (clearing fortress once a week, or like crusade, every 6 days)

Fortress raids sounds cool.
I can do between 3.5 - 5.5 million damage to it, depending on lineups left when I get there.

How is a fortress raid going to work?

Love the list.
Also really love the idea of booting old heroes from gold chest and putting them in silver chests. It would definitely make the gold chests more valuable again. Like a max of the 10 or 15 most recent heroes only for gold chest would be nice.
Would also love an event calender for each month, for the rotation of contests and cap increases and such. Even if it’s just projected and subject to change. Would be super beneficial to free2play players in being the most efficient they cha be with their resource management


No idea.

“obtw, Fortress raiding”

Is the only thing that we ever got on the subject.

There are cosmetic rewards in Elite Campaign? :hushed: how? Where?

It’s not saying that there are cosmetic rewards in Elite. It’s saying that some of the cosmetic rewards make Elite more user friendly by allowing additional attempts per reset.

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If you complete a set of cosmetics, you get more chances in elite campaign. Instead of just 3 battles per stage you can get 4 of 5 chances by collecting cosmetics.

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I’ve added some points, most notably about the shortage of gold (which has been a constant issue for a while) and the shortage of hero xp (which is on course to become much more scarce than gold).

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