Portal Quest Improvements List 18.08.19

Hey everyone, I’m back again…

It’s been 6 months since the last list, but it felt absolutely necessary to revitalise it given the number of continued complaints about a number of features within the game.

I have attempted to clarify the majority of things that have been brought up in the Discord channel. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, and don’t doubt I’ll be prompted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The previous list can be found here.

Below is a long detailed list of the problems we’re currently facing. I appreciate I wouldn’t have included all of them, but it’s long as it is, albeit with a few unnecessary additions. I removed a lot from the previous iteration. If you have any further suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll try and squeeze them in :slight_smile:

A shortlist can be found in the comments.

I am not covering bugs or any war changes.

The list is as follows:
Note: Items are sorted by my own arbitrary priority and alphabetised


  1. Enchanting Costs - These are already extortionate, and this is before a cap raise has even stripped us of the enchanting we have already done and forced us to find these resources again. Gold is already sparse; XP is already sparse; Vials can’t even be farmed even if we wanted to. And after spending it all, we have to go back and do it all again 4 weeks later. The majority were unhappy when it was first announced; and people are guaranteed to be even more unhappy when they lose everything they have already invested. The costs need to be lowered.

  2. Fortress Raids - We finally have Crusade Raids. We finally have Dungeon Raids. The next logical step if to lighten the burden that is the Fortress. At this point, it’s mostly done out of courtesy and a need to get as many vials as possible to deal with the demands of enchanting. A similar style raid ticket needs to be added to deal with this time consuming feature. Or, we’d happily take an “auto all my fights” button :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  3. Hero Shard Shortage – The number of heroes is forever increasing. This has a very negative consequence on gold chests. It becomes harder and harder to get the shards we need. A while ago, improved hero chests were promised, this hasn’t come into fruition yet, but is even more desperately needed than it was those many months ago.

This requirement is made much worse with the introduction of an instantly impactful hero who comes with a level dependent epic. This just makes it even harder to be competitive, especially with this particular hero not being present in any contest rewards.

The skin collection bonuses do not help this cause, as the heroes in question tend to be new heroes, and the cosmetic drops are too low to make this option viable.

  1. PL Rewards – This has been said time and time again, but the PL rewards are dire and need reviewing. The event lasts twice as long as a contest, yet we get less rewards for competing. PL is also much more demanding in terms of time and resources.
    Every hero should get 30 shards from each gold chest. It takes far too long to earn shards for a new 1 star hero. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for this. In a lot of cases, we’re actually getting 7 shards for heroes which aren’t as good as heroes which earn 30 shards.
    The item scraps need to be replaced with full gear items; 6 item scraps is a meaningless quantity to any player. The silver chest quantities are low and insignificant. The vial quantities are negligible.
    The ranking rewards also need a massive improvement. They don’t seem to provide any incentive to push for any place other than 1st, meaning if you are out the race for first, what’s the point?
    The Tiered rewards need to be significantly improved. If the concern is the fact that other servers will get too much and that you don’t want to rewrite rewards for each server, can’t you just use a multiplier per server?


  1. Campaign Chapter Select - Particularly noticeable during PL season, the campaign is not very efficient. It opens you on the newest chapter (sure, seems logical), but then you have to mash a hole in the screen to get to Chapter 5 when you want to farm your precious Mohawk shards. There was a functionality in Disney Heroes which showed you an overview of each chapter and you could choose the one you wanted with a simple click. A similar feature here would be much appreciated.

  2. Cosmetic Chests for Diamonds - Exactly the same as other Diamond Deals, except they offer…well…Cosmetic Chests.

  3. Double Orange Scraps Perk – The grind is much improved, but Orange 7 and Orange 8 are still a push for new heroes. Just like the double purple scraps perk, an orange iteration would do wonders across the servers and alleviate some of the resource pressures.

  4. Enhanced Cosmetic Chests (Quantity & Quality) - The availability of these is incredibly low, especially given their drop rates. It feels like 90% of the chests give honour tokens. Sure, you could put this down to luck, but it should be a higher drop rate for items that we don’t already have. The turnaround for the golden cosmetics is very quick considering the rate at which rarer items drop. They were only introduced within the last month, and they’re already being turned over. From my own experience, I haven’t seen a single one yet feel like I have opened a considerable number of chests. This needs to be improved.

  5. Forge Sort – The Epic Forge being accessible in the Epic Dungeon is fantastic, besides the lag. It could just do with a tweak which allows us to sort it so we can easily find the heroes we are looking for. Preferably the 5 heroes we are running dungeon with should be at the forefront of the list, then rest should then follow alphabetically or in some other logical order.

  6. Guild Shop Improvements – These are outlined in a separate forum post as to cover the issues at hand. These largely stem around low currency conversion rates.

  7. Increase Vial Drops – Allow us to earn these somewhere which isn’t just daily and dependent on completing the Fortress. Maybe just drops in Dungeon? Enchanting has just exponentially increased the amount of these we need, and the stockpiles we have will rapidly be diminished with these new high demands.

  8. Lockpick Consumables in Dungeon Chests – Now that the Lockpick Consumables have been made 24 hour consumables, and are of use to people, it would be very useful to have them made available int he Dungeon Chests in which we can find the rest of the Dungeon Consumables.

  9. Resource Caps - At the moment, enchanting is costing in the 1 – 2 billion range for a few resources when you get to a later number of heroes. Yet, we can only hold 2.14bn. I appreciate this will be down to software limits, but there should be a work around for this.

  10. Stamina Cost Rework – Rework the amount of diamonds it costs to buy Stamina. With the deals offering more stamina than they used to due to the higher gear requirements, it only makes sense that stamina costs follow suit.


  1. Boss Fights – There has always been the idea of a Boss Fight mode in the game being worked up. This could work in a similar way to Titan Temple in DS, in which the guild work together to defeat 5 bosses, however it could be mixed up a bit so that more than 5 people are involved, people can be involved more so if there are less active players… etc etc. This would need discussion, I imagine.

  2. Campaign Plot Book – A way of reviewing past campaign stories, just so that we can have an overview of the story up until the current point in time. With the ever increasing number of chapters, it would be nice to refer back to previous parts of the story if we wanted to have a quick read of it. Perhaps this could be in the form of a book of which you can click the chapter and read the dialogue.

  3. Dungeon Resource Drops – Adding Hero XP, Gold, Influence and Vials to the Epic Dungeon, and also putting Vials in Endless Dungeon, would ease the resource void for F2P players. A lot of paying players already have an abundance of several of these resources, and adding them as drops in the campaign will allow F2P players to keep up if they are willing to put in the time to grind them.

  4. Dynamic XP/Gold Costs – Lower gold and xp costs at lower levels when new levels are released. This will enable f2p players to catch up new heroes to a reasonable level much more easily

  5. Elite Cost Rework – Similar, but with how many diamonds it costs to reset Elite Chapter to 3/3 available. Additionally, reducing the amount of stamina each level costs, and the improving the rarity of Elite Campaign Resets, as these are hard to come by, and we need to reset levels much more often than we used to, given the number of shards we need these days.

  6. Event Calendar – A in-game calendar which tracks of all of the upcoming events, be these expected updates, expected downtime, upcoming PL events, upcoming Chest events. All of the things we have to mentally keep track of.

  7. Increase Dungeon Speed – We’re here to enjoy the game, the 5x Walk Speed should not be a consumable, it should be something we all benefit from. Additionally, it should be possible to have the fights at a normal speed or 2x, yet maintain walking speed at a 5x pace.

  8. Levels in Hero Log Screen – Showing levels in the Hero Log screen within the War tab in order to allow screenshots to fully represent the heroes available to the user.

  9. Manual Shop Refreshes – Being able to choose when we use our shop refreshes. Sometimes we have a lot of one kind of token, and so want to just use the tokens to refresh the shop and save the Shop Refresh consumable for elsewhere. There should be the option to use our tokens/diamonds or consumable to refresh the shop.

  10. New chat function – The ability to send a message to the entire guild’s inbox so that everybody has the opportunity to read the message, and important information can be passed on.

  11. Private Messaging – Actually getting notifications for unread messages, and being able to clearly see which chats you haven’t read.

  12. Remove Daily Torch Cap – All this does is disadvantage f2p players. Paying players already have stacks of torches, on the whole, and so having a cap to stop them generating more doesn’t make any difference, all it does it stop f2p players who generate torches if they are unable to use the Dungeon for a period of time, not everyone can play all the time.

  13. Soul Chests – Soul chests are a feature found in DragonSoul, an ex-PB game, and Disney Heroes, a current PB game. They are a useful feature for obtaining hero shards. If a similar feature could be implemented her, it would allow people to be more selective in their chests openings, as it narrow down the possible hero shard pool, making them less diluted than Gold Chests.

  14. Tournament Daily Rewards – Add diamonds to rank rewards, such like those attained in Arena.

Resolved Suggestions:

  • Gear Drops Rework – Despite the changes made recently, the gear dorps still need a look-in. We are still spreading our stamina far and wide, meaning that we are not getting as much worth out of our stamina as we could be if the drop rates were improved and gear scraps were found in similar campaign levels, and not dropping individually from one another. Ideally, the scraps we were struggling to attain should be found in groups, to make them less of a struggle. There will always be demand for improvements in terms of gear, but an effort has been made to reduce the grind, and it has made a difference.

  • Banked Stamina Cap – Removing the banked Stamina Cap of 1000 would be a good step towards making the grind less time consuming as we go back and forth between our inventory and the campaign. At the time of writing, there is a petition running to outline this global desire. We’ve proven many a time that the cap can be surpassed, so I don’t see why it needs to be in place. Resolved

  • Fortress Difficulty – A new one so that everyone can make 5 attacks if we all want to complete our daily, and so that we can all fill our power quota.

  • Stamina Tab Improvement – The idea for this has been implemented, however it needs tweaking before it serves its efficiency purpose.

  • Friend List Limit – The current limit of 100 friends can be quite limiting. With 44 of these being taken up by guild members, and others by ex-guild members, and then adding to that anyone else we may want to have, it can be reached quite easily. I don’t see why there is a limit in the first place? How else are we supposed to poach if we can’t add the entire PQ Address Book?

  • Fortress / Crusade Raid – We touched on an idea before about raiding Fortress and Crusade or speeding up the fights or something. I can’t remember if it was agreed that something was in the works, but if it isn’t, it probably should be.

  • Trials Rework – Introducing those new Trials consumables re-raises the question of the usefulness of the Trials. Most of the items in there aren’t of particular use to us in the later stages. We still need some of them, yes, but there are some which we need much much more of. We previously posted a list of the 20 scraps causing us the biggest problems, this was by no means exhaustive, but putting most of these in the Trials would make this function much more useful to the majority of the community, particularly with the new rarity on its way, and the continued struggle with O5 and O6 in particular.

  • Fortress Red Dot – You know something’s wrong when I’m asking for more Red Dots, but I think the Red Dot on the Fortress needs to stay until the individual has made all of their possible attacks, or at least made 5 attacks to fulfil the requirements of the Daily. Too often people make one attack then forget to make others when they come back online at a later time.

  • Tournament Cooldown – At present, the Tournament cooldown of 24 hours means that European players miss out on a potential daily quest, and maybe a fight or two. Changing this cooldown to 22 hours would mean that the disadvantage is balanced out and spread across the timezones, thereby enabling everyone their fair share of opportunity.

  • AP Bank Display – Include banked attack points in the number on the battle screen which shows total Attack Points. At the moment it only includes points held by guild members.

  • Epic Mohawk – Justice for Mo. Mo needs the love :blush:

  • PL Sneak Peek – You used to do Forum Posts which showed the upcoming skins and portrait borders for Portal Lords. These were important for a lot of people when making the decision to choose their faction. Now we have to rely on finding a guild in each faction to show us the next skins, and even then we can’t see the portrait borders. A return of these will only be appreciated.

  • Skill Points – It is already kind of present on the list, but it does need addressing. Skill points take so long to do, and are so easy to forget about. At the time of writing: 52 heroes, 5 new levels, 4 skills. That’s 1040 points to do, or 5,200 minutes… 86 hours. Yep, it’s a lot of time. And it’s very very easy to forget to do it. And its only going to get worse.

  • Contests – More variation in what we have to do, not the same 4 week cycle. Rewards improvements to reflect how much we actually put into them.

  • New Fortress Difficulty – This makes a return to the list. We still need another Fortress difficulty. For one, we need more lines so everyone can achieve their power tally. Secondly, more vials never hurt anyone.

  • Attack Points!!! – We are in desperate need of faster wars. The recent State of the Game post states that War fixes will come in the next year. This is all well and good, but we need a fix now in order to speed up wars. They take too long. A quick and relatively easy fix, I think, would be to introduce two new AP Generation perks. I have yet to see someone object to this idea.

  • STAMINA !! This comes in two parts, primarily targeting the grind. Not only does the grind require so much money and resources, it is also very time demanding. The stamina demands have been addressed but is still the biggest problem amongst the community. The continuous need to go back and forth between the campaign and your inventory adds to this problem and eats into the time we spend playing and enjoying the game, making it more of a chore than a recreational activity. Also, see 12.

  • New PL Quests – Firstly, remove war quests! Secondly, give us new quests! Here is a thread dedicated to inspiration for new quests.

  • Skill Point Reset – Turn Alchemy Rests into Skill Point resets, no one uses them. Skill Point resets will set the cost of 10 skill points back to 10 diamonds, to make levelling heroes quicker after a cap raise.

  • Gold Purchasable Epic Chests – These chests were fantastic. Everyone who used them loved them. Giving us another way to spend our gold, particularly in a Gold Contest, was very welcomed, particularly as they now included vials. However, if this event could run for 24 hours next time, so that people all around the world could appreciate them, that would be even more welcomed.

  • Hero Shards Numbers in Elite - At present, if we have a hero at 5 stars, we cannot see how many shards we have for that hero when we are farming their shards in elite, it simply says “Max”. This was fine before Epics, but now, it’s not so fine. Would be very handy if we didn’t have to keep going back and forth between the campaign and our inventory to see our shard numbers.

  • AP Generation Rates – Can you add a menu to war which shows the current AP generation and when it is due to change. It is not always clear to everyone when the rate will change, nor what it will change to, and it will be handy to have this feature available, particularly for newer additions to the game. It can be added as a tab in the “Help” menu.

  • Manual Gear Sales – Giving us the ability to manually input the number of scraps we want to sell, instead of holding the ‘+’ button for an eternity. Even a slider would be better.

  • Purge Fortress Lines – Removing defeated lines from the Fortress so that the only lines shown are those which still need to be hit. This would help with loading lag, and just make it quicker for people to hit the Fortress.

  • Hero Skill Preview in War – Adding the hero skill pop-up menu to the towers in war and to the logs, allowing the user to identify what will come up in the future, and what they have fought or their guild have used.This has been discussed in Discord and is generally perceived as a positive idea.

  • Energy Draining Hero – Similar to that in DS, for those who know, Bone Dragon would be a godsend for cleaning those shitty 5 man charges.

  • Crafting Menu Improvements – I don’t know how long it has been there for, but I only just noticed that you can, in fact, farm from the information tab in a Hero’s gear menu. From this tab, you can click a future item and farm the gear you need. However, you cannot craft here. It would be very useful to be able to do so. Simply adding the craft button in this menu. Additionally, it would be of use to see how many of said items are needed by your heroes. This would enable us to make sure we have all the gear we need for the heroes, and would be particularly useful when you are a lower rarity are grinding future gear in a contest. – SUPERSEDED BY CRAFT BUTTON

  • WAR – War is the main function of the game to a lot of people. There has been talk of a rework. As this point is being discussed, it is worthy of a place on the list. However, I am not going to go into details in this thread, because it deserves a thread of its own to breakdown the important problem points.

  • Gear Crafting – An alternative way, which has been discussed recently, could come in one or both of two forms. One being that we can auto-build gear which we have all the scraps for, meaning we don’t have to go through the time intensive method of crafting each individual scroll, but can instead equip a gear of which we have all the required resources for, making it quick and simple, much like the “Promote” button. Another way would be to choose a gear and have it auto grind the item for you, and charge you for the required stamina, perhaps informing you of its cost before confirmation on the cost is given.

  • Dungeon Raids – As discussed… the ability to raid dungeon floors and receive the loot of said floor. This could be a standard or a reasonable number of standard raid tickets.

  • Fortress Power – This needs amending. There needs to be some kind of balance which enables us to all fill our bars, but not require us to use every single one of our heroes and spend 30 minutes of each day hitting Fortress.

  • Gifting Event Chests – The same as gifting Gold Chests, but for Event Chests. I don’t think I need to explain further. – SUPERSEDED BY GIFTING DEALS

  • Guild Contest Points – Please can you keep the Guild Score in the Guild Menu for 24 hours post the Contest ending. Some of use it to work out the contribution of our guild members, and personally we gift the top performer, so we need to know who that is.

  • Spar Tweaks – Adding a wave 1 of War minions to spars will allow us to test Also, adding the ability to use guild hires in spar so that people can test heroes nd know if they want to work on someone.

  • Hero Chests - These seem to have disappeared recently on S1. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for this, but it would be fantastic if they could return, as so many people are in dire need of Hero Shards across the board, given the overwhelming demand for them.

  • Skill Point Consumables in Guild Shop – Can these be added to the Guild Shop in some manner? They are a useful addition to the game, and it would be nice to be able to obtain them as needed. – SUPERSEDED, EMCOMPASSED BY GUILD SHOP IMPROVEMENTS

  • Purple/Orange Scrap chests – Similar to Silver chests, yet they only drop Purple and Orange Scraps. these would cost more than Silver Chests, but would drop a number of scraps or full items. They would also have a free refresh rate, similar to the other two chests. – SUPERSEDED BY OTHER FEATURES

  • Guild Shop Dot – Dare I ask for another red dot. It would be ideal if the Guild Shop had a red dot every day to remind people that they still haven’t earnt their daily allowance or Scrip. Or perhaps that they have still earnt nothing, for those who don’t want to earn 3000 a day. – SUPERSEDED BY DAILY QUEST

  • Epic Charge Confirmation – Personally, and there’s every likelihood that this is just my own clumsiness, I have managed to spend about 2000 diamonds on epic forge charges… I wanted none of these. A confirmation button would be appreciated, especially considering the purchase button is in the same touch space as the button which purchases the next skill level, meaning continuous tapping results in wasted diamonds.

  • Stamina / Elite Resets from Campaign - - Such like the Stamina Packs, it would be useful to have both of these resets available from the Campaign menu. This would improve time consumption and efficiency when grinding resources. Going back and forth between the inventory will always be tedious, no matter what the reason is.

Leave more comments and I will add suggestions. Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this extensive list.

I will try to answer any queries directed at me, but I can’t promise I will keep on top of the Forums.

Br, As always,

Wiz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

New points as of 18/08/19

  • Auto-raid Rework - Again, another feature which has been very useful to us but could do with a few changes. You lose out on too much for using this feature. On top of the 10% convenience cost, you also don’t get all the gear from the chapter that you would do if you went and raided it yourself.

  • Claim Arena Tokens - Some people are keen to hoard their resources in their mail so that they can claim them for certain PL quests etc… However, Arena tokens don’t generally fall into this category. An option to claim all of these, or claim unique token types would be a welcome.

  • Contest Rankings - Amend the contest rankings so that they are based on a set number of people, instead of “Top 1%”. Using percentages is largely meaningless to us and varies a lot from contest to contest. This is of particular use in the Guild Contests, as Top 1% isn’t achievable anyway.

  • Disable Cosmetic Bonuses – Some of the cosmetic bonuses are a hinderance to your everyday dungeoneer. Increasing the epic gear drop rate of certain heroes means that the gear scraps we are actually trying to get are rarer than they should be. An option to toggle this bonus should be implanted.

  • Elite Reset in Hero Menu – At the moment, you have to use an Elite Reset in the hero menu in order to refresh the chapters. It would be nice to have the option to reset using diamonds in the hero menu as well as in the campaign.

  • Essence Sort - It would be nice if we could see the non-wild essences at the top of the list whilst we are equipping them in the honours tab. At the moment, we have to scroll through and find the non-wild essences, as we don’t want to waste a wild we might need elsewhere. Equally, the ability to see every essence of that type that we own and levelling it up to the appropriate levelling would be better than hiding them if they are below the requirement. Too many times I have been equipping wilds and then realising I have base essences elsewhere that I need to level in the inventory.

  • Hero Frequency - We have yet again reached the stage where there are too many heroes coming at us too quickly. It’s as though we’re being fed them as something to do, but it’s just frustrating and a drain on resources, particularly as each hero seems so much more useful than those we have already invested in. In my own personal opinion, I think it should be limited to 1 sign-in and 1 gold chest hero a month, although I appreciate others may see this differently.

  • Hero Sort – The ability to favourite heroes so that they are at the top of the list, making them easier to find if you are working on them. This is more pressing given the rate at which the heroes are being added to the game.

  • Influence Slider - Can you add the slider mechanic to use influence boons from the inventory please.

  • Max Skill Feature Rework – The ability to max skills is much more efficient than it used to be, however it could do with some tweaks to make it perfect. The two options of +1 point and max points should be side-by-side so that all of the skills fit on one screen. Also, the confirmation screen should be removed, or maybe just tweaked so that it doesn’t ask for confirmation if adding 5 skill points, but it does if you’re doing any more than that. Meaning that it’s quick and easy for a cap raise, but you don’t accidentally spend 50 million gold in one hit.


High Priority

  1. Enchanting Costs
  2. Fortress Raids
  3. Hero Shard Shortage
  4. PL Rewards

Medium Priority

  1. Campaign map
  2. Cosmetic Chests for Diamonds
  3. Dungeon Scrap Improvements
  4. Forge Sort
  5. Guild Shop Improvements
  6. Improved Contest Rewards
  7. Improved Cosmetic Chests – Quantity & Quality
  8. Increase Vial Drops
  9. Lockpick Consumables in Dungeon Chests
  10. Orange Grind
  11. Resource Caps
  12. Stamina Cost Rework

Low Priority

  1. Boss Fights
  2. Campaign Plot Book
  3. Dungeon Resource Drops
  4. Dynamic XP/Gold Costs
  5. Elite Cost Rework
  6. Event Calendar
  7. Increase Dungeon Speed
  8. Levels in Hero Log Screen
  9. Manual Shop Refreshes
  10. New Chat Function
  11. Private Messaging
  12. Remove Daily Torch Cap
  13. Soul Chests
  14. Tournament Daily Rewards

This is beautiful, Wiz :two_hearts: thank you!

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Double Purple gear scraps perk should include blue white and green drops as well.

Haven’t had too much issue with white or green (yet) but I’m always having to farm blue scraps, sometimes spending more stamina than a purple drop required. They do only require 5 scraps and sometimes we need 2 of the gear, but spending 50 stamina and coming out with 4 drops sometimes is horribad when I can spend 20 stamina and complete a 50 scrap purple item.

And with guild shop donating scraps for script and the various quests like in portal lords requiring selling or donating those lower level scraps which are only available in campaign chapters most people don’t really do until they specifically need something from it. Somehow between all these things I went from 1000s of scraps I couldn’t possibly use all of to always having to farm for blue scraps.


I like this and agree with it all.
I’ve made several posts previously about some topics listed.
Even yesterday I mentioned fortress speed.

All in all I think the game is great. But keeps moving away from us.
All the rewards and speeds are outdated as still seem to be designed for like 40-50 heroes at purple-orange level.
Now we’ve moved on quite a bit from that the game needs to allow for it also.
If PB are nerfing gold/stam/chests/shards/other rewards we need some sort of boost that isn’t forced purchases…
If people are forced to buy to try and keep up with the game people will just stop playing. As there is no point as you won’t be able to keep up… carrot on a stick comes to mind.

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Thanks Wiz. Awesome work , saved me a lot of time. Every problem and glitch that is mentioned costs us and PL. we had a 100lv player leave and delete his account after losing all his enchanted items. He said he spent £20 per week but wa# so angry , he left.

  1. It’d be nice to have the ability to opt for diamond resets over elite resets. Perhaps I want to use up the 20 and 50 diamond resets before resetting elite, but to do so I have to go to the stages.

  2. Ability to favorite heroes and sort by favorites

  3. Rework the new skill maxing feature. It’s great for new heroes, but not so much for getting heroes to the cap for the new rarity.
    –It’s questionable whether max skill + confirm is truly faster than hitting the skill five times.
    –We used to be able to see all skills on the same page without scrolling down, which made leveling every skills and sifting through every hero much easier (for the purpose of maxing more heroes and for double checking that every hero is maxed). Skill + 1 and Skill max should at the very least be horizontal.

  4. I very frequently see people caution others against using auto-raid due to how much more expensive it is. Not only is there a 10% convenience cost, but you don’t get the rest of the items that you’d normally get from those stages (which means more raids are needed in the future for the current pair and for the items from the previous 2 chapters). If people don’t want to use the new QoL feature then the tedium still exists.


The list has been updated with the new suggestions people have left in these comments, Discord, or messaged to me.

Thank you everyone for your help.

I look forward to adding more next week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s getting close to the point in which two top guilds will clear each others’ war maps for a 640-640 tie (they’ve already shown themselves to be capable of doing such), in which case the guild that cleared the map first will be awarded the win as per the 2nd tiebreaker. In addition to creating unhealthy blitz wars, it also means that a guild with 19 AC worth of failed attacks could defeat a guild with 0 AC worth of failed attacks because more members of the first guild live in favorable time-zones. Such a situation could be avoided with one of the following

  • 640-640 wars result in both guilds getting the win.
  • Make clearing the map much more difficult or impossible. One way to do this is to increase the AC required for the keep to 4 and decrease banked AC.
  • Remaining AC becomes another tiebreaker, which greatly reduces (but does not eliminate) such a situation. This could also be done in addition to the above point if you decide to leave an AC cushion.

I’d consider this a fairly high priority, and you should at least have a contingency plan ready for when it happens once.


Lists suck! :wink:


I agree with moat if that but in my opinion we should put campaign as higher priority but maybe as a slide type thing so it is easier to get to. Also when you go onto the home page maybe a list of all the chapters like how it is for when your getting scraps to craft something

The amount of times I go back to play earlier chapters, without clicking directly on hero gear.

  1. Portal lords (every three weeks)

  2. Scraps contest (every other month)


The amount of times I am in the epic forge and want to add the levels to heroes that aren’t finished yet, and have to scroll through an ever growing list…?


The amount of times I am in the hero screen and want to add gear to heroes that aren’t finished yet, and have to scroll through an ever growing list…?

Much much much more often

Sorting heroes by favourites.
Much much much more important.
Pretty please , per blue.


@WizarteroX list housekeeping. Chop chop


Server caps just been raised to lvl 200 on S1. Improvements to hero XP drops in endless dungeon, we ever gonna see them?:rofl::rofl:

I know this isn’t on the priority list and tbh a 16k hero XP drop on anything above the 10k floor in endless just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Most don’t have the time, make the time or even have the patience to grind and that’s fine. But I would like to see some improvements there to assist those that put in the time and effort please.

With the Influx of new heroes and given the costs and what’s required to level them up + the upkeep on essence levels on even just a few teams. An increase in quantity per drop would be much appreciated.

Imo Tower and Trial XP drops atm are reasonable, but it’s becoming more tedious for any F2P to farm for these items in endless, especially for those that don’t frequent the dungeons.

Even with the convenience of having the dungeon raid option at our disposal. This needs reworking please :grimacing:


Got my 31 heros fully leveled and geared up.

Don’t see the issue as f2p player and still have 1.5 billion xp for the next xp contest.

Your clearly on a later server (as you stated 31 heroes), maxing purple gear out and having spare xp is a non issue there.
Im pretty much f2p too, but on server 1, with double your number of heroes and a much greater demand on xp largely due to essences which you probably wont face for a while.
I do agree with Beerus, dungeon xp drop rate is negligible as a 16k drop will barely scratch the cost of levelling one essence, let alone the 200+ essences for the cast. The xp requirement is increasing at an exponential rate rather than linear (as you need to address all your existing essences as well as the new ones on every cap raise). Granted the f2p cannot max theirs or come anywhere near competitive levels with the p2p but as each cap raise happens the gap for f2p and p2p widens.
Please make dungeon xp values more in line with current game economics.
Finally, this is feedback for dungeon , wanted to get that in before any of the bridge patrol reply with tower/trial options :wink:


Server 1 actually. I’ve posted my strategy to staying relevant on here a couple times.

I’m at 40 now after the contest.

Best advice, stop wasting resources on pointless heros.

Completely valid points raised in relation to dungeon xp. Tackling it with workarounds like purple mentioned isnt a solution, its false economy. As Block mentioned xp values are sky rocketing with each cap raise due to the backlog of essence (over 400?) as well as each toons TL. Heck, can we upgrade the tower while we at it :nerd_face:


I guess I’ll just continue to stay relevant while everyone else suffers and complains.

Is the word relevant… relevant in a dying game? :thinking:
Is anything? :thinking:

Why am I here?
Why is anyone here?
Where is this?

It’s a :cucumber: (pickle)

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