Portal Quest Improvements List 18.08.19

High Priority

  1. Enchanting Costs
  2. Fortress Raids
  3. Hero Shard Shortage
  4. PL Rewards

Medium Priority

  1. Campaign map
  2. Cosmetic Chests for Diamonds
  3. Dungeon Scrap Improvements
  4. Forge Sort
  5. Guild Shop Improvements
  6. Improved Contest Rewards
  7. Improved Cosmetic Chests – Quantity & Quality
  8. Increase Vial Drops
  9. Lockpick Consumables in Dungeon Chests
  10. Orange Grind
  11. Resource Caps
  12. Stamina Cost Rework

Low Priority

  1. Boss Fights
  2. Campaign Plot Book
  3. Dungeon Resource Drops
  4. Dynamic XP/Gold Costs
  5. Elite Cost Rework
  6. Event Calendar
  7. Increase Dungeon Speed
  8. Levels in Hero Log Screen
  9. Manual Shop Refreshes
  10. New Chat Function
  11. Private Messaging
  12. Remove Daily Torch Cap
  13. Soul Chests
  14. Tournament Daily Rewards

This is beautiful, Wiz :two_hearts: thank you!

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Double Purple gear scraps perk should include blue white and green drops as well.

Haven’t had too much issue with white or green (yet) but I’m always having to farm blue scraps, sometimes spending more stamina than a purple drop required. They do only require 5 scraps and sometimes we need 2 of the gear, but spending 50 stamina and coming out with 4 drops sometimes is horribad when I can spend 20 stamina and complete a 50 scrap purple item.

And with guild shop donating scraps for script and the various quests like in portal lords requiring selling or donating those lower level scraps which are only available in campaign chapters most people don’t really do until they specifically need something from it. Somehow between all these things I went from 1000s of scraps I couldn’t possibly use all of to always having to farm for blue scraps.


I like this and agree with it all.
I’ve made several posts previously about some topics listed.
Even yesterday I mentioned fortress speed.

All in all I think the game is great. But keeps moving away from us.
All the rewards and speeds are outdated as still seem to be designed for like 40-50 heroes at purple-orange level.
Now we’ve moved on quite a bit from that the game needs to allow for it also.
If PB are nerfing gold/stam/chests/shards/other rewards we need some sort of boost that isn’t forced purchases…
If people are forced to buy to try and keep up with the game people will just stop playing. As there is no point as you won’t be able to keep up… carrot on a stick comes to mind.

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Thanks Wiz. Awesome work , saved me a lot of time. Every problem and glitch that is mentioned costs us and PL. we had a 100lv player leave and delete his account after losing all his enchanted items. He said he spent £20 per week but wa# so angry , he left.

  1. It’d be nice to have the ability to opt for diamond resets over elite resets. Perhaps I want to use up the 20 and 50 diamond resets before resetting elite, but to do so I have to go to the stages.

  2. Ability to favorite heroes and sort by favorites

  3. Rework the new skill maxing feature. It’s great for new heroes, but not so much for getting heroes to the cap for the new rarity.
    –It’s questionable whether max skill + confirm is truly faster than hitting the skill five times.
    –We used to be able to see all skills on the same page without scrolling down, which made leveling every skills and sifting through every hero much easier (for the purpose of maxing more heroes and for double checking that every hero is maxed). Skill + 1 and Skill max should at the very least be horizontal.

  4. I very frequently see people caution others against using auto-raid due to how much more expensive it is. Not only is there a 10% convenience cost, but you don’t get the rest of the items that you’d normally get from those stages (which means more raids are needed in the future for the current pair and for the items from the previous 2 chapters). If people don’t want to use the new QoL feature then the tedium still exists.


The list has been updated with the new suggestions people have left in these comments, Discord, or messaged to me.

Thank you everyone for your help.

I look forward to adding more next week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s getting close to the point in which two top guilds will clear each others’ war maps for a 640-640 tie (they’ve already shown themselves to be capable of doing such), in which case the guild that cleared the map first will be awarded the win as per the 2nd tiebreaker. In addition to creating unhealthy blitz wars, it also means that a guild with 19 AC worth of failed attacks could defeat a guild with 0 AC worth of failed attacks because more members of the first guild live in favorable time-zones. Such a situation could be avoided with one of the following

  • 640-640 wars result in both guilds getting the win.
  • Make clearing the map much more difficult or impossible. One way to do this is to increase the AC required for the keep to 4 and decrease banked AC.
  • Remaining AC becomes another tiebreaker, which greatly reduces (but does not eliminate) such a situation. This could also be done in addition to the above point if you decide to leave an AC cushion.

I’d consider this a fairly high priority, and you should at least have a contingency plan ready for when it happens once.


Lists suck! :wink:


I agree with moat if that but in my opinion we should put campaign as higher priority but maybe as a slide type thing so it is easier to get to. Also when you go onto the home page maybe a list of all the chapters like how it is for when your getting scraps to craft something

The amount of times I go back to play earlier chapters, without clicking directly on hero gear.

  1. Portal lords (every three weeks)

  2. Scraps contest (every other month)


The amount of times I am in the epic forge and want to add the levels to heroes that aren’t finished yet, and have to scroll through an ever growing list…?


The amount of times I am in the hero screen and want to add gear to heroes that aren’t finished yet, and have to scroll through an ever growing list…?

Much much much more often

Sorting heroes by favourites.
Much much much more important.
Pretty please , per blue.


@WizarteroX list housekeeping. Chop chop


Server caps just been raised to lvl 200 on S1. Improvements to hero XP drops in endless dungeon, we ever gonna see them?:rofl::rofl:

I know this isn’t on the priority list and tbh a 16k hero XP drop on anything above the 10k floor in endless just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Most don’t have the time, make the time or even have the patience to grind and that’s fine. But I would like to see some improvements there to assist those that put in the time and effort please.

With the Influx of new heroes and given the costs and what’s required to level them up + the upkeep on essence levels on even just a few teams. An increase in quantity per drop would be much appreciated.

Imo Tower and Trial XP drops atm are reasonable, but it’s becoming more tedious for any F2P to farm for these items in endless, especially for those that don’t frequent the dungeons.

Even with the convenience of having the dungeon raid option at our disposal. This needs reworking please :grimacing:


Got my 31 heros fully leveled and geared up.

Don’t see the issue as f2p player and still have 1.5 billion xp for the next xp contest.

Your clearly on a later server (as you stated 31 heroes), maxing purple gear out and having spare xp is a non issue there.
Im pretty much f2p too, but on server 1, with double your number of heroes and a much greater demand on xp largely due to essences which you probably wont face for a while.
I do agree with Beerus, dungeon xp drop rate is negligible as a 16k drop will barely scratch the cost of levelling one essence, let alone the 200+ essences for the cast. The xp requirement is increasing at an exponential rate rather than linear (as you need to address all your existing essences as well as the new ones on every cap raise). Granted the f2p cannot max theirs or come anywhere near competitive levels with the p2p but as each cap raise happens the gap for f2p and p2p widens.
Please make dungeon xp values more in line with current game economics.
Finally, this is feedback for dungeon , wanted to get that in before any of the bridge patrol reply with tower/trial options :wink:


Server 1 actually. I’ve posted my strategy to staying relevant on here a couple times.

I’m at 40 now after the contest.

Best advice, stop wasting resources on pointless heros.

Completely valid points raised in relation to dungeon xp. Tackling it with workarounds like purple mentioned isnt a solution, its false economy. As Block mentioned xp values are sky rocketing with each cap raise due to the backlog of essence (over 400?) as well as each toons TL. Heck, can we upgrade the tower while we at it :nerd_face:


I guess I’ll just continue to stay relevant while everyone else suffers and complains.

Is the word relevant… relevant in a dying game? :thinking:
Is anything? :thinking:

Why am I here?
Why is anyone here?
Where is this?

It’s a :cucumber: (pickle)

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