Portal Quest Improvements List 21.10.18


Hey all,

This list of improvements has been compiled from changes requested from members of Discord, Line and anywhere else where people express their opinions. The list has been steadily growing, and, despite some things being crossed off, there are still many which need to be addressed with varying importance, and I have inevitably missed some off which people have sent to me, so my apologies if yours has been missed. I am more than happy to add to the list if anyone sends me any reasonable suggestions.

Quite a few of these points justify a thread and discussion of their own, however, the intention is to summarise them all into one list to try and have everything in one place.

Anyway, the list is as follows, I hope you have your reading glasses.

Edit - 08/10/18 – List has been prioritised again. Some items have been removed, and some descriptions have been amended.

  1. Epic Mohawk – Justice for Mo. Mo needs the love :blush:

  2. STAMINA!! – This comes in two parts, primarily targeting the grind. Not only does the grind require so much money and resources, it is also very time demanding. The stamina demands have been addressed but is still the biggest problem amongst the community. The continuous need to go back and forth between the campaign and your inventory adds to this problem and eats into the time we spend playing and enjoying the game, making it more of a chore than a recreational activity. Also, see 12.

  3. WAR – War is the main function of the game to a lot of people, it is in dire need of a rework. It’s why we work on our heroes, it’s what keeps most of us here, and it’s getting stale. These points clarify some of the main focuses from a player perspective of what needs to change.
    Attack Point Generation – Now that there are fewer members in a guild, which I continue to stand-by, wars will now be even slower, which counteracts our main goal of speeding them up. Increasing attack point generation and possible received points will help with this, as many people now need to make in excess of 3 attacks to compensate for less members. Fewer towers would also be ideal, but I would refer you to Point 40 on this.
    War Rewards – When we received these a couple of weeks ago, we went in with low expectations based on previous seasons, and we were still disappointed. We continuously seem to get 7 shards for heroes we have hundreds of shards for, or purple scraps which are pretty much useless to us at this point. Some people put a lot of time and effort into war, particularly the leadership segments of guilds, who can spend 36 hours fighting wars these days before they can finally get their rest. The reward isn’t even close to matching the time put in. Planning, getting people to hit, helping with attacks. So much goes into it and all we seem to get out of it is satisfaction and bragging rights, if we’re lucky. To be honest, as is made clear in many points here,
    War Layout – In Discord we recently spoke about changing the layout of the war map. Adding more towers with fewer lines would give us more choice when fighting our way to the keep, and would give us a way to skip those nasty charges which always find their way of slowing down wars. This point realistically requires its own thread and discussion due to how much change it would require and to see what different ideas people have, considering War is the main demand of the game for the majority of users.
    War Tower Management – A rework of the way lines can be rearranged in War needs to be looked at. It’s all well and good having them ordered in terms of highest power, but highest power does not mean it is the best line. Perhaps ordering by Level, or Rarity, or Epic Skill level would be a better option. This is already a possible Sort Option in the Hero menu

  1. PL Rewards – As stated before, we put a week’s worth of work into an event, spend our valuable torches to finish those long dungeon quests, and spend a few stam packs to clear 30 elite campaign levels, costing 20 stamina each. The rewards still feel a bit sparse.
    We continue to bat on about the need for more stamina, and f2p players particularly will feel this struggle. I feel like almost all of my stam packs are coming from deals, and I don’t really know how others manage to get the gear they need. Us P2P players do not pay to completely remove all competition, we pay because we want to be ahead and get things when they come out. We still want people to be able to catch up with us and compete, otherwise what is the point?
    The Tiered rewards can be improved, but the real problem lies with the Ranking rewards. We finished 3rd, sure, we don’t deserve the best things out there, but we didn’t get much, so I don’t know how others feel. 7 event chests turns into 2 gold chest which turns into ore or Squire scraps we don’t need. Please focus on improving them.
    We put a lot of work into this and trying to get all our members to hit. With Server 1 and 2 now at 40 members, we have also come to realise the struggles of reaching all tiers. It is very difficult to get 40 members to do all of their quests. I realise these are meant to be hard to get, but we seem to be expected to be near perfect.
  1. Guild Shop Improvements – These are outlined in a separate forum post as to cover the issues at hand. These largely stem around low currency conversion rates.

  2. Hero Shard Shortage – With the increased need for Hero Shards, with the introduction of a series of crystals and the continuing need to level up epic skills, some hero shards are becoming sparse for some people. A lot of people have more Epic Scraps than they do Hero Shards, even for heroes which have been available since the beginning of time. The purchase prices in the Guild Shop are very unreasonable for F2P players, ranging between 1000 to 4000 scrip a day, meaning you could buy 3 shards if you have a lot of scraps to burn, and thereby does not resolve the issue at hand.

  3. Gear Crafting – Previously I have mentioning a Crafting Menu, however, due to a lack of clarity on how it would work, I have removed it. An alternative way, which has been discussed recently, could come in one or both of two forms. One being that we can auto-build gear which we have all the scraps for, meaning we don’t have to go through the time intensive method of crafting each individual scroll, but can instead equip a gear of which we have all the required resources for, making it quick and simple, much like the “Promote” button. Another way would be to chose a gear and have it auto grind the item for you, and charge you for the required stamina, perhaps informing you of its cost before confirmation on the cost is given.

  4. Gold Chest Heroes – Amendment: Tackle the way Gold Chests function to enable us to be more likely to get recent heroes. We don’t need 30 shards for Squire or Stone every 5 chests, they don’t even have epics yet.

  5. Increase Vial Drops – Allow us to earn these somewhere which isn’t just daily and dependent on completing the Fortress. Maybe just drops in Dungeon? Allows non-competitive guilds to still earn resources.

  6. New PL Quests – Firstly, remove war quests! Secondly, give us new quests! Here is a thread dedicated to inspiration for new quests.

  7. Stamina Cost Rework – Rework the amount of diamonds it costs to buy Stamina. With the deals offering more stamina than they used to due to the higher gear requirements, it only makes sense that stamina costs follow suit.

  8. Quicker Dungeon – Epic Epic Epic Dungeon. Not everyone has time to sit in the dungeon all their lives. More dungeon is required with the cap raising regularly; there being more epics to obtain; crystals… etc etc… Would be nice if there was a dungeon which had a same cost to time to reward ratio as the standard dungeon, yet would allow people to get the rewards much quicker. Maybe put a daily requirement on this one to stop it being used and abused. The Torch cost would be higher, yet to key cost would only be 2x that of the standard Epic dungeon, as it takes time to farm these also.

  9. Epic Epic Endless – I’m sure I can do without a description.

  10. Contests – More variation in what we have to do, not the same 4 week cycle. Rewards improvements to reflect how much we actually put into them. The rewards have been much improved these past two weeks. However, variation still proves to be an issue.

  11. Gifting Event Chests – The same as gifting Gold Chests, but for Event Chests. I don’t think I need to explain further.

  12. Manual Gear Sales – Giving us the ability to manually input the number of scraps we want to sell, instead of holding the ‘+’ button for an eternity. Even a slider would be better.

  13. Private Messaging – Actually getting notifications for unread messages, and being able to clearly see which chats you haven’t read.

  14. Arena Revamp – Arena is dry and the entire world now lives in Plat 1. Once you get into Challenger, you are there for the entirety of 5 minutes before you drop back. The only time Challenger is really active is at Rewards drop, which for Europeans is a no-go zone.

  15. Stam Packs in the Crusade Shop – What it says on the tin. Offering a small number of stam packs in the crusade shop will give us even more reason to use the Crusade and will give us something more to spend our diamonds on. Even just a small quantity of stam packs will build up. I believe you did this in DS, and it was very much appreciated.

  16. Tournament Daily Rewards – Add diamonds to rank rewards, such like those attained in Arena.

  17. Remove Daily Torch Cap – All this does is disadvantage f2p players. Paying players already have stacks of torches, on the whole, and so having a cap to stop them generating more doesn’t make any difference, all it does it stop f2p players who generate torches if they are unable to use the Dungeon for a period of time, not everyone can play all the time.

  18. New chat function – The ability to send a message to the entire guild’s inbox so that everybody has the opportunity to read the message, and important information can be passed on.

  19. Epic Epic Dungeon Costs – It has been mentioned many a time, the cost of 50 keys is far too high! Standard Dungeon costs 9 keys. Doubling those drops would be 18 keys. Perhaps a convenience charge of 7 keys could be applied, taking it to 25 keys. But charging 50 keys for a dungeon which already demands a lot of torches seems a bit excessive, especially considering the time demand of 16 scrap epic levels (and I imagine this is only due to increase).

  20. Purple/Orange Scrap chests – Similar to Silver chests, yet they only drop Purple and Orange Scraps. these would cost more than Silver Chests, but would drop a number of scraps or full items. They would also have a free refresh rate, similar to the other two chests.

  21. Soul Chests – Soul chests are a feature found in DragonSoul, an ex-PB game, and Disney Heroes, a current PB game. They are a useful feature for obtaining hero shards. If a similar feature could be implemented her, it would allow people to be more selective int heir chets openings, as it narrow down the possible hero shard pool, making them less diluted than Gold Chests.

  22. Raid Ticket Purchases – Buying Raid Tickets for Gold

  23. Energy Draining Hero – Similar to that in DS, for those who know, Bone Dragon would be a godsend for cleaning those shitty 5 man charges.

  24. Skill Point Reset – Turn Alchemy Rests into Skill Point resets, no one uses them. Skill Point resets will set the cost of 10 skill points back to 10 diamonds, to make levelling heroes quicker after a cap raise.

  25. Guild Ranking in Contests – A Guild Ranking menu in the contest page which shows your score alongside your Guild. There could be another reward set for this ranking system, thereby encouraging in guild participation, which would be particularly useful during guild contests (if people were Dungeoning for the benefit of in-guild rank rewards).

  26. Dynamic XP/Gold Costs – Lower gold and xp costs at lower levels when new levels are released. This will enable f2p players to catch up new heroes to a reasonable level much more easily

  27. Guild Shop Dot – Dare I ask for another red dot. It would be ideal if the Guild Shop had a red dot every day to remind people that they still haven’t earned their daily allowance or Scrip. Or perhaps that they have still earned nothing, for those who don’t want to earn 3000 a day.

  28. AP Bank Display – Include banked attack points in the number on the battle screen which shows total Attack Points. At the moment it only includes points held by guild members. Formula needs adjusting.

  29. Dungeon Level Purpose – At the moment, this only seems to add to the torches you can earn daily, unless I am mistaken? Would be nice if this could add some other advantages, like a percentage boost on health / attack for heroes going into the dungeon, or some over similar perks.

  30. Increase Dungeon Speed – We’re here to enjoy the game, the 5x Walk Speed should not be a consumable, it should be something we all benefit from. Some alternative suggestions for what the consumables could be replaced with, including auto-unpicking traps and showing all shrine effects before drinking from them. Also, a shrine effect which increases speed could be additional to this change. Additionally, it should be possible to have the fights at a normal speed or 2x, yet maintain walking speed at a 5x pace.

  31. Improved VIP Perks – Once you get to about VIP 14, there aren’t really any additional benefits like can be found in previous levels.

  32. Epic Charge Confirmation – Personally, and there’s every likelihood that this is just my own clumsiness, I have managed to spend about 2000 diamonds on epic forge charges… I wanted none of these. A confirmation button would be appreciated, especially considering the purchase button is in the same touch space as the button which purchases the next skill level, meaning continuous tapping results in wasted diamonds.

  33. Manual Shop Refreshes – Being able to choose when we use our shop refreshes. Sometimes we have a lot of one kind of token, and so want to just use the tokens to refresh the shop and save the Shop Refresh consumable for elsewhere. There should be the option to use our tokens/diamonds or consumable to refresh the shop.

  34. Guild Contest Points – Please can you keep the Guild Score in the Guild Menu for 24 hours post the Contest ending. Some of use it to work out the contribution of our guild members, and personally we gift the top performer, so we need to know who that is.

  35. Spar Hires – The ability to hire your guilds hero for free in Spar. There are 49 heroes now. That’s a lot to work on. Most people can get by by having 15 of them worked on, but this limits their ability to work on new heroes as they become released, and, if they do work on the hero, it may prove to not be as useful to them as they thought. Hiring in Spars will allow people to test out the heroes, and will allow them to decide if they are worth working on. This is not like the Dojo idea in which you could choose any line you wanted at any rarity, as this is more limited in its options and will not just allow people to trial any war line-up before hitting it.

  36. Elite Cost Rework – Similar, but with how many diamonds it costs to reset Elite Chapter to 3/3 available

  37. Boss Fights – There has always been the idea of a Boss Fight mode in the game being worked up. This could work in a similar way to Titan Temple in DS, in which the guild work together to defeat 5 bosses, however it could be mixed up a bit so that more than 5 people are involved, people can be involved more so if there are less active players… etc etc. This would need discussion, I imagine.

  38. Campaign Plot Book – A way of reviewing past campaign stories, just so that we can have an overview of the story up until the current point in time. With the ever increasing number of chapters, it would be nice to refer back to previous parts of the story if we wanted to have a quick read of it. Perhaps this could be in the form of a book of which you can click the chapter and read the dialogue.

  39. Portal Lords Quest Toggle – A toggle allowing us to turn on or off the quests which appear on the Guild Wall. We can already see completed quests in the Portal Lords menu, not everyone wants their wall flooded with the completed quests of their guild members.

  40. Gold Chest Refresh / Heroes – A free gold chest every 2 days is not particularly useful anymore. I opened about 100 chests and found the new hero twice. The ever increasing number of heroes continues to dilute the usefulness of the chest, and so one solution would be to offer them at a quicker rate, perhaps 24 or 12 hours per free chest. Additionally, removing older heroes from the Gold Chests and increasing their drop rate in Silver Chests would make Gold Chests much more valuable, as it increases the probability of finding a newer hero, the one we are actually looking for when opening the chest.

  41. Hero Shards Numbers in Elite – At present, if we have a hero at 5 stars, we cannot see how many shards we have for that hero when we are farming their shards in elite, it simply says “Max”. This was fine before Epics, but now, it’s not so fine. Would be very handy if we didn’t have to keep going back and forth between the campaign and our inventory to see our shard numbers.

New points as of 22/10/18

  1. Preset Lines – Adding the “Load Saved” button, which can be found in Tournament, to the line-up menu. This would allow us to set our own preset lines and chop and change easily as we wish.

  2. AP Generation Rates – Can you add a menu to war which shows the current AP generation and when it is due to change. It is not always clear to everyone when the rate will change, nor what it will change to, and it will be handy to have this feature available, particularly for newer additions to the game. It can be added as a tab in the “Help” menu.

  3. Skill Points – It is already kind of present on the list, but it does need addressing. Skill points take so long to do, and are so easy to forget about. At the time of writing: 52 heroes, 5 new levels, 4 skills. That’s 1040 points to do, or 5,200 minutes… 86 hours. Yep, it’s a lot of time. And it’s very very easy to forget to do it. And its only going to get worse.

  4. PL Sneak Peek – You used to do Forum Posts which showed the upcoming skins and portrait borders for Portal Lords. These were important for a lot of people when making the decision to choose their faction. Now we have to rely on finding a guild in each faction to show us the next skins, and even then we can’t see the portrait borders. A return of these will only be appreciated.

Resolved Suggestions:

1) Gear Drops Rework – Despite the changes made recently, the gear dorps still need a look-in. We are still spreading our stamina far and wide, meaning that we are not getting as much worth out of our stamina as we could be if the drop rates were improved and gear scraps were found in similar campaign levels, and not dropping individually from one another. Ideally, the scraps we were struggling to attain should be found in groups, to make them less of a struggle. There will always be demand for improvements in terms of gear, but an effort has been made to reduce the grind, and it has made a difference.
2) Banked Stamina Cap – Removing the banked Stamina Cap of 1000 would be a good step towards making the grind less time consuming as we go back and forth between our inventory and the campaign. At the time of writing, there is a petition running to outline this global desire. We’ve proven many a time that the cap can be surpassed, so I don’t see why it needs to be in place. Resolved
3) Fortress Difficulty – A new one so that everyone can make 5 attacks if we all want to complete our daily, and so that we can all fill our power quota.
4) Stamina Tab Improvement – The idea for this has been implemented, however it needs tweaking before it serves its efficiency purpose.
5) Friend List Limit – The current limit of 100 friends can be quite limiting. With 44 of these being taken up by guild members, and others by ex-guild members, and then adding to that anyone else we may want to have, it can be reached quite easily. I don’t see why there is a limit in the first place? How else are we supposed to poach if we can’t add the entire PQ Address Book?
15) Fortress / Crusade Raid – We touched on an idea before about raiding Fortress and Crusade or speeding up the fights or something. I can’t remember if it was agreed that something was in the works, but if it isn’t, it probably should be.
20) Trials Rework – Introducing those new Trials consumables re-raises the question of the usefulness of the Trials. Most of the items in there aren’t of particular use to us in the later stages. We still need some of them, yes, but there are some which we need much much more of. We previously posted a list of the 20 scraps causing us the biggest problems, this was by no means exhaustive, but putting most of these in the Trials would make this function much more useful to the majority of the community, particularly with the new rarity on its way, and the continued struggle with O5 and O6 in particular.
44) Tournament Cooldown – At present, the Tournament cooldown of 24 hours means that European players miss out on a potential daily quest, and maybe a fight or two. Changing this cooldown to 22 hours would mean that the disadvantage is balanced out and spread across the timezones, thereby enabling everyone their fair share of opportunity.
45) Fortress Red Dot – You know something’s wrong when I’m asking for more Red Dots, but I think the Red Dot on the Fortress needs to stay until the individual has made all of their possible attacks, or at least made 5 attacks to fulfil the requirements of the Daily. Too often people make one attack then forget to make others when they come back online at a later time.

Leave more comments and I will add suggestions. Thank you

Please note that the prioritisation of the list is very subjective and just an attempt to give a rough idea on the biggest concerns in the community, and will not represent the main concerns of every individual.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this extensive list.

I will try to answer any queries directed at me, but I can’t promise I will keep on top of the Forums.



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Only replying to point 1😉

Banked stamina cap is pointless

Using crusades, sign ins and daily stamina I stacked 5000+ last week just to prove a point it can be bypassed


If could actually use stamina packs to go beyond the cap then that would resolve the issue of going back and forth to hero /gear/ campaign /inventory/hero/gear/campaign …
Repeat process indefinitely or until fed up with it :joy:

Remove banked stamina cap so can always generate stamina while away from the game

Ease of use makes players want to play games :wink:


I think these are great!! and very well thought out. I disagree with the auto-clean in war, though. I think the nasty cleans are what makes wars interesting and when facing a similarly ranked guild, can really determine how the war goes. Otherwise, seriously love the suggestions!!


On gold chests: The probability of getting a hero that a user doesn’t have could be drastically increased. It should be fairly easy to code

On Messaging: Perhaps there could be a way to PM/DM people without having to friend them.

I’d imagine F2P people still need a fair amount of the boss heroes’ shards for their epics and keys with which to obtain shards. I have no issue with a new dungeon hero, but I think players would be more appreciative of an increase in boss keys that can be obtained via the removal of the cap, a slightly increased drop rate, or both.

On (Epic)n endless: With the incentive of resetting dungeon long gone, there should be some way for people who are deep into dungeon to transfer their progress to this dungeon.

I definitely don’t agree with this. Part of the fun of the game involves constructing an appropriate team for any opposing team; removing difficult teams defeats the purpose. At most, there should be a way to reset a clean to its initial state (full health and 0 energy for waves 1 and 2). There would either be a cap of once per war or an initial cap of 1 that can be increased with a perk. The cost of using it would be steep as you suggested.


It would be awesome to see team xp being added to chests or dungeon or something, as higher levels means more team xp is needed to level up, meaning the ftp players fall further and further behind with each update


All great ideas.

I’d would add, the ability to manually sort heroes in the hero tab. I know you can sort by power, rank, level, epic, ect… but too often the hero i need to focus on falls in the middle of all the preselected sorting options. It would save time to be able to pick a 5 hero saved line like in chat, and be able to sort those 5 heroes to the top of the sorting list.


I love that idea, let the players slide heroes up amd down the list per whatever priority they want to give the heros.


Thanks. Added. Correct me if I’ve phrased it not quite like how you imagined it.


May as well throw in the option for a secondary sort.


Updated to include last week’s requests and ideas in Discord


Also why not be able to collect free daily torches when you have more then 999. There should be no cap.


Will add for next week’s. Prompt me if I forget :stuck_out_tongue:


Added two more improvements from feedback. Will change list order tomorrow to sort by importance. Again, will take suggestions and I try to note everything I read from chats, just had a slack week. PM me ideas, just don’t send me bugs please :slight_smile:


It’s too late, I already mailed you the 9000 live ladybugs. I paid a ton for shipping, so you’d better keep and enjoy them.


22hr cooldown timer on tournament, instead of the 24hr European players are at a major disadvantage as it stands.


List prioritised. Point 15 and 45 have also been added since the last update.

Keep those suggestions coming please!


Warkini skin for Dragoon.
Dooooooooo eeeeet


perhaps removing the friend limit? no reason for it really.


and also an option to have portal lords completed quests not show up on guild wall? clogs it up. and the ability for leaders to lock a pinned message so that commanders cannot unpin or delete it? have a case of a commander doing so but won’t fess up, would be nice. :slight_smile:


Never reached that friend limit. How many is it we can have? I just unfriend everyone thats not in my guild just in case.