Portal Quest Improvements List 21.10.18


100, I think. Gets annoying when you’re poaching recruiting…


The usual response when asking for any kind of leadership response is “choose better leaders”, so I don’t think that will be an option in the future.

Quests clogging the wall has been noted before, but I think it was decided that there was nowhere else to put them. I like the sound of the toggle though, I will add it to the list on Sunday and mention it in Discord when it’s next moaned about.

No idea on the reasoning for the friend limit, also seems insignificant to me. It was on a previous list but appears to have dropped off. I will add it again. Thanks!


We can see all completed quests through a drop down in the PL area. So clogging guild wall not necessary. (At least to me).


What about being able to see the total number of hero shards for 5-star heroes from campaign? Seeing “max” isn’t particularly helpful when I’m farming shards for epic skills.


Why don’t you guys add a raid or something like that. Which requires up to 6 players to complete and certain hero compositions with a big boss at the end that requires precise play the right heroes and power levels and the rewards could boost your heroes with gear or items that can’t just be bought. Just add an element of skill to this game please.


I believe it is time to add some ancient heroes to the silver chests. Maybe a few like war blade, stone, princess, squire and swash.


That’s a take on Item 43. I didn’t specify anything in particular, because there are so many different ways such a feature could be approached.


Already on there :slight_smile: Item 15.


Will add it on Sunday. Good suggestion. Thanks


Would be nice if they removed OLD heroes from gold chests and faction chests. Gold chests are a premium item and would be nice if they were treated as such.


I couldn’t agree more @LoOLoO. It is very frustrating to see the following while opening chests.


At least you get 30…
I usually get 2 light warden shards :joy::joy:


This is very minor and probably not applicable to the vast majority of forum posters, but it’s a little annoying seeing “aspect matters” after failing trials. It’s not like there’s anything I can do about the aspect of my team.


Apart from…
Swap out members of your team for other heroes, of a more appropriate aspect…?

Crazy, I know…


Tbf, I hate the other one more.

I’m playing this fight to either:
Rank higher in arena for more diamonds
Farm crusade / fortress / tournament / war for tokens
Farm campaign for gear…

To level up my heroes.

That’s kind of the point of what I am doing


He’s talking about failing in trials :slight_smile: So you can only use one aspect anyway


It helps.

Moving on…


This weeks changes have been made. Points 47 to 58 have been added, but not prioritised.


I suggest this one with completely selfish motivations, but it could be neat:

What if there were some usable torch item (rewarded in events and stuff) that stayed lit for 24 hours (essentially a 24-hour torch oil)? I know a lot of players would find this useless since they have 5000 torches, but those of us who dungeon would like this a lot.


what about a thing for guild chat tabs that show where you last read from? its annoying to have to scroll through my guild chat and figure out what i read after being offline due to sleeping and then school. again not a super high priority but would be nice.