Portal Quest Improvements List 21.10.18


You must have a busy guild chat :joy::joy:
Mines dead in game aside from donations/sign ins and such cause we use line app for everything :joy:
Last thing you post before sleep put a chat stamps on it so you have a self made bookmark would be my first thought until such time that something if it did got implementation


Back with more feedback

Epic dungeon and boss dungeon give pitiful amounts of dungeon experience compared to endless. Epic, due to its difficulty, should yield more experience per battle after a few floors and continue to increase until the end. I can’t say anything about boss dungeon because I don’t know how each floor (1-8) compares to endless, but it still seems awfully low.

EDIT: More dungeon stuff! Add crystal potions (or whatever they’re called) to dungeon drops (for players who have at least 1 orange character). Options that I believe are viable include creating a separate drop slot with the same drop rate as hero exp or putting it in the hero exp drop slot and increasing the drop rate in that slot (double or slightly less). If you don’t want to generate a random number for strength vs vitality, you could simply have one of them drop on odd floors and the other drop on even floors.

EDIT EDIT: How about a jackpot that includes a ton of hero exp? If you add vials to dungeon, they could get a jackpot as well. Most importantly, remove pony shards from the jackpot.


The list has been updated with two more suggestion and points 4, 10, 11, 13, 17 have also been updated.


I recall a dev saying that instantly running battle simulations as it was done in DS would be too much for the server to handle.


It would be nice if torches dropped in Dungeon. It takes ALOT of time in Epic to collect shards & level up Epic skills. The # of daily torches isn’t enough so would be nice to have another way to get them other than the very limited (& expensive) amounts from the merchant.


So I know high VIP players have nothing to spend their Raid Tickets on so why not be able to exchange them for Scrip at the Guild Shop?

Also, I would like it if the “New Hero” alert only happens when you ACTUALLY get a new hero.


Wow, I never thought I’d hear someone say that they have too many raid tickets.

On the subject of the shop, I’m finding it difficult to find enough items to donate and reach the maximum amount of scrip as a F2P player. I don’t know how to resolve this issue, but I figured I’d state it anyway.

I’d like a way to disable all tutorials like we can do with the initial battle (this can be in the settings menu; once reaching the main screen, there would be a single indication that this option exists). This includes (but probably isn’t limited to):

  • Using white skills (there are two instances, the initial use in 1-1 and the “white skills give us an advantage” in later stages, despite “auto” being on)

  • Collecting Trophies and completing quests

  • Increasing skills, Using exp potions, Summoning Heroes

  • Joining a guild

  • Switching characters

  • Existence of Elite campaign, existence of auto and fast forward

  • Arena (Which often suggests fighting a team much stronger than your team), Crusade, Fortress, Royal Tournament, Tower, Trials, Alchemy, Existence of ranks

  • War (preparing a team; attacking which, again, often suggests fighting teams that are stronger than your team is) and Dungeon (which includes the explanation of every feature in the dungeon); these are listed separately because they are especially annoying. The dungeon tutorial often glitches, preventing players from advancing until they submit a ticket.

  • existence of threat

  • Ability to turn hero roles and hero aspects on

  • Crafting, promoting, and increasing rarity


guild shops- maybe 1000 scrip daily login bonus


Guild shop needs a complete rework, totally not worthwhile in its current form. Donations go into the ether rather than to players, costs are ridiculous for a single scrap (diamond cost to commanders n leaders on top!) and there is no value in shop xp or daily scrip limit. Suggest per blue rework this to be economical for guild leaders while providing at least a noticeable benefit to guild members


The list has been updated to include three more key points, with a focus on Guild Shop. Please also find the side-post for the Guild Shop Feedback: Guild Shop Feedback (from 24.09.18)


Back with another pointless suggestion.

A while back, the endless dungeon well blood of the bull (revives 1 random character) was replaced with trap disarm (disarms all traps on the floor). The devs believe that they substituted a positive well for another positive well, keeping the good-bad well ratio at 1:1. However, many players view trap disarm as a negative well since it removes the possibility of getting jackpots from trapped chests. To make this well less polarizing, its effect can be changed from disarming all traps on the floor to a golden picks buff for the floor. With this change, the original effect would be maintained while allowing players to hit jackpots on trapped chests (and maybe storing a couple critical successes for the next floor).


Guild shops should have the option to remove items not selling to make room for a different item.


Contrary to point 15, I believe it is the 1* heroes that are more difficult to obtain. When opening a gold chest (which non-paying players receive from contests and every 0.5 days), obtaining an already-acquired hero will yield 7, 18, or 30 shards depending on the hero’s stars when summoned. Every epic hero has the same demand for shards, and the stars at which heroes are summoned do not correspond to how good a hero is. The fact that I get over 4 times as many shards for swashbuckler than I do for feral brute doesn’t make sense for the game in its current state.

I understand that this system exists for the sake of newer, lower-leveled players. As far as higher-leveled players are concerned, the number of shards obtained when receiving a hero is essentially arbitrary. Considering that shards are a major roadblock when advancing heroes, I don’t think it’s unreasonable that gold boxes yield the same number of shards for all heroes.

Opening (literal) tons of silver chests is something that’s mainly exclusive to paying players with money to burn and ranked rewards waiting for them in a gold/stam contest. :yum:


The list has been updated. Some items have been removed to clarify the list and not make it excessively long. The list has also been prioritised again as to try and show the most important points at the top before the block text becomes a chore to read through :wink:

Keep the suggestions coming if you have some. But I am trying to avoid making the list 500 points long so that we can maintain some focus. Thanks!!


Amended Point 6 (char limit)


I would LOVE…LOVE to see the cool down timers for tower, trials and free silver chests eliminated. Seriously, what good do these do? These elements of the game are not pvp like arena or tourney. It is just annoying right now that i have to wait. Why can’t we just get those dailies all done at once??


I don’t see it listed. If so, forgive me. Rework Towers by adding another difficulty for higher levels and change to 3 attempts a day instead of 2. This should help with XP gains without breaking the game. Along with making the trial/tower consumables more available.


Albus I previously suggested pretty much same thing. Towers are useless in their current form, deffo does not help f2p as majority of items are useless or easy byproducts from raiding items you do actually need. Completely agree the xp towers need reworking in line with your TL and the item towers also need redoing to actually provide useful o4 5 6 7 scraps.


Would love it if epic dungeon granted guild influence/trophies. Especially with guild shop requiring so much to stock it.


First, I agree with 99% of everything here, (some more than others) but there are just have a few additions that I would love to see happen…

Or have a couple maps to choose from when queing? Defenses would be set beforehand for each map and 2 guilds who chose the same map will war. Or prioritize (1st choice and so on). If that’s too complicated then different war modes would be fun. (Definitely need a separate thread for all the ideas)

OMG YES. It takes forever to sort everything the way it is. I would love an option to alphabetize by a players name as well!

That would be awesome! I still like the idea of a crafting menu though and I think I know how to do it.
If your hero isn’t at max rarity, you can tap the info button by their gear and look at what gear is needed for that hero to go from green to max. You can’t see it anymore when your hero is at max (for now). All pb would need to do is let us see that list still when our hero is maxed and add a craft button.

Also, it would also be nice to be able to see how many hero’s need that item reguardless if they are at a high enough level to equip it. :upside_down_face:

Yes please! I would also like to add that ALWAYS having contests run from Friday-Sunday is annoying. I know the rest of the world works M-F, 9-5 so they are off during the weekend and get to focus on contests. I however work in food service and my “weekend” is Tue & Wed (and sometimes thu too!) which makes it harder for me to participate as much as everyone else, most especially for guild contests (dungeon runs :sob:) as I don’t have as much time to grind for those points. I hate letting my team down but I can’t skip work every time there’s a guild contest either lol. This is probably just a me problem, but I can’t imagine I’m the only person on the planet playing pq who works weekends. Maybe instead of it starting every 4 days it would be every 5 so contests would always start on a different day? That way everyone has a turn of having contests pop up on an incovenient day :joy: Not a super important request but it would make me happy lol.

I don’t think this has been fixed. I feel like it’s gotten worse. Idk how the power of each line in fortress is decided, but everyone in my guild struggles to fill that reward bar to 5* everyday without killing the fortress too fast. Lines in the “Freaking Hard” setting are way too easy. Everyone in the guild is at lvl cap and the top 10 are over 1m total power, why is there a 48k enemy on the second line?? Or is my guild the only one with this problem? We either need stronger lines or fewer points required to fill the rewards bar. I mean come on!

That pic is from today :expressionless:

Could maybe be a VIP perk? Shorter wait time for gold chests and maybe add an event chest? :grimacing:

Some other things not mentioned above (that I can remember :sweat_smile:)

— I would like to be able to sort my hero’s when setting a line to attack. I think it’s always by power atm, but it’s really irritating when I can’t find the hero I’m looking for efficiently. A way to sort them even just by aspect would be awesome. Or just have them permanetaly set but sorted by aspect, then by power within that aspect? Or by name within that aspect? Idc if I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the fury, at least I can narrow down the search a bit. Wouldn’t even need a drop down menu, just an icon at the top next to the show aspect/role options.

— In addition to finding hero’s quicker, having preset teams to choose from would be amazing. It’s already an option in tournament, why stop there? Please add it to everything else! :clap:t2:

— Also, why always 2 front and 3 back? Why not any 5 hero’s of our choosing? Cant we put ww in the back or md up front if we want? Total game changer. But even if that can’t be an option, why can’t I at least put 3 front and 2 back if I wanted? Something to think about anyway.

  • Sorry this is so long and thanks for reading (if you did)! :blush: