Portal Quest Improvements List 21.10.18


But really, can we add the horrible lag while using stamina to that list. Please. My apologies if it’s there and I didn’t see it. :grin:


100 gold chests from purchase & 10 Finesse chests. . .not even 1 Brass Monk hero shard! Had 3 sets of 2 different heros who have been around forever & can easily get shards for. The ONLY place we can get Brass Monk is from gold chests. Nothing but a money grab gimmick at this point. I will not be spending any money again on this game. You wonder why so many are leaving? There’s your answer!


The lag is killing me… Add 30 stam packs… Wait a minute… Add 30 more… Game then lags when crafting gear too :laughing:
Really needs addressing as been a hindrance for a week or so


Thank you for your feedback. I did read it all btw, I didn’t ignore it :slight_smile:

War is something which requires an entire post in itself, but we have mentioned the problems with war several times, and have been told that it is not going to be remedied immediately. When the time comes, I might produce a post which details our discussions and allows people to contribute ideas on the forums which we will add to any discussions we may have.

I think a shorter contest has been discussed in the PB chat. We discussed the possibility of a 24 hour mid-week contest. At least the players in there did. I am not sure whether this has been taken into consideration or whether it would come to fruition.

In terms of the Fortress difficulty, it was fixed as in they added a new difficulty to it, not that they made the lines harder. The Freaking Hard difficulty is a relatively new addition to Fortress, this is what I classified as fixed.

In terms of your suggestions:

I will add the idea of adding pre-set teams to the line-up menu :slight_smile:

I believe they mentioned in the past that they considered introducing mix ups in the line-ups, in terms of possibly having 3 at the front etc etc. But this seems very much in the past.


4 new points have been added in response to weekend discussion. Every possibility I have missed people’s contributions, my apologies and please make sure you tell me, I can be forgetful sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How about being able to see fortress scores from the previous day? Keeping track of how much people are attacking can be helpful, but it’s easy to miss viewing that list in the period between the current and the next fortress. I’m not asking for a fortress log like there is for war, I’m just asking for the guild scores from the previous day.


Guild shop is relatively new but already needs to have items repriced. 1 epic key is 1750 scrip. Literally walk around endless for 3 seconds and get 10. By only getting 3k scrip per day, you would need 5 days of saving just to get 9 keys for easiest epic dungeon. Some hero shards are cheaper to get there. Also torches should be in there with 50-100 torches for 6k scrip. That would help the f2p out as well as the ones like me that use torches like the are going out of style. Used 5k torches and like 900 epic keys in the last week. I know that there are other places to get torches like the shops which i do get at least 50 a day from there as it is, if not more. I do all my dailies and participate in fortress on freaking hard to get thr extra 60. This 50-100 torches by getting them from guild shop would be great. With the next update and merge to s1, we at s3 currently will need a ton of torches and epic keys to catch up. I am ranked 4th for overall power atm. We will have 7 heroes to get epics with and i plan to updgrade them all to level cap but will not have enough resources. Just the lack of torches mainly for me.


What about removing shards from gold chests if they are in epic? That could work wonders. It would also push the value of gold way up


Great list, thank you.

For fairness at challenger arena: Just change the reward time to 23 or 25 hrs to provide same chances worldwide. Or 3 times a day all 8 hrs…

Also, +1 for gold chest improvements.
After last update, I spent 200 chests (140 gold & 60 aspect related) without getting even one full hero out of 2 new ones (just 4 single shards, once). This is just ridiculous.
Yes, would be great to improve the chances for getting the shards you really need.

Thanks for working on that list. Highly appreciated!


Best idea ever. Not sure IF its even possible tho


Sorry, you have already done so much! But I think when you do a reset in dungeon; it shouldn’t take you all the way back to the beginning! If you’ve gone through 90 levels, you shouldn’t have to do them all over again! Maybe going back 20-25 would be enough!???


I would love to see a skill timer reduction on vip levels. Like maybe 5 min down to 3 minutes at VIP 6. Then down to 1 minute at VIP 12.
Or something like that. For those that have spent money, skilling 55 heroes x 20 skill levels (after a cap raise) is painfully arduous. First world problems for sure, but still an issue.


Bumping this thread with a new idea i have not seen mentioned.

When starting the app, we get to choose which server we want to go into instead of automatically going to last played. This feature could be turned off if user only has 1 account. That way, when a server is down for update/maintenance, we can get on a different one if available.

Just a thought


Allright, I’m putting you in charge of writing the code.


I offered to be in charge over Christmas and received mostly negative responses :frowning:


Not sure if its previously been mentioned wiz but can i suggest a time rotation for arena, its a little unfair how Europeans cant compete for top spots as the server resets around 5am here.
Alternatively something along the lines of tournament where it happens when both sides can be awake to fight it out?

Oasis, great idea bro, i meant to ask this one myself, a fortress log for last 7 days would be perfect to keep eye on and nudge/query the non actives.