Portal Quest in 2018


Greetings Players of Portal Quest! As a new year dawns on Ember and the rest of the real world, we figured it was a good time to talk about what’s in store for Portal Quest in early 2018. With Portal Quest’s 1 Year Anniversary just around the corner, it’s also a good time to look back and see how much the game has grown and evolved throughout the last year.

To start things off, a few quick stats about Portal Quest during 2017:
Number of New Heroes Launched: 17
Number of New Chapters added to the Campaign: 6
Number of Servers launched: 4 (with Server 5 launching today!)
New major features added:

  • Guild War
  • Guild Influence/Perks System
  • Royal Tournament
  • Endless, Boss, and Epic Dungeons
  • Contests and Guild Contests

Since Portal Quest’s launch, the game has continued to evolve and grow, and 2018 will not be an exception to this trend! Our current major focus is on a pair of key areas: Improving the Guild War experience, and making the overall Dungeon experience more rewarding and easy to participate in. Before reading on, a brief caveat: Much of this is still being actively developed, so all of this information is subject to change!

Guild War Improvements

  • We will be adding management tools to alleviate the stress of war logistics from Guild Leaders and make it a smoother, more enjoyable experience all around.

Dungeon Improvements

  • In addition to a number of time-saving improvements, players will soon be seeing a “Resting” bonus that will allow you to double, triple, or even quintuple any Dungeon drop you get. This should help ease the pressure you might feel to have to Dungeon constantly and allow you to get more of exactly that thing you’re searching for.

New: Guild Cooperative/Competitive Feature

  • This will come a little later as adding a new feature to the game comes second to improving the ones we already have, but this will be our next big feature for PQ 2.0!
  • Your Guild will choose a Faction and compete with other Guilds against opposing Factions by completing Quests in this week long event. Everyone gets loot boxes, but the fun spoils will go to the Guilds in the Faction with the most points! Did someone say Hero Skins?


  • And more! New Heroes, Bosses, Chapters, and a bunch of things you have been asking for to make your Portaling and Questing experience better!

The world of Ember is growing like crazy and it’s awesome to see so many new players experiencing and enjoying the game every month! Portal Quest is stronger than it’s ever been and it’s clear the game is just as important to all of you as it is to us. We are dedicated to continue building this game we all love for you and our future players! And we can’t do it without an amazing community, that provides great feedback that continues to form the foundation of the game’s future. We want to thank everyone out there playing the game, and an extra special thank you to all players that have taken the time to share their feedback and thoughts with us.

Here’s to an awesome 2018 in the world of Ember!

Warp mage (s1 sign in hero) question

May as well add this here…
Slingshots for trials is all we need now @Eirhorn

Very happy with how you lot have handled everything else.

I love this game
It’s taken over my days


Goat skin urgently requested!!!
Also. Looking forward for those life easing modifications to current game play :slight_smile:

Again. Goat skin urgently needed


Edit: Goat skin > slingshots in trial :stuck_out_tongue:


When Factions are involved it’ll get a little more interesting this year :wink:!


Bring back location based portals!


I believe it means a Faction includes multiple Guilds.

Is Faction something we can create like guilds? Or only limited numbers (how many?) and we choose from that available options?


While the dungeon addition sounds like a time saver, how is the faction war going to save us time? Just curious as it sounds like more time added. Will the quests be things we currently do on a daily basis already or will they be like contests where you are doing something at a higher rate than you normally would? I am watching too many people I play with leave or want to leave because of time suckers like epic dungeon. I hope this will not add more to that list.


I would have really loved to read something about balancing. But not a single word in this regard :frowning:


I forsee an angry faction, a single minded faction, and one with grace. Wink, wink


Pocos tirachinas para tantos héroes que lo necesitan


OMG! GUILD FACTION QUESTING! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! (Echoes of SATAN’s cry continue throughout the servers of PQ…)


On the fraction thing is that a one time pick or every week we pick a new faction?


I think to help improve the game, you need less servers, you’re losing about as many players as you gain, plus it would be nice if you would scale crusade tokens the same as gold, unless someone really needs gold, there is really no use to playing crusade on a harder difficulty if you’re receiving they same amount of token on easy as on blockbuster

A nice guild perk addition would be lower the stamina regeneration time, lower it by 30 seconds each level, max time reduction would lower it to 4 mins, influence cost be 500k, 1mil, 1.5mil, 2mil


En el servidor 3 yo estaba en el nivel 75 al máximo y se me ha puesto a cero. Devuelvan los 5000 y pico de puntos quitados


I can’t wait I :heart_eyes:this game


Good gime


Would be nice to have more ways to earn diamonds.
I love this game!!!


What about higher levels than 75 ? Is that something you will fix in the future?


I’m stock level 90 nothing happens anymore … When will we be able to continue further, more level, more stars and more xp ?? I feel I play for nothing right now …


@Heavy_hitters @Elektra whenever enough players reach the level cap on a server, PB will increase it. Just wait a little longer and work on fully upgrading some more heroes, and there’ll be a cap increase. Or start farming for xp and gear for when that happens. There’s enough to do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: