Portal Quest in 2018


I think its time to set up a promo code system where we can put in our id and a code and get awsome and sometime expencive stuff for free


Really looking forward to a better year. I’d love any GW improvement as it’s been driving me out of the game so anything to make it less frustrating is perfect!

Is the “Resting” dungeon bonus just for not playing dungeon or what? Well it seems great to get more out of chests and maybe it’ll work great with the jackpot loot ^^


I don’t know what the resting bonus is :thinking:


Stamina regeneration time decrease would keep me on this game forever but I love the idea lol


Awesome news! Can’t wait :slight_smile:
What about a “holiday mode” for guild members?
If a guild member for some reason can’t participate in war they can release control of their donations to other guild members… of course it needs to be regulated in some way… like you can only do it 10 times/year or something like that… would help player fatigue among others…


A donation log for Guild War would be nice. Especially if it specifies if the receiver requested for a donation or not.


Cap increase and shop changes? Anyone know when coming? If I’ve been capped over a week, there’s probably A LOT of people at 95.


Patch notes should be out this week with all of those details!


Most of my guild is at 95. And there isn’t a single person outside of maybe 2 or 3 that even want a cap increase right now. I’ve been 95 for quite some time and still have tons of heroes to work on. I certainly don’t want a cap increase yet. There is more to a cap increase than just xp. Cap increases are painful to all but probably the top 50 players.
Just saying IMHO.


I’m resting right now. Where’s my bonus?


The game hasn’t updated yet? The resting bonus feature isn’t live.

Or are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell


No…I’m never being sarcastic. Never ever. :rofl:


Wait…now is that sarcasm?:joy::joy::joy:


Cap increase? Too many people at 95 and our big payer is about to quit. Do y’all wanna make money or what? What happened to last week?


Patch Notes are out today mate, calm down ;p