Portal Quest in 2019 SERVER 1


What would we as users like to see in 2019?
Honestly I’d love an easier button to open faction chests.
A longer grace period between level caps so we get time to boost heroes.
Maybe cool skins for heroes that don’t have them
Chest opening contests? Ok maybe not that one
I’d love if they would put raid tickets in the market shop.
I know brighter minds have better ideas


Mankini skins. For all toons.

The end.


You’re right… Maybe brighter minds have better ideas.


I’d like a token contest.

Mainly for the sake of poor @sticker_jenni so that her mail box doesn’t eventually crash the game


Daily torch cap removed… So can collect the quest everyday regardless

Epics prioritised for the 6 old heros who need them… Instead of making new heros epic right away

More guild based contests (since portal lords we’ve had less and less of these), defeat enemy contests was one of my favourite and we only had it twice… Don’t know why this is the case but it should be a quite regular one to aid Freeplayers progression

More ways to earn essence without spending 2-3k gems

Fortress vitality/strength rewards increased to more then 10k per day to keep up with the 4th and 5th crystals

Trials and towers to be updated before cap raises so that the rewards are ahead of the current gear rarity rather then 3 steps behind

A new boss dungeon hero + pony being replaced in endless with a new hero

And to add to your faction chest idea…
A sliding bar to choose how many you open in successions… Similar to how raiding works on campaigns


I reckon that’s enough depth to play with :joy::joy:


All those things are great.


Fix war…Or make another guild related feature with rankings.

Do something that’s game wide competitive.


Awesome ideas. I don’t think mankini would work on the female characters @SueyJitSu though. It would be funny to see


I so have a picture of a woman in a mankini that works … Just fine… :wink:


I would like to see the timer for war points shorter. It takes way too long to replenish points and I’m always ready to fight right after the first one


Orrrrrrr… Get rid of the AP system all together.
Make wars less of a micromanagement hassle.


Have we got too many players wanting to hit keep and not enough points AGAIN??!!
Pesky ap :frowning:


Repeat… More time between Cap Raises! This BS 2 to 3 weeks is ridiculous.


It’s been a whipe since I last been on this website


Right, something’s gotta give…it takes a whole day just to get 20 points to hit the keep, let alone 25 points altogether. Now I understand why the war last for 3 days…points. in 3 days we “probably” could fight 2 wars. Ijs


I’d like to see them add a reset button right next to the raid all for elite. Not sure if others do the same but I like to do the 20💎 reset before using elite resets. Maybe add a window similar to the skill points one with diamond resets and item resets. Also add a 5th defense line for war. So many heroes just sit on the sidelines.
Contests that reward players for actually playing the game rather than raid campaign spam/silver chest spam which pretty much covers all contests these days. @Cottontail had a good suggestion.
Oh and are there any plans to merge s4/s1 or s4/s7?


Make it easier to navigate through fortress so you don’t have to go to the 96th line to find a suggested attack.
Update trials/towers rewards.
Add a way to select how many individual chests you want to open together so you don’t need to open 50 chests one by one.
Check some blue items that are still needed in orange gear. They can really slow you down.
Maybe an un-bless ability?
That’s just a few that come to my mind


I, for one, do NOT want to see 5 teams for war per person. I like the fact that you have to use a minimum of 31 players’ teams for defense (as opposed to 25 if players could field 5 teams). It makes it more of a competition for the whole guild. This also keeps it more fair for the F2P players.

I would like to see updated trials levels. I’d like a way to open multiple chests at once. Get Pony out of Endless and replace with a different hero. Maybe update the Boss dungeons, too.

Regarding getting things faster, I think the pace is fine. Sure takes a while to grind, but if u don’t like it, u can pay. (FYI I’m a F2P player and I have a dozen red+1 - 6 are maxed - and another 6 at red… I also have more than a dozen heroes who are blue. You can be F2P and still have upper heroes… you just can’t expect to be F2P and have them ALL be top level)

Mostly, I would like a way for leads to get a message to the guild which guarantees they see it. Perhaps something that comes up when you open the game (after the ad to purchase something). Too many ppl don’t pay attention to the chat…


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Reset button for elite raids :heart::heart::heart::heart: