Portal Quest Questions


How do I sell green items in the shop!!! Plz help!!!


Assuming your guild has opened the guild shop, go there and donate items which have a green border.


Click on a green item then click sell


Assuming??? Well for the people that have no frickin clue please EXPLAIN in DETAIL cuz i must be dumb how do you unlock the dang guild shop???/


It’s a guild perk and your guild needs to be the correct level. I don’t know what level that is though. Anyone?

Unlock it by purchasing it from the guild perks area. Click “guild” then “perks” and there it’ll be.


Guild level 5 I think… I forget tbh


You know what i seen online not too long ago that guild level 4 was what was required and you used to only be able to upgrade to guild level 4 so maybe that was the case b4 but now i guess it needs to be level 5?


Its crazy because there is virtually no information whatsoever on this like anywhere in the history of the internet and it blows my mind.


Quick search of discourse turned up this:


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oh yea i see it in game now thank christ


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Soon there will be more info online! The wiki is coming right along: https://portalquest.fandom.com/wiki/PortalQuest_Wiki


Hey btw how do you earn shop xp for the guild shop?


I believe it it is earned by guild members donating items. They can only earn a max of 3k scrip a day through donations, but they can donate beyond the 3k to earn more shop xp. If I recall, we maxed it rather quickly.


Yea ive single handedly maxed out the scrip for our shop like 3 times already and our xp is still just a tiny smidge like .5%on level 1. How much donations is needed??


Do more more people from my guild need to donate to expedite the process? Does that make much of a difference as far as how many people donate? I guess im just unclear on the leveling mechanics. Sorry for all the questions.


Yes, everyone should be donating so they can be earning scrip and shop xp. At the very least they e should donate the 3k max so they can be getting scrip to buy stuff. I mean, technically, I never donate or buy because I find the shop fairly useless and forget about it completely. But in a perfect game world, that’s what they should be doing…


lol gotcha well I mean the portal lords lately have been only giving out straight epic dungeon quests and guild shop quests so thats one of the reasons why Im trying to open it up.