Possible movement or AI bug on fury front line?


I’ve noticed that Mohawk and Cog master especially, this happens to, where after being knocked back or stunned, they will simply stand there and do nothing, sometimes being hit a few times unfreezes them, sometimes they don’t move at all until they’re killed. It’s especially annoying when they stop just a few pixels out of range of an enemy on the back shooting them in the face. Also bizarre is cog master won’t even use his special which is ranged. :weary:

This might have always been there, but my fights never lasted long enough to produce it before they had enough health. Ginger barely seems to get it, possibly due to different AI (charge the enemy right away) while Skull only every once in awhile. But those other two? Something like every 20 fights!

Haven’t ever seen anyone else of either element do this. Anyone else encounter them acting strangely?


I have encountered it with brawler. He stands still and let the enemeis bash and smash him.

Read known issue thread. If its not there just make a bug report :slight_smile:


I have had some of mine go back ahd hit my own team lmao


Its a possesion enemy skill. The new boss heroe do that. Just like spell binder


Cog and Mohawk both have the stand firm skill and can’t be knocked back. They can be stunned however.


That’s not the issue. I’ve also have been experiencing this with most of the Frontliners as well. They sometimes just stand there and do nothing.


Hero* auto correct is annoying on and off


You are marked as possessed though arent you when that happens? Mine literally just stand there and twiddle their thumbs