Post 1.8 Update: Perk Change and Known Issues


Known Issues

Here are the current known issues we are investigating:
RT displays total power for opponent on each wave when attacking
Red notif for noncollectable dungeon daily
Players seeing large team power changes (potentially display only)
Gold Chest Perk level 3 has no description
Shops sometimes doesn’t refresh with enough items FIXED!

Torch Welfare Perk

It appears we missed giving out some details on the Torch Welfare Perk changing! Our apologies! While we gave some details on what our goals were for the new Daily Torch system, we unfortunately left out some details on how the Torch Welfare Perk changed as well as our process of how we ended up with the numbers we chose. I’d like to cover some of that here and remind everyone that your feedback is very much appreciated as we’re very much keeping a close eye on this new shift since our intention is not to reduce the overall number of Torches you’re collecting each day.

To tweak the Dungeon Reset system, we took a look at all the ways players were collecting Torches and attempted to reorganize the Daily Torch system to mimic those amounts as a simple daily reward. As we looked into how Dungeon Resets generated Torches, we found that the average engaged player tends to Reset their Dungeons extremely infrequently. As such, the Torch Welfare Perk wasn’t actually generating many Torches as it currently stood (not to mention the weird cap that was on it). When we spread the Reset data out among engaged Dungeon-going players out, it became clear that players were really only collecting an average of 1 Torch from Dungeon Resets.

This presented a pretty tricky problem as, probably like many of you, we weren’t expecting the Torch Welfare Perk to be having so little impact on the game. With our goal of roughly keeping it the same to being slightly more generous, we chose to update the Torch Welfare Perk to give out up to 10 free Torches a day without any action required on the player’s part.

Again, this is very much something we will be keeping an eye on over the next few days and we will continue to look for your feedback on it! Despite changing how the Dungeon Reset system works, we do want players to feel as free to explore the new and old Dungeons just as you recently have been!

Tournament is messed up for almost all of our guild is like 48000
RT point display
Royal Tournament fix?
Royal Tournament fix?

Hey All, I wanted to add the description for the Gold Chest LV3 perk for you all ASAP. It is as follows:

“Removes purple shards from gold chest drops and GREATLY increases the drop percentage of Orange shards in gold chests.”

You want it.


Sweet! Thanks for the explanation @Ironangel! Great update and I like the new torch system. Just cursing all the people who didn’t reset like me :wink:


So I found another issue, after using all my torches in Endless dungeon I went to Boss dungeon and the button said continue. Thought it was weird, clicked on it and it said I had 0 torches to continue. Small bug but not that big a deal. I hit reset and got all my torches back as usual. I then went to try and start Boss dungeon and again it said continue, I clicked on it and it said the same thing and now all my torches are gone. :frowning:


Is chest perk 3 supposed to be avail on S2 yet?


I mean, who could have seen that coming:roll_eyes:

One thing which I feel you didn’t take into account when reducing the perk is that you removed them from the campaign. It feels like we are getting way less than before, especially since the only viable method of farming epic keys right now is by resetting. The problem is, when you reset, you now get nothing and it takes well over 100 torches per reset to get enough epic keys.

Here’s my anecdotal evidence on why that is:

  • I ran 4 levels of dungeon tonight, 76-79

  • did full clears on each floor, hit every monster, every chest

  • thanks to some lucky wells, this only took about 40 torches (ish? I admit I didn’t note the exact number when I started)

  • I found 0 keys in trapped chests

  • floor 79 took 10 mins, 78 took 9 mins. I didnt time the others but if we got with a 9 min average that’s 36 minutes

  • I then reset and skipped to bosses; it took me 12 minutes to get to floor 50

  • I got 2 epic and 3 boss keys this way

  • It took 125 torches

So basically, I don’t have 3 hours to devote to running dungeon each day. The only viable method of farming epic keys is by resetting. But if I only earn 44 torches a day, then this is not sustainable. So what am I supposed to do? Just fall hopelessly behind when you guys start offering epic keys for people to buy?

It’s really hard not to view this patch in a very cynical manner.

As of right now, I’d say I’m hanging it up when this GW season is over.

edit: forgot to say that none of this even includes the fact that the epic dungeon will use torches at a much higher rate. No way to keep up as f2p now. You’ve somehow turned dungeon into a p2w feature too.


Well of course if you take an average you’re going to wind up with an extremely low number of daily torch earnings from the porch welfare Perk. When calculating that number how many players who did dungeon only did one floor for the daily Quest. Or did no dungeon at all. I think that if you removed those players from the math you would find a much different number of average earnings from torch welfare.

For myself using that perk I earned 70 torches per day. And double that if I entered the boss dungeon. So on a good day torch welfare gave me 140 torches. The updated perk gave me 40 today.
So essentially I have 100 less torches per day and I also can’t Farm them in campaign and you added another dungeon that burns torches twice as fast. With the setup as it is now I don’t see how even if I wanted to dungeon all day everyday, that I would have the Torches to do it. Even if I bought every deal which I don’t do.


Unfortunately have to agree here. I’m someone that has done a lot of dungeon. Max torch perk is 10 torches per day now + my lvl = 50 torches per day + spending 1000 crusade tokens per day on 20 more torches = 70 torches per day.

70 torches per day needing to be split between…

  • deep endless dungeon runs for gear scraps, influence, pony shards, etc
  • killing bosses in endless and searching for boss/epic keys
  • boss dungeon for scion shards plus looks like a new hero is being added
  • epic dungeon for new epic skills (oh btw… this dungeon burns double the torches!)

I would prioritize epic skills over everything… some of those skills look very op… so if I used my 70 torches per day on just gathering epic keys and epic dungeon I would miss out on all the other stuff PLUS I would never be able to gather 3 epic keys per day PLUS be able to run epic dungeon on only 70 torches per day.

Does anyone run calculations on these things? I’m basically being forced to stop some aspects of dungeon for others which I still won’t have sufficient torches to be able to do regularly on only 70 torches per day.

Very disappointing PB.


So I get 45 from the quest. That’s 10 from the perk and 35 for my dungeon level.

I just reset, and using those 45, I can only get to floor 20 and kill 4 bosses. I got one of each key. If that drop rate holds, I’ll need to kill 12 bosses and get to floor 60 which will take 150 torches (roughly. will update with actual numbers). If I bought 30 from Crusade every day (basically spending all my tokens on torches), then I could use 75 torches each day. That gets me down to floor 30 and kills 6 bosses. Still not enough for 3 keys.

By the time I got my 3rd key, I was on floor 50 and had spent 146 torches. Wow.

Since I’m resetting every day, I would have gotten more torches pre-patch from the perk, not even taking into account the fact that I would also get them from campaign. This is such a disappointing patch.


wouldn’t it be reasonable to add some torches to chests in dungeon as well? this way they are connected to the dungeon plus it seems reasonable that someone might have put them there. :wink:

plus… has anyone got xp-drops in the dungeon yet?


The current system is so disheartening. Torches becoming a limiting factor, plus tying EVERY epic skill to dungeon and then hating dungeon in a way that punishes free to play seems short sighted. Player retention is the best way to earn money, and the system as it is will only drive more away.


The new torch system may give or more torches on average but mainly to those that don’t actively do dungeon anyways. Losing the torch gains on reset hurts everyone that actually goes through dungeon significantly. Before i could actually do boss dungeon but now I have to commit all of my daily torches just to go through 1 or 2 easy boss runs?

Either boss dungeon shouldn’t use torches at all or something needs to be fixed to balance these torches.


Update - I ran over 10 floors yesterday of endless dungeon and got 0 epic or boss keys from floors 75-85 ish. (This cost me well over 100 torches for nothing.) This is to be expected since I only fought 2-3 bosses and with the key drop rate you wouldn’t expect to get more than 0-1 keys.

I decided to reset dungeon today and skipped floors to only fight bosses every 5 floors. I have now used 85 torches today (15 more than my daily amount once I run out of torches soon) and have gotten 1 boss key and 1 epic key. 1 key… and I’d be out of torches for the day? Not 3 epic keys… not 3 epic and boss keys… no pony shards for me today… no orange scraps… no boss dungeon today for scion shards… not close to even opening epic dungeon.

You shouldn’t need players to explain simple calculations and how a 3rd dungeon that requires double the torches simply doesn’t work. I normally laugh off silly mistakes but this update has killed any hope I had in PB.

I’m am now closing PQ and officially looking for a new game.


With the stamina I burned and chests I bought yesterday, I should have over 1.2k torches…instead I had just over 200 bc I bought the $20 deal (and wasn’t given the daily). The dungeon was “my thing” and my escape. Now, I was able to get 3 keys since yesterday…2 boss keys (which I have 100 of pre patch) and one epic key. This leaves me not wanting to spend bc I’m FORCED too…amd not wanting to be on as much (state of mind I’m in now…at all)


Went from basically 40 a day from guild perk to 10? scratches head

All because several people didn’t reset OR even play the thing?

I feel like my guild’s perk point were wasted…

And like the others are saying: you increased the demand, but decreased the supply on something that was already a problem.


We’ve definitely heard you on the Torches, and we’ll be taking a look at this today!


Just want to add, I’m now sitting idle (would normally be doing dungeon th after burning 800 stamina packs, but instead, I’ll be logging off bc my dailys are done and I have nothing left to do). For what I spent out on those stamina, im feeling ripped off! It affected my game play greatly…so disappointed right now, and with my free time, I’ll look at other game apps.


I’m really confused about your goals for torches. In the original patch notes you claim the following:

“The overall goal here is to remove the odd side effect of randomly gathering Torches while Campaign raiding and link them more closely with your Dungeon XP Level. The intent is that Torch collection feels roughly the same if not slightly more generous than existing Torch drops. This will be something we plan to keep an eye on after the update.”

So in removing torches from campaign, where exactly are they being replaced to make collection feel “roughly the same if not slightly more generous”? Because as stated throughout this thread, torches now not only seem much less obtainable, they are needed more than ever. I can’t help but feel that you all have grossly miscalculated. I truly hope this is fixed quickly.


On server 2 I’m dungeon level 37… That equates to over 30 runs to floor 60… Calculate the hours put in to earn torches do the dungeon and then boss afterwards…
I was using over 500 torches per week

And now

I get 42 per day with the daily quest

280+ a week

Really ???

Looks like you halved my torch gathering

Explain to me how that is a better option then just leaving the system as it was
It worked well already


I for one love all the changes! :roll_eyes::joy: #TeamPerBlue