Post 1.8 Update: Perk Change and Known Issues


Que héroes subieron de poder ??


In case you didn’t see the Server Maintenance message, we’re buffing the Torch Welfare Perk to alleviate some concerns:

Here are the new values!

Tier 1 = 5 Torches (Up from 2)
Tier 2 = 10 Torches (Up from 4)
Tier 3 = 15 Torches (Up from 6)
Tier 4 = 20 Torches (Up from 8)
Tier 5 = 25 Torches (Up from 10)

We will continue to monitor the issue, and update as necessary. Stay tuned for further updates!


An extra 10-15 torches a day does not alleviate any concerns.

There @Ironangel I fixed it


This has nothing to do with resets. This is part of the Daily Quest where we give you Torches.


One additional change today: the Epic Key drop rate will also be buffed!


So I reset the dungeon yesterday at 0 torches and didn’t get any torches on reset. This halved my daily torches. Please fix this.


I agree! I was excited at first when I saw torches available in the daily I quest, but then I used them up quickly in endless dungeon. I went to the boss dungeon thinking I would get my usual 33 torches but got nothing and wasted boss keys as I somehow entered the dungeon before restarting. I always got 66 torches from restarting(33 twice - before and after boss dungeon)plus many from raiding campaign. Not to mention the guild perk that used to give us 10 extra now only gives us 6. SUPER frustrated as now I can’t even play dungeon… and there are new reasons to play it


There’s no torches on reset… just a daily quest now.


Is PB aware there are 3 dungeons now and how many torches it costs to clear or skip a floor? Does anyone actually play the game or run these calculations?

25 torches per day + dungeon lvl of 40 + 30 torches from crusade tokens… 95 torches split over 3 dungeons (one that burns at double the torch rate)

So PB keeps adding more things to dungeon and the amount of dungeons you have to do to keep up (hero shards from endless, influence, supposedly xp, gold, scraps, hero shards from boss, epic skills, etc) and at the same time reduces your torches to complete those tasks…

And the solution is 15 more torches (about 1 floor worth of torches in endless… not even a floor in epic dungeon) and a higher epic key drop rate?

“Solutions” show exactly why the problems are here and will remain. It’s a shame.


From what to what? Given how disastrously you “fixed” the torch issue with this patch, I think we deserve to see some numbers.

Because the answers to these questions are obviously no.

Well, they’re obviously no. I don’t know why that’s not constructive.


Reminder: Please keep your criticism constructive.


Again, grinding isn’t the issue. I’m honestly fine with forcing people to do content that they have no desire to do. The rewards for doing it either entice you or not. GATING the content, or controlling the speed at which you can gain content (through torches) is a poor decision. We’re gated by torches, the gated again by 3 random key drops per day, then gated even harder by doubling the cost of the gating mechanism. I’m at a loss at how anyone in game design thinks that this is fun.

Diablo gated their content, then they realized that NOT being able to gain content wasn’t fun. Learn from Blizzards mistakes, and become the company I know you can be.


There are no torches at reset. There are no torches in campaign. There are only torches in daily quests. I’m still trying and completely failing to see how this new system is giving me more torches than before. It simply is not. So please don’t write patch notes with stated goals that are simply untrue. I was excited about more torches to go with more dungeons, but now I’m frustrated and disappointed by the whole thing. The only reasonable explanation is that you’ve purposefully created a barrier to play in this mode that will only be removed by spending actual money on more torches. I refuse. I’m watching people quit all around me lately. What a waste of potential.


Make event with drop for lower players, its hard to get 1 hero orange when others with high VIP got 95 lvl and all orange in few hours. Atm there is no fun for others


So now the drop rate is so high that people are getting 5+ a floor and the cap was removed.

So I feel like a complete idiot for resetting and wasting hundreds of torches (and actually useful drops) when I could have easily caught up on keys today given that you removed the cap (without any heads up).


I swear my guild used to get +20 from torch perk lvl 3. Now it says +15. And no torches from campaign after burning all my stamina with raid tickets was an unpleasant surprise.


Thanks for the torch perk buff! I think that should really help with torch problems a bit. Just out of curiousity what is the highest level for upgrading epic gear?


And just curious, would a system where we got a daily torch quest along with a torch bonus for resetting help at all? Or would that system not work? I’m just thinking it may help beginning players who can’t make it very far in dungeon or people who didn’t develop their dungeon level earlier. As now they have a reduced torch rate and suddenly find themselves stuck with slow progress. As stated earlier the amount of players who resetted daily wasn’t very large but I think it was partially due to the fact dungeon didn’t seem a “necessary” thing to do but now is more popular.


i almost never reset’ dungeon since the rewards on lower levels suck. so i save up torches and reward myself with a run in the dungeon from time to time.
and then i always run out of torches quite fast anyhow. i don’t spend a lot of money on stamina so the torches didn’t pile up.
i guess i also got a few more torches than now, but i’m not too sure.

but it feels wrong that you can only get torches in an amount pb gives and not be able to earn them someway else. especially since we could before. and i guess that’s what upsets most of the people here.
so i also would like to see a reconsideration here, but guys, be a little patient, we don’t want them to do a hasty fix that doesn’t work in the end.


If it were me, I’d make it available in campaigns again, return the torches upon reset (this has confused/upset people), return the torch welfare to the way it was (guilds paid for that and now feel royally screwed) and THEN give a daily bonus (it’s not a quest if you don’t do anything for them-- I was expecting to do a task for these) that matches one’s dungeon level.

This will give a torch boost to those who need/want it and still allow a little building up during the work week when you have no time, then a player can do one massive run on a day off from real life.

It will also encourage non-dungeoners to lvl up their dungeon level, and put our stamina spending back into place (it was nice for those bonus torches, they added up).