Post 1.8 Update: Perk Change and Known Issues


@Ironangel so you guys turned the 3 key cap off with the latest update, but anyone who had already hit their cap before that remained capped even after the patch. Meanwhile, the folks who hadn’t were getting 5-10 keys per floor and are now worlds ahead of the rest of us.

I hope you guys are able to make this situation right.


I actually don’t get torches unless I purchase them in the shops now. My daily gets me a boss key, campaign doesn’t drop them anymore (that’s where mpst of my torches came from to begin with, 15-20 a day there usually), reset gives nothing, and my guild holds a much greater focus on war at the moment meaning perks for chest and torches are on the far back burner to them right now so no torches there. Very frustrated with dungeon at this point. There was no harm in having torches as a campaign drop, in my opinion. It was far more effective than making a cap based off dungeon resets and collecting a daily alone, and now we don’t even have those.


I have a suggestion to fix the torch issue. We all are lacking huge amounts of torches needed to keep up with 3 different dungeons.

So how about, keep the new torch numbers gained from the Torch Welfare perk BUT release that number multiple times a day like the free daily stamina.

Say you’re dungeon level 35 and your guild maxed the perk you’d be getting 60 torches 3 times a day.


I really like that idea actually! The problem i am hitting now is the reduced torches, then i am using my same torch supply for all 3 dungeons. Where i used to get a separate reset and supply of torches for endless and boss dungeon.


@Ironangel can we get an update on the decision to uncap keys, what led to that decision? And what, if anything, you guys plan to do about thr fact that some folks remained capped yesterday at 3 keys while others were able to get dozens of keys? I had one guildmate stuck at 3 while another got 70.


@OhRlyeh pretty sure I mentioned this when you guys “were fixing the situation” add them back to campaign save urself the headache of constant harassment. Such a simple fix. Listen to the masses on this one.


Here are the changes for today’s server update:

  • Epic Key Drop Fix: In order to remove the cap, we are removing Epic Keys from Boss Chests and adjusting the drop rate
  • Epic Dungeon Gear Shard Fix: It will now give out a single reward for a random Hero (instead of 1 reward for each Hero)


What kind of a fix is this? So after all the community outrage to simply poor calculations and the answer is to make getting new content even HARDER?

Edit: It just makes it seem like it’s mostly a move to anger everyone who holds the same views as those above me. You guys can immediately fix an issue that wasn’t really an issue to begin with (I’m guessing it was just not intended.) But you can’t change some numbers or revert a feature after mass complaints?

I’m not doing any “conspiracy theories” I’m just stating how this fix looks like from my perspective.


Color me confused and dissatisfied. This is not a fix this is another stone wall.


Are you guys actively trying to break this game? I’m truly astounded.


So you made it 5x harder to get gear now?



The issue is people lack torches and the solution is to make epic dungeon give out significantly fewer rewards… impressive even for PB.

“Maybe if dungeon sucks they won’t wanna do it anymore.”
“Yeah lets make it suck so they’ll leave us alone.”


Think of it this way… Since the X5 drops was a bug, you had a whole 24 hours of bonus drops before the intended and accurate drop rate was put into place. :slight_smile:


Except not everyone had this opportunity because some folks were still capped at 3 keys while others got over 70.

So now not only are we significantly behind on keys, hut we’re also significantly behind on shards too?

What are you doing to even the playing field?

edit: what an amazingly tone deaf response. Amazing that multiple people have said they are quitting because of this and all you can offer is snarky responses.



How does decision making work for you guys? Was it done at the end of your Xmas party?


We complained about the amount of torches required and you modified that ever so slightly which didn’t really fix anything. And at the same time changed the rate of key drops which no one complained about.

A day later you then changed the key drops again and made us run epic dungeon 5 times as much.

So in summary. You’ve reduced torch accumulation to around 10% of pre 1.8 and increased torch spend to at least 5x that of pre 1.8. How can any of you think… Hey here’s a good idea.

Reiterating the main complaint.

We need more torches. Nothing else needs to be changed yet


As others stated above, the main issue is lack of torches and hence, getting the new content GATED by dungeon is getting increasingly harder to obtain.

Whether the bonus drops was an unintended feature or not, you guys are prioritizing fixing a bug that BENEFITS the players while turning your back over an issue that has been brought up over and over again.

You see where I’m getting at?


As Kork said, more torches. Everything else can be fixed with time.

Let’s put it in terms you guys will understand. Let’s say that you wanted to generate more revenue from PQ.

Your solution: cut the price of all diamond deals by 75% and make less special item deals to give players less incentive to buy said deals.

“But that doesn’t make sense, why would I cut my income by half if I wanted to make double the money I do now?”

Ah… You finally unlocked the Epic Gear of “Common Sense.”


I have 100 torches that I’ve been saving up the last 2 days (normally i have over 1k with all stamina spent) and I couldn’t even benefit from the “glitch” bc I’m starved for torches. The game is being destroyed, I promised my guldmates I’d stick it out until the end of War season…i really can’t see me sticking to that promise now that dungeon can’t be done the way it had been…the one thing I loved about the game…completely destroyed


It costs more than a days worth of torches for 1 epic dungeon run… yes, more than 100 torches to clear 5-6 floors… and that days worth of torches will now give 0-2 epic shards per toon instead of 4-8… so in a couple months ppl will be able to forge their first epic skills… yay! Not upgrade them… just forge 1 of them for a few toons…

Not all the toons with epic skills, just a few of them… but don’t worry there will be new epic skills to focus on by then too! Or new toons in general… but don’t worry, you won’t have torches to be able to run boss dungeon ever… or endless dungeon ever outside if collecting epic keys… so you won’t be online as much which makes perfect business sense.

I await the next snarky comment from PB staff.


maybe there’s different people being responsible for different issues. if team A fixed the key thing and team B tries to figure out torch questions, should team A hold back their results bc team B isn’t ready yet?
calm down for now, it’s all been said. if their is no responds in 2-3 days, THEN say something. reading basically the same post 50 times while scanning for new starements is tiring. could you switch to like a post instead of repeating the same stuff?