Post 1.8 Update: Perk Change and Known Issues


Any player who was capped at 3 Epic Keys yesterday has been sent compensation Keys.


The whole pattern starts to repeat what happened to Dragonsoul. I guess the negotiations with Gree have already started. Time to start looking for a new game I guess if this is the tone of the things to come… “Winter is coming” …


Nuclear winter at that.


You sent 10 keys as compensation. I have a guildmate who got 70. This is not an acceptable form of compensation.

I also, because of your bug, did not get to access the epic dungeon yesterday and, therefore, didn’t get access to the better epic gear drops. That needs to be part of the compensation you send, too.

To recap: find whoever earned the most epic keys yesterday. Send that as compensation. And then look at who got epic shards. Send that many, too.

You are driving away your player base with what as seen as greed driven changes. You need to go above and beyond with compensation for your bugs, not the half measures you are taking.