Potal quest zodiac


what does it mean portal quest zodiac does the game have its own or is it the players zodiac sign


It’s just an interaction for the event happening on their Facebook. Just pick and comment whatever you prefer so everyone can get free rewards.


ty. i went on facebook and got it


can u tell me what is purple scraps for the contest on now


Any gear scrap that you get that is purple rarity will earn you points in the contest. You can get them on certain stages of the campaign or dungeon.
I remember when I did my first purple scrap contest, I thought it was an entirely separate item and was completely dumbfounded about the whole thing.


This is an example. See how these items have a thin purple border around them? Each item in PQ has a coloured border. This is what they mean when they say “purple”.


And there being different colours is called “rarity” for some reason