PQ 1.8 Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 1.8!


This patch brings you a whole new way to Dungeon - and something to do with all of those extra Hero Shards! We’ve revamped Well Effects, how Dungeon Resetting works, added some additional Boss Keys, and made Torch collection simpler!

New Features

Epic Gear, Epic Abilities, and the Epic Dungeon (Server 1)

With the introduction of Orange Gear, we are also introducing Epic Gear, which equips existing Heroes with new Epic Skills. These passive skills, different for every Hero, can be Forged within the Epic Dungeon.

The Epic Dungeon has two requirements: A team of Orange Rarity Heroes, and Epic Dungeon Keys. Once you have at least one Hero on your team at Orange, Epic Dungeon Keys will drop in Trapped Chests and Boss Chests in the Endless Dungeon daily. This has a 3x daily drop limit similar to Boss Keys.

When you have a complete team of Heroes at Orange Gear level and you have collected Epic Dungeon Keys, it’s time to head to the Epic Dungeon! The Epic Dungeon works the same way as the other Dungeons, with it’s own set of Shrines and Wells. Be wary, though! The Epic Dungeon is more challenging and consumes Torches twice as fast as Endless and Boss Dungeons.

Once in the Epic Dungeon, you are eligible to collect Epic Gear Shards in Chests for any Heroes you bring in. You will also encounter new Epic versions of Bosses! Any Hero that is capable of equipping Epic Gear (see list below) can appear as an Epic Boss with their new ability. Once you’ve defeated them, look for higher chance of Epic Gear Shards in the Boss Chest for any eligible Hero in your party.

Once you have enough Hero Shards and Epic Gear Shards, look for the Blacksmith and his Epic Forge on each Floor of the Epic Dungeon. He’s easy to spot, just look for the Forge icon:

Epic Forge (Server 1)

At the Blacksmith, you can spend Hero Shards and Epic Gear Shards to create and/or upgrade Epic Gear for your Hero.

Each Forge has 3 limited-time Forge Charges, and you can hold a maximum of 20 per day; they will remain until you reset the Epic Dungeon. Each time you Forge a new Item, or upgrade an existing Item, it costs 1 Forge Charge.

Heroes with Epic Gear will be shown in the Heroes list with an orange star:

Here, Hex Witch has forged her Epic Gear Forged, but Mystic Punk is still waiting!

With this release, the following Heroes have Epic Gear available:

  • Oasis Guardian
  • Howling Claw
  • Rogue Bowman
  • Mystic Punk
  • Highwayman
  • Swashbuckler
  • Wander Woman
  • Shield Maiden
  • Forest Hermit
  • Hex Witch
  • Scion of Chaos

Be sure to check them out in game for details!

Royal Tournament: Saved Lineups

Tired of rearranging your lineups for each battle? Good news! Now you can save up to ten Royal Tournament lineups!

In the Hero Chooser, tap Load Saved to view your teams:

In the next screen, you can arrange, save, and select a lineup:

Royal Tournament: Successful Defense Rewards

We’ve changed how the Successful Defense rewards work! Instead of needing all three successful defenses, the rewards are granted on a per-defeat basis. Individual defense rewards are based on current tier in Royal Tournament. Now that it’s more common, the Tokens given have been lowered down to 1/3rd to represent a single fight.

Orange Gear & Level Cap Increase (Server 1)

The new Team Level cap for server one will be 95.

New Chapter 12: Welcome to Atlantarctica

Join our Heroes as they journey through a frozen wonderland, and welcome Rogue Bowman back from his mystical, rainbow trip.

Improvements: Dungeon

Improved Well Effects

Updated Effects:

  • Cleansing Potion will now remove one random Debuff from EACH Hero
  • Blood of the Bull will now revive a Hero chosen by the player
  • Healing Potion will now fully heal all Heroes in the Party

Improved Reset Behavior

Each Dungeon (Endless, Boss, and the new Epic) can now be reset once per day, independent of other Dungeons.

Boss Key and Torches

We’re adding a daily Quest to claim Torchers (much like Raid Tickets). The number of Torches available will be a function of a player’s Dungeon XP level and the Guild Perk bonus (Torch Welfare). As part of this change, players will be able to collect a maximum of 1000 Torches. If you have 1000+ Torches, you will be unable to claim the Quest, but you can still collect them via Merchants, Contests, and Events. Torches will no longer drop in the Campaign.

Design Note: The overall goal here is to remove the odd side effect of randomly gathering Torches while Campaign raiding and link them more closely with your Dungeon XP Level. The intent is that Torch collection feels roughly the same if not slightly more generous than existing Torch drops. This will be something we plan to keep an eye on after the update.

The Shrine Daily Quest now gives a Boss Key!

Boss Dungeon Difficulty Adjustments
We’ve adjusted the difficulty of Normal and Hard Boss Dungeon!


New Hero: Ice Berg

When the aurora glows on a cold night, Ice Berg can almost remember when her kind ruled a great city… Ice Berg is a Front Line Finesse Tank and her Shards can be found in Gold Chests.


Glacial Toss
Ice Berg hurls any nearby enemies in front of her across the battlefield. Enemies get Knocked Back, take damage, and are Stunned.

Stand Firm
This Hero can’t be knocked back. Has a chance to fail against higher level Enemies.

Slow Globe
At the start of combat, Ice Berg thickens her outer layers of ice armor to create a zone of unbearable frost. This grants her increased Max Health and Slows all nearby enemies indefinitely.

Battle Hardened
Takes no damage from Crit or Bleed effects.
Has a chance to fail against enemies above their level.

Hero Balance Changes: Wander Woman

We’re working to give Wander Woman a boost. Look for a more detailed post next week on exact stat changes!

Hero Location Changes

Server 1

  • Oasis Guardian will appear in the War Shop, replacing Scarred Brawler
  • Scarred Brawler will move into Chapters 11 and 12
  • Chapter 12 will contain: Princess Portal, Scarred Brawler, Wisp, Satyr Fox, and Shield Maiden

Server 2

  • Oasis Guardian will now drop in Gold Chests

Server 3

  • Loyal Squire will now appear in the Crusade Shop
  • Swashbuckler will now appear in the Fortress Shop
  • Scarred Brawler will now appear in the War Shop
  • Feral Brute will now appear in the Royal Tournament Shop

Gold Chest Tweaks and Hero XP Increases

  • Tripled the quantity of Hero XP that appears in Gold Chests (appears at the same rate)
  • Doubled the quantity of Gold that appears in Gold Chests (appears at the same rate)
  • Higher difficulty tiers in The Pinnacle now drop up to 50% more Hero XP

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Check out the new Icon here for the holidays!
  • Corrected the Fight Refill text info for players with Royal Tournament VIP Perks
  • Fixed some errors that can occur when Skipping Floors in the Dungeon
  • Opponent Power will now be correctly displayed in the Hero Chooser screen
  • Using the ‘Back’ button on Android will no longer post in progress chat messages
  • Fixed a combat crash caused by some skills
  • War Stamina timer will now correctly update for Escalation time
  • Fixed some issues with German text getting cut off/displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a crash with War Stamina donations
  • Several phones experienced incorrect stretching, cutting some images off. This has been fixed!


Ice Berg will be OP. Needs to be said now so I can point back to this later.


Yea, unstoppable perma slow doesn’t sound annoying at all, either.

Happy to see Oasis moving to chests.

Orange skills is exciting, though the process sounds very grindy (and a little confusing at first glance). More dungeon… ugh.

Does the daily key from quests count toward your 3 max? Is it for boss or epic dungeon? Are the epic keys being added in with a drop rate in addition to the current rate? Or just the overall key drop rate remains the same and less will be for boss? So as an example currently your chance for boss key to drop is 20% (number made up). Will the new chance for keys to drop still be 20 and can be either boss or epic? Or will there be a 40% chance for keys to drop?

Love the dungeon reset change! pikachu thank you sticker

Like the tournament changes as well, the gold chest an tower improvements, and glad to see Wander getting some love.

Sounds like a really nice patch overall.

edit: I have to say I’m a little disappointed in the heroes getting new skills. Most of them are already super popular and largely OP heroes. While it’s nice that heroes that are mainstream were selected so many will get to use the new stuff, this will just widen the already large gap between them and other heroes. This could have been a good opportunity to encourage people to try new heroes.


Overall, I really like this patch, and it’s good to see that although the same amount of people is now probably at the level cap, we only get a 5 level cap increase.

I’m not sure how grindy/fun the new dungeon mode will be, but we’ll just see how that works out. Something I do wonder: It appears as if there’s a limit to the amount of hero shards you can use (over time as well) as it seems like we need both gear and hero shards to forge. If that’s the case, I predict most players will still have a lot of leftover shards. We’ll see, but it seems like an issue.

One bug fix I especially like is the stretching of the screen. This bug has been in the game for a very long time, so I hope it’s now successfully fixed.

In general, there’s only 2 things I’m actually concerned about: The new hero, who will probably make me very sad when I need to fight against her, and the shop changes. After this much longer period of the same heroes in the same shops than usual I was really hoping to see some new crusade heroes, and the current tournament heroes in other shops. I hope a more thorough rearrangement is due for the next update.

To sum it up: Thanks PB :slight_smile:


Oh yeah also the shop heroes need to change more than just oasis being introduced. I’ve got 20K+ tokens in most shops since I’ve got nothing to spend them on.


All the changes looks so good. It looks like the dungeon fix we’ve all been waiting for, Wander Woman seeing some light and fixes with lineups.


Orange skills looks insane. Orange gear looks really grindy - like boss keys - and I assume that it, like boss keys, will start showing up in $20 deals shortly after release. Epic dungeon costing extra torches means that most of us will be stuck with heroes that can’t compete for a long time. We’re talking both arena and tournament demotions, and most importantly, we’re talking fatigue.

There were promises of fixing hero xp - promises we all were happy to hear. It meant no longer losing relevance instantly at cap raise and a chance to catch up. Recent contests have proven that you were serious about it - I have never had as many maxed heroes as now. For the first time in a looooong time, I thought it was fun to play again. I felt a sense of progress. Merc, Dagger, Pony and Maiden ready for action, together with the heroes I previously neglected. Finally!

Then this.

I get it. Cater to the paying players. But I’m not sticking around for their joyride with their fancy new skills. I’m not going to struggle not to get demoted every week in tournament. I’m not going to be moved off keep because we need orange skills to best theirs. It’s not happening.

I thought a few extra OP heroes was problematic before. Congratulations - you just gave them fifteen more.

The ceiling for top players just keep rising and we’re expected to tag along as sidekicks to their powertrips. I’m not doing that.

I’m way too emotional to write this post right now but I can’t not. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s balanced, maybe we’ll get them at roughly the same time regardless of money spent, but if not, these are the last patch notes I’ll be around for.


Two questions that I thought of after reading through a second time.

1 - So you only get shards of heroes you bring in that have orange skills. Does the amount of eligible heroes you bring change the drop rate?

For example, say I bring 5 eligible heroes. When I get a shard from a chest it could be for any of them. But if I only bring 1 eligible hero, the shard will have to be for them. But does less heroes mean less shards overall will drop? Or is the drop rate constant regardless of how many heroes you bring?

2 - It says when you defeat an epic boss the chance for shards rises. Does it rise for all heroes you brought? Or only the hero you defeated? Does that raised chance persist even after you reset? Or is it only for that specific run?


This might not be as bad as you think… since they are removing torches from the campaign, they are essentially normalizing how much every player earns regardless of stamina spending habits. The players that have maxed toons are the ones earning the most torches right now. In 1.8, that won’t matter.

They’re actually closing the gap, torch-wise.

And remember, since there is a cap on epic keys per day, their progress will be limited there as well.


There is a cap on boss keys as well, but that doesn’t stop 50 key-deals from appearing (not to mention the torches they come with).


I’m not one to add to the p2p game style discussions(games need to make their money), but yeah, this orange gear is totally going to create a (bigger) gap between payers and non-payers.

Anyone who can’t see this is not paying enough attention.

I fine where I currently stand, but I imagine this is going to make wars, tournaments, and arena pretty difficult to compete in.

I’m at maxed level already, and I’ve barely been through the boss dungeon. Just seems unobtainable.

Course, I could be jumping the gun-- it’s not here yet.


Iceberg aint op if you want to see op look at sparkle pony at 1* lvl one no color


When will we be seeing a fix to totem being unable to use his white skill in war?


The orange gear does seem like a grind, and will likely be most helpful to those willing to drop big $$$ on offers.


Do heroes have to be 5* before you can give them orange skills @ironangel

how many keys does it take to unlock the epic dungeon?



I’ve been thinking more about this, and I think my main concern with the f2p and p2p gap is the stone requirement. I have guildmates who have 100s of extra stones lying around. Meanwhile, here’s what I have for the heroes:

Oasis Guardian - 2* 24/50
Howling Claw - 4* 46/150
Rogue Bowman - 3* 82/100
Mystic Punk - 5*, 14 extra
Highwayman - 5*, 12 extra
Swashbuckler - 5*, 150 extra (?!)
Wander Woman - 5*, 55 extra
Shield Maiden - 5*, 28 extra
Forest Hermit - 5*, 11 extra
Hex Witch - 5*, 21 extra
Scion of Chaos - unsummoned, 35/80

So, if you can only do 5* heroes, I have enough for the first upgrade for just 4 of them. Farming to 20 stones for the ones that are close doesn’t seem like an insurmountable task and is something I would be happy and excited to do. But what about upgrading the gear after the first level?

How am I going to farm stones of heroes who are already 5* while a new rarity was just released (and I’m still farming gear for p4) and still working on important heroes who aren’t even 5* yet (like dagger and claw)? The answer is, I can’t unless I spend. There is no way for me to keep up with the spenders now, with regard to epic gear.

Interestingly enough, when runes were first released in DS, forging a keystone initially required the use of hero stones as well. This was later done away with for reasons that were not specified… but I’m assuming because the cost was prohibitive, especially given the randomness of runes. It sounds like there is no randomness with epic gear, but to me… the cost still seems prohibitive unless you’re willing to buy.

And that’s kind of the definition of pay to win.

Some alarming realizations (and numbers) about epic skills

@Ironangel @Eirhorn the changes that were supposedly made in the 11/29 update that added XP and improved the gold drop never seemed to make it live. Are those actually coming this patch?


please tell me that my one and only p4 toon, wander woman, will not get auto upgraded to orange. being a free porqer, the orange gear grind is well above my interest and time investment… thank you for keeping orange in the dungeon, since i don’t do dungeon, staying away from orange should be easily accomplished !! yay !!


Orange rarity works in the same way as all the others, I would imagine.

The dungeon is solely used to give the hero a new ‘epic skill’.



You took note on all feedback given on Forum.
I recognize many features from feedback and suggestions given :slight_smile:

Awesome. I really appreciate it.
PS: the daily dungeon quest feedback was given by me.

Hahaha. The forging stuff seems complicated and i hope there will be a tutorial to assist us:)


Why did you choose these heroes for epic gear, and when can we expect more to be added to the list? As of now, I only have one front liner close enough to Orange. All the other ones available for Orange are so far behind for me that I won’t be doing epic dungeon for a long time.

EDIT: I realized I could have misread this. So let’s say that one of my orange heroes is stone guard. Even though she’s not on the list, will i be able to bring her into the epic dungeon with my other Orange heroes?