PQ Forum Competition: Poems and Songs

In our latest forum competition, we’re asking players to get the creative juices flowing and write a Portal Quest-themed poem or song lyrics. All formats are acceptable, but please don’t make them too long. Please do not use profanity or inappropriate topics; game chat rules still apply.

We will close the event at 17:00 CST on Thursday, October 1st. The best entry will be selected, and its author will receive 5,000 Diamonds! Have fun!


I stand here in the ember land,
Beside me is Prize Fighter with his fake hand.

Also present is Pesky Pixie in the back rank,
Now we really need a Focus tank.

Lion Knight is flexing his power,
His blue skill will make enemies cower.

Silver saber and Salty Merc are guarding the side,
Opponents are in for a bumpy ride.


There once was a game called Portal Quest,
Whose Skinner box mechanics were the best.
Every chapters new twist,
Players couldn’t resist,
Filling up the Per Blue profit treasure chest.

Time sink paradox
Keeps us all clicking daily
Of course, I blame Bob.

Well I never pq must be under the weather… came to log on but hey it not take long, servers down I feel a frown
… take a browse in forum or shall I holla out a new pooooemmm???
:grin::grin::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::joy: love it

Staring deep in the tanks eyes,
Fight for life and hoping we dont die.

With Father Forest and Brutal Axe,
Here comes Fur our favorite cat.

Here floats Pixie, our proud Macabre and meanest Tabbi,
Hitting the other team hot and snappy.

As the battle begins to end,
I just wanted to introduce a few of my friends.

We won the battle, ever so grand,
Pick up your weapons, and make your stand.

Characters that can make you shrink and some that will knock you back,
Some are fun with funny hats!

In Ember land you’ll fight and loot,
And always having an absolute hoot.

Portal Quest is not just a game,
You come to learn, you come to hang!

You’ll never know who you’ll meet,
Stay armed, stay sharp, and deal the heat.

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Too many heroes
Not enough time in the day
Can’t we just sort them?

(There you go @Specs and @WizarteroX - mine is even a haiku!)

Portal Quest Nonet:

Item crafting needs too many shards
Red heroes honours cause riots :wink:
War gets a shake up speed boost :slight_smile:
Gold heroes just dual class?!
A once great game slows
Shrinking servers…
Alts gone :slight_smile:

Over-reliance on puns
Really, the puns are over the top
Treasure chests
Looting dungeons

Questionable puns
Utterly ridiculous puns
Extremely tenuous puns
Some puns
Treasure chests

Portals portals portals portals.
Portals portals.

(With all due deference to Vyvyan. At least mine was 10 words. Now, where’s my Ford Tippex?)

To portal quest to portal lords, portal that leads to unknown land, to unexpected adventures. Quested that creates destiny in the making, will make told legendary story though history.The constant battling that tune skills and talent,the effort towards victory create riches of loots and gold,all point to endless adventures of portal quest victory… (Give me likes and hearts)

Violets are Red,
Roses are Blue,
I play PQ while doing a poo

Thank you.

White circles light up.
On screen, the enemies fall.
Pure escapism.

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