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This sounds interesting, at least.

Oh, it’s not a tier list, it’s a type listing.
Might still be useful.

Wander woman in attack speed, rather than bless.

Technically true, but not why most people use her.
(Area of effect also rates quite highly)

There’s a bless section, and a silence section.
Spellward and spiritmancer classes kind of make this awkward.

Understandably each hero only appears once in the tier list, yet several heroes change their primary role depending on the heroes you line them up with and whether it’s a first hit or a clean.

I’m over thinking this, aren’t I?

Closes page.


You can edit it(I think so) and make your own organizer. I was looking at the Blue and White skills of each hero and seeing which one similar to which category.

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Wiz will be upset that Mo is not in his own “God” listing.

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Thank you very much for that information if you have anymore please send it to me

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Yes, thank you.

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KeepTopic bumped or save the link would be best Alexus and Cyn

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