PQ Reset? Lost toons

@Loutre @Samm just curious what happened with the game. This isnt the first time in the past few weeks where the game seemed to reset several minutes but tions are still considered used.

Yeah, wasn’t doing anything too important, but PQ does seem to be a bit flaky this week… :frowning:

I hope I didn’t dungeon for nothing…

Okay, now I’m pissed…

I was midway through a run, when I got the reconnecting and please check your internet connection message.

How can server rollback far enough that I wasn’t in the dungeon, but still people were doing war hits and their heroes are still marked as used?

Surely it’s one or the other?
How can it be so far back that my progress is lost, but not far enough back that it recognises a war hit was started…?

Ok, now I’m super pissed and writing a ticket.

I actually ran a dungeon fully, then started a second.
In that first run, I got 66 shards

Not the end of the world I admit.
But I’ll be damned if I’m going to start noting down how many keys I have before I start, just to ensure I’m not losing anything.

I’ll just stick to games whose servers stay up (after they’ve been down for maintenance to fix this exact problem a week ago)…

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