Princess Portal: Aspect Boogaloo Winners!

Thanks to all the contenders for putting so much time and effort into your entries, there were so many amazing stories to choose from! Without further ado, here are the three writers with the most votes:

Coming in first place is @Knightified, who wrote an amazingly detailed three part tale of Princess Portal coming from another land, getting sick of Fury’s pranks, and ultimately discovering why and how she was brought here in the first place! Congrats Knightified on all your effort, and for winning 100 Princess Portal Shards!

Not far behind in second place is @Big_Sheep, who tells a harrowing tale in which Princess Portal is charmed over to Finesse, and subjected to Swashbuckler’s raving stories. Congrats to Big_Sheep for winning 50 Princess Portal Shards!

Last but not least, in third place we have @Bac_Bac_Stickers, who paints a tragic picture where Princess Portal in unknowingly forced into joining Fury, before reaching her breaking point and desperately asking Finesse for help. Congrats to Bac_Bac_Stickers for winning 30 Princess Portal Shards!

Congrats to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! If you were chosen as one of our winners, please message me with your UserID so we can send your prize! :smiley:


Congratulations guys.

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Congrats to all . Do think my idear of choosing witch she can use before a battle might need sum thinking over as it can turn battles in unsuspected ways

congrats all!

if you needed trophies I have been known to give a few out as well :wink:

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