Princess Portal: Aspect Boogaloo

Princess Portal has mysteriously switched Alliances from Fury to Finesse, but what could have driven her to such a drastic change? We want YOU to decide, by writing ashort story on this mysterious turn of events! You can vote for your favorites by using the ‘Like’ option at the bottom of the entry.


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The devilishly handsome and devious Swashbuckler has used his silky voice and even silkier hair to lure yet another victim into his Finesse cult. Helpless to his charms, Portal Princess joins Light Warden, Spellbinder, Wander Woman and Warblade in his underground lair, where they will be subjected to regular recitals of Swashbuckler’s tales from the high seas while he shows photos from his '09 Mediterranean cruise. Highwayman sits awkwardly in the corner with his pet Fox and watches as Swash forces the poor lassies to teach him the ways of contouring and eyeliner so that he may finally achieve his dream of appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Princess opened a portal to an alternate dimension, where everyone has different aspects, but got stuck there, and the finesse version of her came back through the portal to save everyone


Because the combination with eremite will make her nerf useless in this situation.

Princesses didn’t just choose to be Finesse, she was born that way. She’s tired of pretending otherwise and sick of society’s Fury-normative BS.


One day Portal Princess found a loose red hair in her clothing. She began to pull it out but soon realized it was a thick and long hair from Gingerbeard’s beard. Willow Druid looked on horrified thinking this hair came from from else where, and quickly spread unflattering rumors. Portal Princess now distraught with embarrassment could no longer face her fury peers and sought refuge with finesse.


Princess Portal was never a fury kind of girl, she is a princess for God’s sake! Why would she ever join forces with hairy dirty lumberjacks, like the Grizzled Hunter, and Ginger Beard? Well, she didn’t, she was forced too. She was the unfortunate victim of being a classmate to the Mystic Punk, in the portal quest training academy. He, who saw her talent on the daily, did not take long before he knew it would be better to have her on his side, rather than against. On graduation night, the plan was ready. When it was the princesses’ turn to choose her aspect, the mystic punk using his magical powers move her hand away from finesse ever so gently bringing it home, to fury. The princess being rich and a teenager, did not know if that was actually what she wanted, and stuck with it. A month passed, the princess gave it her best, but she hated every aspect (no pun intended) of the primitive fury life, the exact opposite of what she was accustomed too. Not seeing any easy way out, she sent a distress letter to a old friend of her father, the very own, king’s knight, War blade. Exactly 44 days after joining fury (yes I counted), a assassin appeared from the shadows in front of her, muffled some words that no one would understand, but to the princess even a assassin was better than another day here. He grabbed his hand and off into the night they went. The sirens went off in the fury village behind her and the war cry of ginger beard got annoyingly louder as he rushed toward them. Luckily for the mission, war blade was there, to put her shield up. The assassin escaped into the night with princess in hand, the mission was a success. As for her rescue team, War blade held on versus the entire fury camp just long enough for her trusty pet the fox, to cast his slumber chord, putting them all back to sleep, and added a nice touch of unpleasant dreams.


Princess portal was angry for a while maybe even furious of her recent blunder while toying with unknown forces which caused her to teleport to portal kingdom. Now that she has calmed down she has regained her senses and as a princess must show nothing other than style while destroying her foes.

Basically what had happened was, Princess Portal is nothing more than a dadgum harlot. Yep, she was all about #teamFury while she was dating Cog, whom she of course met on a Portal Quest dating site. But now that Cog is down on his luck and having to work over time at the auto shop, she turns her wondering eyes over to his, children of the corn lookin cousin, NightStalker. She says Cog was more interested in playing with his motor than he was with paying attention to her, so she took comfort in Stalkers finesse. How awkward would holidays be now tho? Cog is so tore up about it too. Now it’s NightStalker who will be getting the “royal treatment”. So to wrap it up, this move was nothing more than a lovers quarrel that ended with one man heartbroken, and the other enjoying homemade, warm/ moist apple pie. The end



I had never really fit in with them. They were a ragged bunch, all obsessed with battle. Smashing skulls, breaking shields, shooting people, stealing, and everything bad or immoral you can possibly imagine were commonday occurances here. I would never understand the bunch of them. They called themselves Fury.

You see, I wasn’t from this world. I came to Ember through a portal that mysteriously appeared in my world one day. Well… I say I came here, but in reality I was more sucked into the portal. I’ve made it my mission to find out why I was brought here, and more importantly, how I can get back to my world. I popped up at Fury headquarters when I arrived at this world, so I had decided to join them.

But enough of my past for now, because what’s important is the present. And let me tell you, it’s not looking good. I have decided to leave Fury and have no idea where to go from here. I don’t know what to do now.

I left the alliance earlier today because of the war. The prank war. Fury loves their pranks. It’s a tradition to prank one another. Now I’ll admit, I’m not against pranking one another. In fact, I had pulled off some pretty good ones on the others in the past. There was the time I threw the live lobster into the shower with Ginger Beard… And the time when I had rigged Grizzled Hunter’s gun to shoot out confetti… Ah but I’m getting sidetracked now.

The important thing is that they had crossed the line this time. I had never thought that they would ever try to kill me…

It happened sometime earlier tonight. Everyone teamed up to pull this prank on me. Even Cogmaster, who rarely joins in on the prank war, provided his services to help pull this prank off. They had been planning this prank for quite some time you see. Mystic Punk had been gathering stolen magic while Willow Druid and Mass Destruction began to stabalize it. Then with the stabalized magic, Cogmaster and Elder Mohawk began to craft the costumes. The Hollow costumes.

The night they had all been waiting for finally arrived. The costumes were done. Everyone tried them on and they were perfect. Exact replicas of what the Hollow versions of themselves looked like.

They struck later that night, right when I was almost about to fall asleep. I saw a shadowy figure appear and screamed at the top of my lungs. The figure rushed me with his dual axes flailing around as he swung at me. The axe embedded itself into the post of my bed, barely missing my head.

I ran out of the room only to find more shadowy figures of my “friends.” I ran past them into the grand hall and slammed the doors behind me. I grabbed a nearby chair to barricade the door and started to run and hide, but I was too late. A Hollow version of Mass Destruction blew open the door ripping it to shreds.

It was at this point that I realized these shadowy figures were my friends, taken by the Hollow. I was the only one who remained. They began to surround me and I knew it was over. I was done for. But then my clothes began to get a little wet… and the lights flashed on. The figures around me were all laughing so hard tears were coming to their eyes. I looked down to see the floor covered in a yellow liquid and realized in horror that I had peed myself. Not only had they scared me witless, but they had created the ultimate nickname for me now… PP.

So yeah, maybe I was exaggerating earlier when I said that they had tried to kill me. I thought I was going to be killed, that’s for sure. But the shame brought upon me for peeing myself combined with the cruel laughs from my alliance members made my decision for me. I left Fury.

I was now without an alliance. I didn’t know my purpose or why I was even in this world to begin with! So I began to walk down the road towards the nearest town, hoping to just go with the flow and survive as I went.

As I finally arrived in town I heard an exotic voice. I turn around to see Swashbuckler emerge from the shadows and whisper, “So you left Fury huh… How about joining me in Finesse?”


I had seen this mysterious man before of course. He always seemed to be melting into the shadows, almost teleporting around. Could he be… using portals perhaps? No… surely not… I have to admit though, I was shocked. I had just left Fury and within the hour had an offer to join another alliance!

I looked the mysterious figure known as Swashbuckler straight in the eyes and said, “You know it!” This would be my new start. A new beginning. A new path to find my purpose in this world!

Without saying another word Swashbuckler nodded his head in approval and made a motion to follow him into the alleyway. We made our way throughout what seemed to be a maze of buildings all in various states of disrepair until we reached a dead end with a giant “9 ¾” painted in blue on it.

But this is the part I’ll never forget as long as I live. Without the slightest ounce of hesitation he ran straight through the wall. I was dumbfounded, just standing in place staring at a wall. After a few minutes Swashbuckler popped his head back out of the wall and said, “You coming or what?”

Deciding to trust him, I ran towards the wall… and ended up in a giant pavilion full of excitement and joy. I saw a few familiar faces around. War Blade and Light Warden, both of whom were quite good friends of mine despite our previous alliance rivalry, were sparring with each other in a corner full of training equipment. In the opposite corner Spellbinder was casting spells on all of the mismatched objects around her attempting to create a glorious work of art.

But there were a few faces I’d never seen before. A woman was… well… wandering around aimlessly, or so it seemed. There was also a fox looking creature sound asleep on a pile of mattresses.

After letting me take in all my surroundings, Swashbuckler finally said, “It’s not much, but it’s home. That wall we just passed through is nothing more than an illusion placed by Spellbinder. This is our headquarters, so we try to keep it well hidden from the other alliances.”

“I love it!” I said. “It might not be as grand as the headquarters of Fury was, but it seems to be a much more friendly and open environment here.”

It took some time for me to get accustomed to the Finesse headquarters, but it was my true home. I gradually became great friends with all my fellow ladies, and many of the others were quite friendly to me also. The other ladies would often tease me about just how friendly Swashbuckler was.

About a month or so after I had joined Finesse, Swashbuckler finally came up to me and said we needed to talk. Not now, but soon. And it had to be in private.

I went with him to a shady corner of the pavilion and asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

He replied, “Do you know why you are here?”

“Finesse?” I asked.

“No, the world of Ember.”

“No,” I replied, “but I’ve made it my purpose to find out why I was called here and just how I am supposed to get back to my homeland… People always think I’m able to summon portals at will due to my name, but in reality I’m only able to effect gravity and energy.”

He slowly lifted his head and looked at me with a sad look on his face. “Oh… well this is going to be an interesting ride for you then. You might want to hold on to me.”

I grabbed on to him and felt a weird sensation wash over me. I finally looked up to see we were at the entrance of town, right inside of a tree’s shadow.

And of course, the blasted portal that took us there closing right before my eyes. A portal that looked surprisingly similar to the one that brought me to this world.


I was furious. A small ball of gravitational energy began to form in my hand, molded by my rage toward what had just occurred. A ball that, if it were to hit anyone, would obliterate them in mere seconds. No amount of portals would save this man from my fury now.

Before I was able to send the ball of energy at him, someone embraced me and pulled me into a hug from behind. I felt a cool breeze brush against my skin. It was rather… calming. Forgetting my rage entirely I turned around to find Nightstalker and Spell Binder. As I found out later, Spell Binder had cast a calming spell upon me while Nightstalker had embraced me to prevent me from firing the ball of energy at Swashbuckler.

Once the situation had deescalated, we gathered around the tree and Swashbuckler began his story. “I wasn’t born with this cursed power.” He said. “Nor did I ever want it. All I ever wanted in life was to be happy and free to live it how I chose, not to be bound by the shackles of fate. You see, I wasn’t always a world-class duellist. I used to be an adventurer who explored all this world had to offer.”

“But the world of Ember did not offer much. I craved for more, I had a burning desire to adventure, and it could never be satisfied by this world alone. So I set out to find the Hollow’s End. Most people considered the Hollow’s End to be nothing more than a myth. ‘It is just a legend!’ they would always tell me. But after many years of searching I finally found it.”

“The legends always described the Hollow’s End as a magical weapon of unimaginable power. ‘It is a giant two handed sword!’ Some would declare. Others would say, ‘It is a bow imbued with the power of the Ember himself!’ But they were all wrong.”

“No, the Hollow’s End wasn’t a sword or a bow. It was a book. A book one was only able to read when covered in shadows and darkness. And I read the entire thing.”

“I didn’t feel any different though. In fact, I felt worse than usual now that the adrenaline of finding the Hollow’s End was wearing off. The bruises and scrapes I got from trekking through the jungle to get to this blasted temple in the first place we’re beginning to hurt quite bad. So I decided to leave the Hollow’s End and leave for my home. After all, I had no use for a book!”

“When I finally got back to the entrance of the temple though, I finally noticed it. All my scrapes and bruises were covered in a protective layer of shadow. I was utterly confused and amazed at the same time. As I began to travel back to my home I began to notice more and more oddities. It seemed almost as if the shadows were alive.”

“Over time I gradually began to realize the full extent of what that book did to me. I had extraordinary healing powers. I could hide by molding the shadows to cover me. But the one I found most useful was the ability to create a portal from shadow to shadow.”

“I finally had a way to explore more than what this world of Ember had to give me. I told Storm Wizard about my adventure and together we put ourselves into solitude within his tower to experiment with my powers.”

“After a year or so of experimenting Storm Wizard and I decided to attempt to create a portal to another world. The world of Nil. You see, long ago there were four alliances that made Ember their home: Fury, Focus, Finesse, and Faithless. The Faithless were a group of people that had no particular advantage over any alliance, but at the same time, we had no advantage over them. They were a sort of neutral aspect. And that made them dangerous.”

“The threes alliances decided to team up to expel the Faithless into a world of horrors, a world where they would not be able to return. In order to do this, they crafted the Hollow’s End. With it, they were successful in expelling the Faithless into Nil.”

“But the elders of the alliances never thought that someone would be able to find Hollow’s End again. It was something they had not accounted for because it had been locked behind the strongest of barriers and traps. When it had banished the Faithless into Nil, it had absorbed an absurd amount of darkness into itself. With my rediscovery of the Hollow’s End, I had unleashed that darkness into the world.”

“The only way we thought we could stop it was to bring back the Faithless. People don’t age in the Nil, and therefore the Faithless heroes of old would still be there. It was our only hope to solve the problem I had inadvertently caused. So we prepared the ritual and opened the portal to Nil.”

“Except something went wrong. The portal did not appear in Nil. It appeared in your world. We had no idea other worlds besides Ember and Nil even existed, but you’re living proof that they do!”

“Unfortunately, we were unable to control the portal for very long. It went haywire and began to suck in anything it could from your world, and we were barely able to close it before it became something much worse. We also lost control of the end-portal, hence why you appeared in Fury’s headquarters when you arrived in Ember.”

“I’m unable to describe my sorrow and guilt for what I have done to you Portal Princess. Nor do I know immediately how to send you back to your world. But what I do know is we need your help to fight this darkness that is threatening our world.”

He looked at me with a fire in his eyes and said, “Will you help us defend this world?”

And without hesitation I looked at his eyes full of determination and replied, “Of course! I am a Faithless after all. :wink:

Author’s Note: Thank you all so much for your support throughout this contest! This was my first time writing a story this in-depth and I’ve received wonderful feedback and love so far. You’ve all encouraged me to write more in the future, and have put confidence in me. Thank you very much. :smiley:


Her parents being zoologists, Princess Portal has never known what “Portal Quest” truly meant. She spent her first 15 years in the African jungle, home-schooled l, living life with only her parents and the animals of the wilderness. But when she leaves Africa, she has to learn the rules of portal quest, which is a jungle in and of itself. It didn’t take long before she met two sweet teenagers, Ginger and Cog. But it turns out in portal quest they are known as the “out crowd”. Soon she meets the finesse girls, consisting of Light Warden, the unofficial leader, War Blade who would do anything for Warden, Spellbinder, and Wander Woman, “one of the dumbest people you will ever meet”. As Princess spends more time with the Finesse girls, she too, begins to become on.

Basically, she joined because she was told “you can’t sit with us”.


It was a good day for Princess Portal. She smashed hundreds of back lines, struck fear into the hearts of hundreds more enemies, and collected $4.75 in spare change. However, she dreaded the nights.

She got back to the fury tavern to the same scene: Skull Buster, Cogmaster, and Ginger Beard were arguing over who could take out a front line first (and by the looks of it, they’d smashed the tavern trying to prove themselves), Grizzled Hunter was polishing his rifle, trying not kill his aspect mates. The same could not be said for Mass Destruction, who had apparently been so furious that he’d exploded several times (according to the scorch marks everywhere). Willow Druid was off with Acacia again, nowhere to be seen.

Princess Portal went to the bathroom. She washed her face and looked in the mirror. “Why am I Fury?” she asked herself. “I don’t feel furious… I feel sharp. I feel sleek. I feel–”

“Finesse?” a voice said. Princess Portal looked around wildly. “Calm down,” the voice said. “It’s Spell Binder.” As Princess Portal looked, she saw Spell Binder’s face appear in the mirror.

“You’re right. You don’t belong with these loose cannons.” Princess Portal looked out the door. Ginger Beard was chasing Mystic Punk, who had stolen his ginger ale and his dwarven pinky ring. Ginger Beard swing an axe at Punk, but he missed and hit Mass Destruction, who promptly exploded.

“You may have mad power,” Spell Binder continued, “but you have something they don’t.”

“What’s that?” Princess Portal asked.

Spell Binder looked her in the eyes. “Style.”

Princess Portal grinned.

“You are royalty. You dress to impress. Just like us. You have power but you also have the skill to make it look good.” Spell Binder’s eyes twinkled. “With our magic, we would be a dream team. Plus, I daresay it’s been difficult to be in a group full of boys.” Princess Portal looked out the room again and saw Grizzled Hunter shoot Mass Destruction, who exploded yet again.

“Join us in Finesse,” Spell Binder said. “We would love to have you.” They locked eyes. “You need to have some girl time. Plus, I know someone who’s got their eye on you…” She winked and giggled mischievously.

Princess Portal didn’t need another word. She turned the mirror into a portal and jumped through.

When Spell Binder walked out of the bathroom with Princess Portal, no one noticed at first. She looked around. Satyr Fox and Wander Woman were playing calming music, Swashbuckler was stabbing a practice dummy, Nightstalker was throwing darts, War Blade and Light Warden were comparing blades, and Highwayman was nursing his ear. Light Warden was the first to see her. She and War Blade ran over to her, swords out.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Spell Binder said. “It’s okay. She’s one of us now.”

“I’m excited to join Finesse,” Princess Portal said.

“In that case, welcome!” Light Warden exclaimed. Everyone came up and shook her hand, hugged her, and welcomed her to Finesse.

After they finished some ice breakers, Spell Binder steered her away from everyone else. “Now that introductions are over,” she said, “let’s have some fun!” They giggled.

Princess Portal was happy. She was home.


When Princess Peach decided to testify against Mario for warcrimes including but not limited to the attempted genocide of Goombas and Shyguys she never imagine the price tag it woupd come with. After countless attempts to run away with Bowser only to have him defeated once again by Mario, she finally decided to enter a witness protection program.
She changed her name to Princess Portal and sought refuge amongst the fury heros of the Portal Kingdom and thought for once she could stop running. Little did she know Mario’s agents were already amongst the fury heros. Skull Basher and Mario, it turns out, were good buddies from back in Marios outlaw Kart Club days, and when he caught wind of Princess’ deception (which took awhile because of having his skull bashed almost as many times as he had done the skull bashing) he sent word to Mario!
Princess initially sought to join the focus heros of Portal Kingdom, but they wouldn’t let her in. Something about how their aspect was too weak to fight fury and they weren’t too sure she would look good in green and blah blah… Whatever! A Princess wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything but pink or purple anyway!
Fearing she would soon be back in the clutches of Mario Princess started searching for help anywhere she could find it… Enter our new hero! Warblade! When Warblade heard of the Princess’ of Peaches and Portals’ plight she quickly grabbed Light Bringer and went in search of the Princess. Once they found her they invited her to join the Finess aspect claiming that finess could beat fury every time… and of course girls night would be way more awesome with them. Despite the unsavory characters like Highwayman and Swashbuckler, Princess decided she would give it one more shot and started filling out the paperwork in triplicate.

What happens next? Can Higwayman be trusted? Will Mario “bring it” with his fireballs? Where is Bowser? Find out these answers and more in the next major update: Supersmash Portals!


Because most peoples back lines are her and hunter most damage was coming from fury heroes. There was not alot of good dps in the form of splash damage coming from finesse. This made the fury nerfing tower in wars a must. By moving her to finesse you even the dps people out and make more strategy for which aspect your mage tower will lower. Plus it makes it so hex is more viable again do to her boost against princess. As well as you cant throw highway man in and provide a bonus for hunter cog and pp. Also she switches aspects as well as i switch guilds.


There is no need to search too far…
It’s love ! She fell in love with her biggest rival : NIGHTSTALKER… Everybody knows that throwing shuriken at princesses is a great way to meet them…or is it shiruken ? Not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Princess Portal, after spending another tiring day in the arena, decided she’d finally go to sleep. In her bedroom, the king’s advisor who was also her caretaker was at her bedside. This was a very rare occasion since the only other time she appeared in the princess’s room was after her mother died. This made her feel unsafe. The room stayed quiet until she sat down on her bed beside the caretaker.
"You need to stop this barbaric lifestyle, my princess. Your mother would’ve scolded you."
This visibly struck the princess.
"I have no other way to live, nan. What else am i supposed to do but go day by day defeating the crooks that plague the arena?"
The caretaker looks at her grimly, contemplating her next words.
“The king is in a weak physical state and will be unable to present himself at this year’s festival. The general populous needs to know the kingdom is being run smoothly and transparently.”
"Princess, I come get to ask you to resume your royal diplomacy."
The princess had given up on her studies and grieved unendingly after her mother died. But she was suddenly filled with some degree of responsibility as she heard these news.
"But how will i be able to resume being a princess if I’ve led a path of blood, fights, and destruction?"
The caretaker then smiled gently.
"I’ll teach you to be well-mannered and how to handle yourself in conversations. I’ll also teach you formalities, a princess’s typical routine, and then I’ll teach you a princess’s true aspect. Finesse. Only then will you be seen as a glorious leading power in the nation."
The princess began to smile slowly.
“Yeah, I kind of like the sound of that.”


She wants to be buffed by the mysterious Hermit

The princess had been tied down all her life by her miserable parents running the throne. She was constantly bored; and in fact rarely allowed outside of the kingdom.

One day, a handsome - but ninja like man with an 8 pack defied all odds and snuck into the Princess’s bedroom while she slept and watched her… every night. He was the NIGHTSTALKER! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

However, the Princess caught him - leaving her in disgust. His striking eyes and heavenly blond hair (AKA the fake Naruto) though were too demanding and left her in a daze. It all happened too fast and the Princess ending up bearing child.

Her parents cast her out of the kingdom for lying with a Finesse! She had nowhere else to go but to join the NIGHTSTALKER with his many other side hoes who lived with him.


The Princess woke up with a chill running threw her body, her bedroom window was wide open. She could remember closing it before she went to bed last night.
“Swash, you have 5 seconds to reveal yourself or Ill turn you into dust!” she said with a firm voice, his thick perfume had filled the room.
Swash moved out from the dark corner with a grin on his face.
“You dont scare easily he replied, how did you know it was me?”
“I could smell you from a mile away!”, princess replied
But there was another sent in the room, a girls perfume. She recognised it from the day before in the training room. Spellbinder, she thought for herself, but what do they…
Before she could finish her thought, a bright flash flew across the room. It came from Spellbinder who had been hiding behind the drapes.
“Shes in my grasp now”, she said
Swash nodded. “Lets get her out of here before the others wake up, she will be a fine addition to our squad. Summon her portal.”

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The True Bloodline of Princess Portal

Princess Portal was like any other Princess, being looked after by servants high up in a tower away from her subjects. For years she felt she did not please her family as she was so distanced from all. This was until war broke loose.

The King and Queen of the Fury House had her join the battlefield with her extraordinary powers turning the tides of every battle in to their favour. For the first time in her life she felt like her parents loved her.

This was until one day she was on the battle field and before being struck down by Hex, Warblade shielded her whilst Light Warden and Night stalker pushed back the the armies of focus for an unexplained reason.

This was the moment she realised she was not related to the bloodline of Fury but of Finesse. After the battle had calmed Night Stalker met her and spoke at length about how she had been stolen as a child from the King and Queen of the Finesse House after a prophecy had spoke of their child having immense powers.

She was simply a weapon for the King and Queen of Fury

From that moment forth Princess Portal decided to leave the House of Fury, those she saw as her family for her entire life, and return to her true family…

The House of Finesse.