Princess Portal: Aspect Boogaloo


Power. Everyone wants it, only one can have it. Princess Portal, being born into royalty, had always witnessed the greed and thirst of the people who surrounded her. SHE was the one who was blessed with such implausible power. She was always at the top before she came through the portal, and now being in the fury aspect, everyone wants to have her power. Princess Portal was not only displeased with how she was treated, but she was also disappointed by her aspect’s choices. Princess Portal was obviously face-palming when Ginger Beard attacked a hollow thinking he would cure it. Like, seriously Ginger Beard, did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast? She was embarrassed to be sorted into fury after her own team member turned into a hollow, so she snuck out one night to spy on the finesse team. She was shocked to see Spell Binder working on a cure for the hollows vigorously and felt like her heart belonged in this aspect. Seeing a diligent, intuitive team at work swayed her to believe that this is where she belonged, so she left her old life behind and became part of the finesse family. (Sorry fury, I still love you) :slight_smile:


I think that changing princess aspect is disrespecfull and heartless, because she was the only thing highwayman had going for him. Change her back! Or fix highway man so hes not useless except for his buff like ginger and hermit!


“Get out!” screamed the princess as she threw a potion at the half open door.
“Of course, milady” replied Elder Mohawk as he backed out and pulled the door behind him. But, at the last moment, he caught the princess’ eye and saw something. Actually, it was what he didn’t see that made him pause. He nudged the door open again. “Milady, are you alright?”
“I told you to get out” she barked. Mohawk remained planted in the doorway. After a moment the princess sighed heavily. “Fine, you can stay.”
“It’s not like you to give up so easily” grinned the old veteran.
“You’re right” she replied. “Ever since father died, I’ve used my fury to keep fighting. But now…” she sighed again and slumped into a chair.
“Well lass, it has been nearly 7 years. It’s understandable if the fire doesn’t burn as bright. Perhaps it’s for the best” said Mohawk. Surprised, the princess asked “you want me to stop fighting?” Mohawk chuckled.
“No milady. But to tell you the truth, your anger made you reckless at times. Now that you are a little older and wiser, maybe it’s time for a little refinement in your technique.” The princess sat silently for a moment.
“Losing father will always hurt, but I just can’t hold onto the anger like I used to. Maybe you are right, maybe a change is what I need.” she said. A smile slowly crept across her lips. “Now that you mention it, I’m sure I could use a little more finesse.”


Her butt looked big in red. The End.


She hired an uber. No more road rage, no more Fury. The time she used to spend screaming profanities at terrible drivers and poor elderly folks is now spent meditating comfortably in the back seat while listening to singing bowl music and snacking on fried pork rinds.


Princess Portal was a member of the Cult of Fury. They respected rage and destruction. Princess Portal was an calm person, never angry or destructive. Her spells may be, but she herself is not. Then one day on her daily walk, she saw Swashbuckler. He was like that of a mythological siren, luring them into the Cult of Finesse. He tried and tried and tried, but never managed to catch her. Until one day, her mind manipulation-blocking spell failed and she was captured. She was brainwashed and joined the Cult of Finesse, never knowing of what her past was. She was forever trapped within the Cult of Finesse…


Sick of people calling her names like P2W and OP, Princess Portal have decided the only way to prove her worth was to change aspect so people would realize it was her skills that got her to where she is today, not the unsophisticated Fury roughnecks others have accused her of being carried by. Only time will tell if she made the right call with Finesse instead of Focus, though.


In a recent public announcement Portal Princess addressed, what she referred to as wild and utterly untrue speculations about her alliance change, stating that she never said (in public or otherwise) that the Fury “were a ragged bunch, all obsessed with battle, smashing skulls, breaking shields, shooting people, stealing, and everything bad or immoral you can possibly imagine”.

She continued by saying that the Fury were a group of lovable hotheads that cared for each other and that she is a proud owner of the Master Pranker Prank Trophy and anything other than that is a pure lie.

Asked about all the rumors of her wild love life, including certain trending redheads, as the main reason for alliance change she just laughed and said with a briefest and tiniest mysterious glimpse in her eye, and I quote, “Pish posh!”.

The ending of this public event gave her an opportunity to demonstrate her gracious dance moves and her unique ability to maneuver seamlessly around people or objects in a smooth manner befitting the team change.

The transition did not go over without controversy as witnessed after the subsequent party to celebrate her joining the Finesse. Latest rumor from an unconfirmed source states that Portal Princess was overheard saying “the only truly fancy thing in Finesse is the Spell Binders… uhm… spellbinder.” [sic]
Reports report sightings of Swashbuckler sitting in a corner, sulking.

Princess Portal’s new “info” page, reads since this morning: “Her hobbies include bejeweling her spellbinder, writing in it with a 6-color pen and casting magic missiles”.


She has discovered that the Finesse Sex is so necessary like the furious one…it’s so simple…there’s two things that move the universe: money and sex…and being a princess, she doesn’t need money!!!


Its not shes switching camps. She is princess of al portals and poses all. Apparently she can only use one at a time.
My guess is she will do finesse for a while, than turn to focus. Maybe in the near future we can make her choose before a fight.


Princess Portal switched to finesse, because she fell in love with night stalker. The result of this relationship will be a Portal stalker or a Night princess. Waiting for the next episodes to check it out.


It was a dark and stormy night. The Princess Portal sighed, looking at herself in the mirror. Tonight was the meeting of her Alliance. They were brave, powerful heroes, and she liked and respected them–technically–but she felt she didn’t fit in among them. The quaffing, the good-natured battles that would break out over the last slice of crottled greep, the bawdy drinking songs…it was not for her.

She wondered, why was she in that alliance? She was a sorceress, not a warrior. She had honed her powers over the years, shaping her skills so she could destroy the foul enemy from a distance. She longed for the companionship of her fellow magic users. She longed for intelligent conversation about her craft, not debates on who was the best weapons repair blacksmith in town.

She was a relative newcomer, and had asked for aid when she had first arrived. Where could she go to best make use of her mighty powers to fight the good battle? The answer had been to go to the guild hall with the green symbol, and she had.


Had she made a mistake?

She had not mentioned that she was color blind.


Princess was always a finesse hero, but following the tragic passing of her good friend Harambe, she was enraged. Now that the memes have stopped, her fury has passed and she is back to her old self.


Because she like-uh Naruto.


In the world where the princess was born, people were quickly frightened by her magical power since the first manifestations during her childhood.
Then she had been locked up even before she had not caused any serious damage.
When years later she escaped, she avenged herself of those who had decided to condemn her just for her difference.
Her fury did not go down when even more people got up for this time to kill her.

That is why the portal princess escaped into another world.
It was to get away the time to have means and a plan to finally receive the respect due to her on her return. Anyway, that’s what she thought.

It is in our world that she has met people with such astonishing skills as her own and these people do not judge her.
Now she does not want to return to her original world.
Now she prefers to always show more finess in the mastery of her magic, for the congratulations and admiration of the people of this world is what makes her happy.
This world she now considers as her home.


Ginger Beard cut through the underbrush with a swing of his dual axes. Princess portal was close behind followed by Storm Wizard and the Forest Hermit. Swashbuckler was off to the right, cloaked in shadow and gliding through the terrain. They had been fighting hollow for almost 2 hours, but thanks to Storm Wizard their injuries were nearly nonexistent. “What the h-auuuuugh!” Swashbuckler’s pained voice rang through the quiet forest.

“Jimmy?!” The princess called. Swashbuckler hated his real name, but she didn’t care right now. Ginger Beard charged forward cutting madly through trees to get to Jimmy, the back line heroes in close pursuit. They caught up to Jimmy, his body laying in the dirt with several arrows sticking out of his back.

“Arrows? But I don’t see any hollow so who attacked him?” Storm Wizard asked, mostly to himself, as he yanked out the arrows and cast his most powerful heal spell. The other had nicknamed it the Healvalanche. Ginger Beard, Princess Portal, and Forest Hermit were spread out in a defensive position with the injured Jimmy behind them. Storm Wizard finished casting Healvalanche.

Jimmy slowly pushed himself up and spat out a clump of dirt. He looked around and saw his friends then panicked. “Guys you need to run now! It’s a trap!” Ginger Beard had barley turned around and opened his mouth when hollow dropped from the trees.

Jimmy dove out of the way three hollow came down on top of where he was. Storm Wizard leapt onto a small storm of conjured clouds and began to rain lightning down on the poor fools who dared ambush them. Ginger Beard cut hollow after hollow in half while protecting Princess and Forest Hermit, while the former threw out exploding bouncy balls of death and latter cast magical shields. Oddly enough the hollow attacking the Princess felt different. There was a lack of mindless killing intent. She didn’t care at the time, it only made it easier to wipe them out. The fight was looking up, for a time.

Forest Hermit went down first, a hollow with a massive club sent him flying with a brutal swing of his club. He crashed through a tree, bark went flying everywhere. Ginger Beard went down next, while his swings had gotten faster and faster, the combined might of the injuries he had sustained brought him down. Before Storm Wizard could gather enough energy to bring his allies back into the fight, two hollow jumped down from above and smashed him into the dirt. Only Jimmy and Princess remained.

Jimmy called over his shoulder “Sophie run, I can’t hold them off much longer, I am not built for front line tanking you know that!”

“No! I’m not leaving my friends!” She spat. She began to cast with both hands, firing two spells at once every cast. Her efforts were futile. A dark bolt of eldritch energy slammed into her from behind. Soon after Jimmy the Swashbuckler was swiftly brought down by the hollow horde. The hollow holding Ginger Beard, Storm Wizard, Forest Hermit, and Jimmy forced them to look up. A cloaked figure had appeared. They gently picked up the Princess, treating her with the utmost care, and the Hollow let him. The Hollow let him.

“You put Sophie down you bastard!” Ginger Beard yelled.

“Kind of hypocritical, you calling someone else a bastard.” A soft female voice replied. The cloaked figure removed her hood. The woman was older than Sophie, maybe eight years her senior. Thirty-two to her Twenty-four.

“Evelyn?!” Ginger Beard gasped in horror. “Why are you working with the Hollow?!”

“That doesn’t really matter right now does it? What matters is I have what I came for.” She turned towards the Hollow. “When I leave, let them go.” A purple vortex opened into the air and Evelyn stepped into it, Princes Portal carried bridal style in her arms.

“No!” Ginger Beard screamed into the heavens.

At the base camp several months later, the heroes were sitting around a massive table. “Still no sign in the eastern forest?” War Blade asked.

“No nothing.” Feral Brute replied.

“We have to keep searching for her-” War Blade was cut off by the subject of their discussion being warped onto the table. Sophie had been returned.

“Medic!” Someone yelled. They all scrambled to get her to the medical tent. Several hours went by, Storm Wizard and the other healers looked over Sophie. They came out of the tent and faced the anxious crowd of heroes. Their expressions were grim.

“Externally she is fine…” One healer started, but he couldn’t bring himself to say what had happened.

“But what?” Jimmy the Swashbuckler asked.

“Her aspect… has been changed, it looks like the process was gradual, but we aren’t sure.”

“What do you mean her aspect has been changed?” Elder Mohawk demanded.

“She is a finesse hero now.” The crowd was stunned into silence by that revelation.


Ever since the Princess entered the world of Ember through her portal, she was confused and furious. Each night she would sit by her window and ask herself the same question. Why would my beloved prince trick me in such a way, sending me to this land of turmoil the day before our marriage? Consequently, each night she was filled with rage, she was filled with Fury.

One day she could bare it no longer. She smashed her window with her magic missile and set out to find Forest Hermit. She was certain he would have answers for her. Princess Portal found Forest Hermit sitting under a tree, meditating. “Forest Hermit!” She exclaimed. “I heard you might be able to help me.” Princess Portal explained everything to him in hopes he could get answers through his meditation. She waited for what seemed like hours but Forest Hermit could not see any of her homeland in his visions.

Princess Portal lashed out in anger at Forest Hermit. How dare he not try hard enough! Her misses rained from the sky until day turned into night and night turned back into day, a constant barrage of seemingly endless fury. After it was all over Forest Hermit was at the bottom of a large crater, unmoving. Princess Portal instantly regretted her actions. She had killed her only friend because she could not control her own Fury.

“I vow to never use Fury again.” She said. With a smile on her face Spell binder stepped out of the bushes and casted redemption on forest hermit, saving him.

“Great, you should join us.” Spell Binder replied.


Princess went to a party, must have taken to many pills or drank to much. Woke up in the arms of Nightstalker. Only way to be with him was to change factions. Bad Girl.


Nice one! I like the story! Good work


Gj Fox. That is a pretty thorough and concise assessment of our exact thought process around the change… Not so much a story tho. Still…gets my vote for robotic accuracy.