Problem in Epic dungeon


I have had multiple freezes against Panther Stalker in dungeon. The game freezes and I have to close the app and re-open it and go back to dungeon take off fast forward and do this process 3 or 4 times to get thru the level. This is very very frustrating I spend A LOT of time and MONEY (over $1,500 in the past year) on this game and it has major glitches all the time. Can something be done to resolve this problem asap. I am frustrated to the point of maybe quitting this game at least not EVER waist any more money on a game that is always broken!!! I dont understand why Pather Stalker skills are activated for defense in dungeon but not for the players when his skills are BROKEN!!!


On level 33 and I cant get past this fight I’ve restarted the game 15 times still not working this is f@(%!~@ stupid!!!


Show me your team your using
I’ve had the panther bug so many times
I can advise how to win without it buggering up :wink:



Might have to manually fight the panther ones…
Possession hero’s trigger the bug for me… But you don’t have any :thinking:
Gonna have to manual just to see if they still trigger the bug or not
That’s weird and yeah I agree that enemy panther skills still are active


Maybe Serpent’s white or blue skills do something weird to Panther



Still doesnt work I never proced serpent


I guess it’s his blue then. Panther’s purple passing off all damage and Serpent’s blue passing off half damage must be something that the game can’t resolve.


I am having the same problem. I am running Cog, Dragoon, Twins, Snake, and Pony. My game does not crash but it slows down to a crawl until Panther is dead. It starts happening after Dragoon spins his lance.