Promotion cancelled in tournament


Anyone else had a tournament DISPLAYING promotion and wasted time and diamonds to finish first only to have the promotion canceled on you at the end of the tournament despite you being first?


A glitch? Nooo, say it ain’t so


Yup a glitch it appears and support is proving to be quite useless saying that they don’t do promo unless there is 10 guys in the pool . That does not change the fact that I wasted my time diamonds finding the best teams to defeat my opponents which are the hardest on the server and fiercest competitors only to have the promo taken away from me… I don’t know if there were 9 or 10 but that is beside the point it displayed one to be promoted. I dont waste my time n diamonds when there is no promo…


It does happen, unfortunately. It has something to do with how many are in the level above you or something.

It doesn’t happen to me ever, as I am an underachiever.


There were 2 guys only in the level above…


That was probably it.


Horrible customer service. They gave me 10% of what I wasted on their mistake as a compensation… I complained that it was merely 10% and the dude kept closing my ticket. I hope they are not holding their breath for me buying another of their packages


Was it Elliot lol?


I had a recent ticket closed a few times without the issue being resolved. I was told it was resolved because they were looking into it. When asked if my issue was resolved, I said no. The customer support person told me that it was resolved, but I just didn’t like the answer. I’m pretty sure an answer comes around when one has actually figured out the solution not when they say they are looking into it.

Just wanted you to know, it happens to other people, too.


Still it is bad practice to close a ticket without resolving the issue.