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I made a purchase two times and still not getting what I paid for where are my Stamina I’m supposed to receive my Vip’s that I’m supposed to receive every day I don’t see them I’m getting what my group are getting but not what I paid for

This deal, at the top?

That gives you diamonds and VIP instantly.

Then another 120 diamonds for 30 days (no more VIP. Just 120 diamonds.)

If you mean that?

It’s in there.
I’ve claimed mine today, as you can see.
It’s easy not to realise that’s where it is.

If you’re talking about something else , I have no idea what you mean. As that sounds the nearest thing to your vague description.

This is what I’m talking about

That is exactly what I am talking about too.

If you feel they didn’t come , post a ticket in game , on the support button.

But look at my screenshot, and check you don’t have it in your daily quests screen…

You can see I have the 120 diamonds a day deal.
And that I haven’t bought the 480 diamonds a day deal.

Send your screenshot of your daily quest page? :slight_smile:

Its not my daily buys it should be under my items or my mail. When I make a purchase it all was comes under my mail and then goes to my items,…I showed you my purchases I made I screen shot it to you and it came for management so I really don’t understand why u can comprehend what I am saying

No matter what the problem. You need to send in a ticket. That is the best and probably only way you can be helped.

One of the screenshots you sent was for the daily deal. Which would show up in your daily rewards menu.

The other was a straight sack of diamonds purchase which adds itself automatically to your diamonds total.

Neither of these things would show up in your mailbox.
Though if the sack of diamonds purchase had another deal stacked with it at the time of purchase that should show in your mailbox.


Thank you @Reveille

Now I remember why I don’t try and help people

I did not mean any malice toward you I thought you were management so I’m sorry if I offended you in any way was not my attention I appreciate you and THANK YOU for all your help and input :sparkling_heart:

Can you continue to help me please…How do you make up a ticket

Click on your avatar (upper left side)
Then you will see this:


Click support
If you haven’t submitted a ticket until now, here are the steps:

If the given answer is not satisfying, you can then click on the message icon in the upper right corner :smirk:


Thank you @Marchioness_Dane
I hadn’t seen this response.

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I blame Bob

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