Purchased Epic Chest


I recently purchased a deal which included Epic Chests on S10. The chest requires three epic keys to open but so far it only drops a single item. I only opened five chests before I stopped. I got two pieces of low gear, a single silver nugget, and a single totem shard. Is this really working correctly?? Three epic keys for such minimal drops?

Epic loot you got there buddy
Lucky you

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Mine gave me similar loot so I only opened 2. Hoping to wait and use them later and get better stuff.

That is ridiculous.
There is something seriously wrong here. I have never seen those chests before on S1. But I would expect that they should contain a hell of a lot better stuff than what you got.
Considering you purchased these as well, it is not right at all. Anyone who purchased these chests should be refunded or compensated.

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This was compensated!

Ooooo :slight_smile:

I also purchased this deal luckily did not open it before I was told of the horrible contents. Is there a fix going in for these chests and for those who did open them are they getting fairly compensated? @Polaris

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