Purple + 3 items


Was hoping we could get a list together of p3 items and the pieces it takes to make them. I know you can look at the gear you need, but the components of each item aren’t shown. Would make much easier when gearing heroes

Fencing Gizmo - 2 Windmills ( made by 2 dungeon boss swords (5 shards for each scroll) each)
Manticorpse - 50 Manticorpse shards
Ctsphinx Jar - Ctsphinx scroll (50 shards), Bee Staff, Elven Last Resort
Ninja Spinner - 50 Ninja Spinner Shards
Candlestabra - Candlestabra scroll (50 shards) , Fairy Fern
Waterskin Canteen - Waterskin scroll (50? Shards), dwarven shield, festive vest
Shell of Gam’rah - Gam’rah scroll (50 shards)


Bruh u are asking for too much :stuck_out_tongue: name some and i can give you the recepie. Not all tho ^.^


A bunch of these makes the purpelino item. Nothing else needed


50 scraps of mantle juice


50 scraps of the jar is needed


Ninja spinners. Pure scrap farm.
50 ninja spinners


50 plus 50 scraps


The double sling shot item need 50x2 sling shoot scraps.

I know. It sucks.


Bag of goat leather for water supply needs the above.

I made up the names. Hope u dont mind. If u need any other let me know. Lol


You are the absolute champ haha. Thank you very much, but I wasn’t saying it just for me. I wanted to make a list because I’m sure that everyone could use it to help. Going to update my main post with the items you posted probably by tomorrow, and will continue to update


Yea i know. I have been in those spots where i needed the recepies to farm ^.^ might continue the rest later haha



I’m not particularly fond of the increase in stamina costs along With the increase in number of scraps. @Sticker_Warchief could probably break it down, where I do not have the patience to; but 50 to150 scraps for some items now at a raid cost of 10 stamina? What ever happened to 8 stamina or 6 stamina?

Update 1.7 Patch Notes

Dungeoneering is the new scrap farm meta :stuck_out_tongue:


I completely agree, I saw the stamina raise coming but the amount of 50 shard items is ridiculous


At least they’re not 100 shard items :frowning:


I’d be fine with the current campaign if dungeon is a viable alternative to campaign grinding. Should go hand in hand with torch drops. My issue is that dungeon is still not viable and Boss drops are hugely disappointing.

All purple scraps should be obtainable through dungeon imo and there needs to be a fix with Boss drops because 1 purple scrap is pretty much useless.

Jackpot chests can give full purple gear but they’re already rare as it is (doubling the drop rate of them sounds like a larger increase than it is.) I would have no problem with the new campaign cost if the new purple gear heroes needed didnt increase by 100% or even 150% for some.


I think the thought process with Boss drops is that 1 scrap is > 0 scraps.

Well, the 50 to 150 is really a different issue than the increase in stamina cost. I think previous promotions actually had similar amounts of purples required, but let’s look at the expected cost for 10 stamina vs 8.

I haven’t bothered to record runs in PQ, but in DS the drop rate was somewhere in the 20-25% range for the right-most item (or newest). Assuming that is still the case here (and brief anecdotal experience corroborates this), then you’d expect to spend the following stamina for items:

50 scrap @ 8 stam: 218 raids, 1744 stamina
50 scraps @ 10 stam: 218 raids, 2180 stamina - an extra 436 (less than 4 stamina buys or roughly what one earns for free in a single day)

100 scraps @ 8 stam: 435 raids, 3480 stamina
100 scraps @ 10 stam: 435 raids, 4350 stamina - an extra 870 (roughly 7 stam buys or an extra 2 days of free stam)

150 scraps @ 8 stam: 653 raids, 5224 stamina
150 scraps @ 10 stam: 653 raids, 6530 stamina - an extra 1106 (roughly 9 stam buys or an extra 3 days of free stam)

If each hero has 1 purple item from the 10 stam area and you need to upgrade 15 heroes, that’s an extra 6,540 stamina required. If you upgrade all 32 heroes and each one takes just 1 item, that’s an extra 13,952 stamina. That’s 29 days worth of free stamina.


I think you were scared you would chase a few away.
Please, how many Adult Sling shot gear do we need for p3.
And how many childs slungshot gear do we need o creat 1 adult.
Ty in advance.