Quality of Life Ideas?

Maybe for next cap raise and update, could we possibly get a “Promote All” button? :grin:
Or any other kind of “All” buttons that can make upgrading faster and easier. :grin::grin:


There’s only 100 heroes.

Not that many clicks…
Oh… Wait…

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1 - Reverse the order for the Raid Log in Fortress. Or allow to flip via a button. It would be preferred to see the latest raid at the top.

When you have 300 or more fights to scroll through it’s somewhat painful. Our crew tries not to nab someone else’s recent clean considering that person is likely to take their own clean. This is especially true when they’re working on their stars. The protocol changes somewhat when clock is running low or we’re finishing off the last 100 points or so.

Either way, being able to more quickly scan the raid that happened most recently would be a big help.

2 - Custom sort or filtering of toons.

Given that we have metas and defensive lines amongst 50-100 toons, it would be great if we could float the ones we focus on to the top.

3 - Tap top of screen to scroll to the top of scrolling area.

I can’t recall if this behaves the same way on Android, but on iOS you can tap the top area and your scrolling jumps to the top.

Thinking of the Arena as a good place for this to be implemented.

4 - Lifetime stats.

It would be really cool (and embarrassing) to see what we’ve spent (not real money, but in-game currency) or what we’ve accumulated for the life of our account.


  • How may chests of type x we’ve opened
  • How much gold/diamonds we’ve spent
  • How many shards we’ve collected
  • How many arena battles we’ve played
  • How many fortress flags we’ve claimed

You get the idea.


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