Queen Bruja - Honor

Need help, no idea wich honor class I should choose ^^ and there’s just nobody in my guild or war or tournament to check her out :thinking:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Edit: I was thinking warlord, cause she has a stationary blue skill?

I was thinking the same though I haven’t done enough with her to be a good judge.

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I thought the same, and mine is warlord.

Because she isn’t meta yet, most out there are warlock and five blue crystals for power ranking only

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Warlord is the honor class wanted. Extra attack with Fury allies, 20% Critical Hit chance per Finesse Ally, and 50/100 Energy per Focus. + additionals damage added from Epic… It’s a full enemy team attack. So with Warlord. The additional 10k Attack per 1/3 charge, along with the 10% Life Steal. All that damage… I’d figure it’s 10%/100% of the damage dealt to each enemy individually. Not the total damage added together collectively. With the 3/3 Warlord charges… The 30k Added attack, and 30% Life Steal… Attack Stat effects the Epic skills??? +(this amount) damage. The extra it does when it hits Tank classes, ####+(this amount) as well as the ###+(this amount). That reduces Damage Heroes Attack Stat. The first damage total that’s orange in color. That’s the skills or effects base damage total. It can only be effected by that skill being raised in level. The secondary damage total amount… That’s in yellow and surrounded by brackets. +(00000). That total isn’t your heroes base damage for that skill. It’s the additional damage amount that can only be altered by your heroes Attack Stat/Attribute being increased. Queen Bruja… Warlord is the wanted Honor Class. Noob, Soul Phenoix, Exalted (middle slot). Queen Bruja (Left) Familiar (Right). Crusade Blockbuster… Np

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