Question about guild mergers


Now i know the basics of a merger but there is one question i don’t see an answer too.

What happens to the guild perks one guild gets when i merges with another guild?

Cant find answer anywhere


They go bye-bye

When merging guilds …
Screen shot what perks they have.
Go to the one with the most.


I don’t know if you fully understand what a guild merge means

When your guild merges with another guild
Either half and half from each guild join the most powerful one
or 1 guild is the superior while the other is the recruiting/sister guild

That means the leaders who are doing the merge, chooses one of their guild either yours or his (mostly whoever has the most or best perks/upgrades/rank)

So if your guild merges into another guild, were you guys to half and half, then it’s the guild you merged into that has all the current perks unlocked

So, the perks doesn’t change when you do a merge
Because you can’t merge 2 guilds together, (guild merging is just a word, but not actually doing it)


In terms of merges you have a Server Merge which is when PB takes all the accounts and Guilds from one server and puts them into another. Here the original Guilds and the Merged Guilds live side by side. You have account merges which is taking as much stuff as PB allows from one of your accounts and combines it with the stuff from another of your accounts. A “Guild Merge” is not something I believe PB actually does, it’s something your Guild and another Guild workout on their own.


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