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What is double Stamina recharge and how do you use it

You click on it and then click use :slight_smile:

It’s an item which will recharge your stamina twice as fast for X amount of time

Well mine isn’t working I clicked on it and I have No Stamina

The Stamina recharge items are consumables that last 24 hours, they don’t give Stamina Directly. Stamina generates overtime, about 1 per 5 minutes I think. Using those items reduces the amount of time it takes for your stamina to generate. The amount of the reduction is based on the type of stamina recharge you have. So Double Stamina recharge halves the amount of time it takes to generate 1 stamina


Ok I think I got it so instead of getting 1 point if it says I get 2x then it just gives me more than I would have then just my regular points

Well maybe not cause I just received my Stamina for 9:00 and I only received 60 not the 2x


You generate 1 stamina every 5 minutes. Using a Double Stamina recharge item means you generate 1 stamina every 2.5 minutes instead. In Dane’s Screenshot the Time to Full goes from 13hrs down to 6hrs instead

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May only also generate if you are under your current stamina cap.
Don’t think it will give anything if you are 225/225.

Of course not… It’s an item for faster stamina generation, not for you to get endless stamina after activating it… If your max is reached, it won’t generate more, so you have to use it up!

Ok so if I have 234/135 It won’t give me any more until I use them up?

Because Right now I’m using the 4x and it hasn’t given me any more I’m at 234 it been like that for a couple of hours now I thought something was wrong with it so I guess I better use it now before my time is up WOW they should explain that in the App smh🙄

That’s a good idea :joy:

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