Question on upcoming guild contest


The points in this next guild contest for crusade wins: if u have tickets to auto-collect all crusade booty, will using on earn the points for the guild equivalent to winning all 15 rounds? Or do u need to fight each round manually to earn the points for each?


I can’t answer that, but this contest in general ain’t it.

I applaud changing things up, but none of this going to go well for any guild that isn’t made up entirely of people who have poured hundreds of dollars into this game.


Good question
I was assuming that it had to be run through manually and if we don’t hear otherwise will just proceed as if that’s the case but it would be nice to know :slight_smile:


Raiding doesn’t count for contest points.


I would hope that it would be Manuel. Otherwise it’s an advantage to some.
Also feel it’s a tad unfair to newer guilds or players who don’t have siren or phoenix yet…as thy are the most recent to server 8…
Or those in arenas where you already struggle to get a win let alone get in top 5.( I’m in plat 2 and struggle to get a win at all… rank 70…)
I have all hero’s. But sizzle and siren not great use as not been them out. Again. New hero’s to us.

Not a fan of this contest.

Only.seems to benefit full decent guilds or top guilds. But! Let’s see tomorrow.


One thing you can do if you’re not working on promoting is drop your defenses now (and even during the contest) so that you go to the bottom of your current Arena. Some of the folks at the bottom might be easier to beat during the contest

The fact that there are points awarded for any win regardless of whether you’ve got the new heroes makes it seem pretty doable to at least get the progress rewards and at least to me, those are what’s important anyway :slight_smile:


Imo I or we shouldn’t have to resort to dropping rank to to contest…
It messes up arena afterwards.


Nobody has to do anything. It’s a contest. You don’t have to do anything with it at all if you don’t want to.
It’s a way to get points easily if you’re concerned about points. You seemed concerned.

I’m curious to know what you mean by "messes up arena"
Everyone who doesn’t promote/demote will be in the same Arena on Monday that they are in now. The same people who are at the top of it now will be at the top of it then. The only actual result is that different people might be at the top of it for 3 days and some folks will get slightly different rewards in their mailbox during that time.

If you’re not actively promoting it doesn’t Really matter where you are in your arena bracket. 6 (2 if you’re in Plat1) is functionally the same as 70.


OK a few questions to be asked here are. If you have Crystal Cleric and Marrow King in your arena defense would it be a battle win if they defended in Arena? Also if you have them both in your fortress line together will it counts each of them as a win or just one of them?


The way the Scoring screen is showing I’d guess you’d get points for winning and extra points for having the specific hero or heroes so ya if you have both present you’d get points for both. I’d imagine winning a defense would not count, you’d have to win the attack.


Fight manual… You have to battle to win…
Raid doesn’t count as a win


If both heros are used…

Its 1 fortress win
1 of each hero scores a win in that one fight too.
Or use them in seperate fights to get a bigger score

1 fight is 4k plus 1 hero makes 8k total
1 fight + 2 heros makes 12k

2 fights with 1 hero each fight makes 16k


It’s difficult for F2p players to help at all, if you ask me. Seems like one of the heroes is always the newest one on the server. In higher ranks it is super difficult to have more than your best 5 maxed if you just don’t have money to spend. Not considering trying to max one of the new ones.

( and I know, I know, git gud, but honestly, if you’re studying and have to pay student fees, there is just no money left to spend on games like these…)


Just fight Arena and Fortress as normal and you’ll be plenty helpful. You’ll still be earning a worthwhile amount of points


F2p player here. Not hard to contribute at all. I have cleric at 3 star and can use her in Challenger already.

Am I going to use diamonds and fight nonstop in arena? No but I can get my 5 wins daily, use those heros as mercenaries in fortress and go through crusade daily.

I’ll probably be a top contributer in an open easy going guild that will finish in the top 1%.


Why defense on arena will not give you points even if you have Cleric and Marrow on your line. @Polaris


In my platinum i put in a 1 man line to help others.


S8 that is


That’s a good idea :grin:

Just make sure that you don’t drop out :wink:


It’s manual which means you lose your raid tokens which is a bit rubbish.