Question on upcoming guild contest

You can always fight all 3 stages manually :wink: normal/hard/blockbuster -> 3 days

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I cannot believe how hard they made this guild contest. You need to have a full active guild to have any chance to finish. The point output vs award tiers are way too difficult.

And as stated already, very few F2P players will have those two heroes in a usable state.


Alchemist & Cleric don’t need to stay alive for points to count :wink:
Some players in arena have lowered their defenses to easy to beat line ups, maybe you can find some too :smirk:

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Lol, agreed about fighting lower enemies. The problem is that a guild with inactive players will really struggle in this contest. In other contests, a handful of people could power Brough for the benefit of everyone. That does not work in this contest without spending hoards of diamonds on resets. The nature of crusade, arena and fortress is that there is a daily attack cap.

Don’t get me wrong…I like the idea of getting more people involved. But this one is brutally difficult for smaller or less active guilds.

Not even 10 guilds can finish the contest :joy:


I disagree.
We’re ending in the top 5% and cleared all 5 progress rewards on Server 1
We have 26 members of which only 11 are folks I would define as seriously active and 8 that I would call mostly inactive. The rest are just pretty casual. I’d say about a 3rd of us are FTP.

It took resources and coordination but was clearly achievable.
I would have been happy with just the 3rd Progress Tier honestly but my guys were determined.

I disagree with you, here on s10 only the top 3 guilds were able to hit all progress rewards. My guild is full, we finished 5th and only hit 3 tiers

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35 guilds made it on server 1. That is after we all played havoc with arena, so we could make out the use of cleric and marrow.

Especially after seeing the results on server 10, this guild challenge was clearly overly difficult.

I love seeing new challenge types. Please take the results of this guild challenge into consideration when designing the next unique challenge. I contend that MOST guilds should be able to complete all 5 steps with some work and coordination. The rank rewards are there for those who go above and beyond, but the tiers should be accessible. Please make sure the 5 steps are achievable for most. There is nothing more demoralizing than realizing your team has no chance.

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There were a few quality lines using both heros that would easily take down any 5 hero set up :slightly_smiling_face: just saying :sunglasses:

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Per blue have already stated the scoring will be different next time, aaaannnndddd they will change the heroes used.

16 guilds made it on S9.
That’s up to 540 players

Impressed with everyone that took part in the super guild.
Thank you again :slight_smile:

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