Questionaire : Why do we only have 4 warlines?

With more or less 110 leveled toons in most players libraries - why are we limited to 4 defensive war teams, with 20 toons in total?
Why are there no options for 4 vs 4 or 6 vs 6 etc?
Why does the newest toon have to end up at the bottom after being bought? Scrolling down 110 toons is gettin stupid! (Same goes for the tournament, too much scrolling!)
Why did many of us fill out a long questionaire about the horrible current shops - while seeing very limited improvements on that, or basically anything in the game?
Why is there no ‘short descriptions option’ for all the too long skill-descriptions?
Why is there no toon ‘search engine’ with options to search by skill, or attack power, or all the other options here?
Why are the toons’ skills soo far away while fx doing dungeon and one has to descide which crystals?
Why are the older toons not being looked at, made usefull again, improved, scaled better?
Why are the stats and skills of the toons not visible on first page without ALWAYS having to scroll down a bit?

I’m not really looking for anwers with this post… Just some feedback I guess


Why weren’t you around 2 years ago when questions like yours mattered and had possibilities of being acknowledged and resolved?


Because all the developers time has been pulled onto the next three or four games (and those are only the ones we know about!) since this one.

So now it’s chapter , rarity , hero , levels until we spend so little that the money in isn’t worth the time they spend making that little bit of content.

I’ve had several more posts like these over the past years, full of ideas and question about why nothing appart from war has ever changed, nor improved…

And you know what, your kind of answer was there back than also… In fact, there is always a clever person saying it’s too late, or that noone is listening, or that is has been suggested before.

So (SENSORED) you very much PB - for not giving a (SENSORED) about your own community!!!

They do care about their community.
For their newer games.

While this was the latest game, they listened and listened hard.
Changed things and really cared.

Then Disney Heroes came out.
It’s profits make this game look like penny change.
Unsurprisingly, they started listening and spending more time working on that.

The war shuffle was the last great reinvention
The discord server leader chat has gone.
99% of communication is one way, and any coming back is in support tickets, or private message, or the smallest, most generic one line forum response.

Then they released Puzzle Force.
And started working on the two games after, that we know about.
And the others that we don’t.
This is just their android games, by the way.
I have never paid any attention to any other platforms.

Thanks for your great explenation and insight in the history of this game. But… It’s the future I’m interested in… Because there are, perhaps only a few of PB’s, still working on this game, providing mainly new toons, and an update where 90% has become the shuffling of toons in the shop, which noone cares about, and, not to forget borders, emoti’s and the skins.

I am reading all over the place that the future of this game hardly exists, which is sad, because I care… And I spend some money every now and than, which I feel now hardly provides me anyting in return…

So PB, plz let me know if you are planning on letting the game slip away? Or if there is actually some sort of PB future prospective, that includes this game, and that provides some sort of evolving and improving and some communication with the community?

@OhRlyeh @Polaris @Samm @Hawknet


Just, please.

This once.
Break this wall of silence that you have put up between yourselves and your portal quest players.

We all believe that war shakeup was the last great reinvention of this great game.

All these months later…
We are still here.
We are still playing.

No one is expecting new things.
Heck, the gold rarity new ability was the ability to dual class for Cornette’s sake!

Put this poor ambienx out of their misery.

Yes / No time:

  1. Portal Quest is going to be roughly monthly chapter cap rarity updates, until it’s no longer financially viable?

  2. There are no new game modes in production for PQ?

  3. There are no major tweaks to current modes in production for PQ?

  4. There are no plans to reopen the discord leader chat server?

  5. There are no plans to actually have any maintained and regular meaningful dialogue in this forum, or anywhere else public for PQ?

See… This is why I miss the leader chat.
These lists would be answered.
Usually honestly (unless it was SPOILERS territory!)

For old times sake , per blue.
Pretend we’re on discord.

Place your bets:

  • Just a few yes or no answers
  • Radio silence
  • A politician-esque answer that avoids the questions asked

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I can’t tick all three boxes :frowning:

The sad thing is we pretty much already know the answers (see my previous posts).

But per blue would fear that actually giving a straight answer in this open forum could cause some people to stop playing.

Mind you, if you are playing PQ expecting there to be big changes at this point…

Searches for Wade Barrett gif

Yes, we care about the game, and we still have a dedicated team working on new chapters, heroes, and game stability and efficiency. No, we don’t have plans for any new game modes - the game’s in a good state and we’re not looking to make any dramatic changes.

We’re not shutting the game down, and we’re planning to keep expanding the story and hero roster, so no sad eulogy - we’re still here for the long haul.


Ducks and covers

Thank you for your actual response.
I appreciate that it was the closest thing we could get, and I’m pretty sure it answers @Ambianx concerns for the future of the game.

Bug fixes and new monthly story chapters.
Until we stop putting 50p in the meter.

Why didn’t I ask about server merges or chances to consolidate accounts on server one?

Amazing @polaris ! Your reply was longed for by many, and it’s intensly appreciated!

… But Like Pixy, my exitement and myself have set my mind on something more… Yes - More warlines!! - because there are so many good combinations now! It hurts my eyes when so many quality trios and duo’s get neglected , and yes, the morale of my entire team is suffering, because 90 toons are sitting on the bench, despite the fact that they are warready, all of them!

You can only agree thats its a bit cheap, right, to only see 20 toons in action, considering we have 110 now!

So nothing major - just double the warlines - it will get alot of new players in also - I’m sure - and the coding should be a piece of eaze for u guys by now, right?

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Some convenient enhancements would be appreciated though. Like sorting/organizing Essences, using the Rewards option in Perks, more War Lines, unlimited guild script donations…

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