Questions on War

Do these upgrades apply to all Towers? Or only Mage Tower s

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The mods apply to your field as long as the tower they’re attached to is standing.

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Okay so for example if “Middle Tier 1 Tower is still standing which is linked to the Suppression Mage Tower.” The entire battifield or each tower has this effect on enemies/attackers?

The mage towers are the only towers with mods. So to remove a mod from the field the attacker would have to take out the mage tower it is equipped on.

All towers show a summary of currently active mods in the top right corner.
You can match the symbol in that summary to the one on each tower if you’ve forgotten what mod is attached to what mage tower


Can we only use one perk at a time in the towers? And is there a benefit to spending perks to reach the max? Or is it a waste?

If you’re short on Influence pick the mods you like and do those first. If you don’t have a mod active there’s not much point in dropping influence on it.

You can (and should) equip mods to both the Rook and Knight Mage towers. The Lord Mage is driven by Portal Lords.

Theres some good info in the war screen on this stuff. Go into the war map and tap the little “i” at the top next to your score.

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