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Having 2 queue for war buttons is ridiculous and counter intuitive. Have 1 damn button that only leaders or commanders can access that says Queued (or as the case may be, Not Queued). Plain and straight forward. We just lost 3rd and dropped to 6th because someone thought hitting the “Queue for War” button would be helpful since we all knew we had to finish all wars this season. And who can blame him since ‘Queue for war’ should mean ‘queue for war’ :rofl::rofl: and not ‘Queue for this war but not the next one’. Fml, we worked our asses off for 2 months and PBs system still screwed us in the end. What a right piss off.

Don’t really understand why it’s PB’s fault?

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《Queue reply from Pixi》:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Why do they need 2 queue buttons?

Why have one that only queues for one war?

Why have a system where I have to make everyone a WC so they can draw points (and possibly make mistakes such as this) and thereby let everyone still have lives rather than live in the game waiting to doll out points?

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I agree with Blue. There should be only one button for queuing for war. It shouldn’t be complicated!


The Queue button is one issue. Easily resolved by PQ.

Another issue Blue mentioned is making members war chief so they have access to AP. Yes it does speed up the point doling process. However, another problem is created. Members holding points. Please allow Leaders and Commanders ability to retrieve AP from members. Losing a war due to points being held is frustrating.

Thank you for your help in resolving these problems.g


I don’t queue for war.
I didnt know there were two.

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These 2 queue options have different functions. If you use the one on the war map ostensibly you remain queued even though the one in war log will indicate that you are NOT queued. But if you tap the one in the log, and don’t retap the one on the wap, you are only queued for 1 war.

Make sense?

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Ehm what? That would explain some of the ‘skipped’ wars I’ve had

Given it says “queue for next” I would understand that button being a queue for one war button, yes.

Kick, demote, enforce rules. PB didn’t listen then, so why would they now? Enforce the rules and punish if they don’t follow them. It’s called discipline.

I used to co-lead war trolls, and there was one very stubborn member who never participated. They had a very high power, they were active, but they never hit fort or donated/attacked in war. For weeks we told them to donate, but they didn’t. Wanna know what we did? We kicked em. No point in holding onto idiotic members.

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Glad I’m not in that guild… :wink:

Are you sure it just wasn’t one of your 81729 alt accounts Wadda :joy:
Kicked yourself :joy:

True, but also recruiting is ■■■■ right now.

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Right now = the last 2 years


It’s almost as if all the sensible people already left…

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I’m trying to be optimistic

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