Quit snoozing, Per Blue

Did you forget it’s June 1? Because the sign in hasn’t changed on all servers and there’s no sign in announcement.

@Samm @Polaris

Priorities man!
Probably still working on getting rid of the hangover from the farewell! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Farewell? Did I totally miss something in my quest to largely avoid the forums?

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:+1: Suey ! :laughing: rightio

Same, same. Get your Auld ang syne recording and party hats and fsvors ready


Farewell my friend. On to greener pastures perhaps. We shall meet again one day… Virtually…in a room perhaps.

Thank you for some of the most fun days of my PQ life :heart:


Aww… bye orly…

Eh … :sleeping: what that who ? Oh just this :sleeping:

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