Raid tickets in one of the shops

Wondering if it was possible for per blue to add raid tickets in on of the shops to buy?


They won’t do this
Use them wisely,
Try to only use them in the regular campaign as less stamina means more fights

Fight trials and elites to save your resources

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Ok lol just them farming them bees scraps killin me lol

Beestaffs. Are easier when you unlock the harder trials
Do campaign 5-5 for a couple days then change to farming another item to break up the week.

When doing campaign 5-5 send in one hero only and bag the 240xp helps when levelling heros…

Hex and stalker do well there

They should add them to the diamond shop. Few weeks ago I bought 8500 raid tickets for 100 diamonds but that amount can easily be used in a day.
Perblue get some raid tickets in the diamond shop cos the game is boring without them

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I’d rather support a raid ticket shop :joy:
Also, this post is frigging old…

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Someone had me join there guild because in chat I said I had 3000 stamina and no raid tickets . And I guess one of the perks of their guild was that you didn’t need them to raid anymore . It’s pretty awesome not having to worry about that .

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Only if the guild is level 6 they can have that perk though. And so far only S1 has level 6, soo :frowning:

It seems guild level 6 is available as soon as the server cap raises to 125, so Gunner thanks for the correction :slight_smile:

Nope. Same perk is available on S8

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In the guild shop from time to time if you have the resource shop you can buy raid tickets.

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