Raid tickets purchase/exchange

Might I suggest, for those of us that have been playing a while, that u offer raid ticket only bundles (for diamons, or even straight purchase), or even exchange for token or gold in the shops? When we get to a higher level, the ability to get raid tickets quickly is essential, cuz it takes far too long to accumulate them thru actual fighting each time. Raising levels and getting gear fast is required to continue at the higher levels. Just a suggestion…

Thank u for ur time and consideration,


Raid tickets haven’t been a problem for me
That’s because I am vip
buying the cheapest deal will get you to vip 3
Worth it


I made it to VIP 3 on S9 with fyber offers

Actual money not required.
It was awful though

Pay 3,30946 dollars (which cost the same for a of slice pizza) for easy vip 3
or waste countless hours of your life playing random game(s)

Hmmmm hard decision

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Some people are reliant on parents to sign off on purchases.

Others like me have to buy food and clothes and pay bills and mortgage and all the other stuff that kind of leaves us less than £8 per day on anything that isn’t essential.

Now £8 a day sounds like a lot.
But that’s between four of us.
And includes everything non essential, down to car park tickets and ice creams if we take the kids to the park lol.

This isnt mici asking you to get out the smallest violin in the world and play me a tune…

This is mici saying, sometimes that “hard decision” actually is a hard decision.

Any progress that I have made in this game has always depended on the kindness of strangers.


Sorry ;( ,

Hola compañero, quería comentarte, puedes comprar solo el paquete mensual de diamantes ,que todos los días te dan una cantidad ,ke si no los gastas a diario todos ,al acabar el mes son mas de 3.000diamantes,y si piensas gastar algun dinero mas fíjate o espera que allá barios del mismo precio en tienda así ,con 1 sola compra digamos la mínima en euros 4.89, pues si en la tienda hay 1 paquete pues solo comprad ese ,ok, pero si hay digamos 4difrentes paquetes que dan digamos cofres, y Bales de lucha pues si cada cofre da 400, al final de la compra con solo 4.89euros , consigues los 4paks 1600tikets en bez de solo 400 merece la pena esperar , y la pequeña inversión si tela puedes pagar , suerte y espero que coinsidamos en 1 batalla o GREMIO saludos

Right, mine are VIP 12 & 13, but I use raid tickets quite a bit to up my character levels & in promoting them when needed. But ty for post it so that anyone else who reads it & is unaware that that is all it takes for regular play, etc.

thats right​:+1::+1:

Why cant the powers that be in this game change the amount of raid tickets offered in the game. It’s not fair to the people that pay and dont to have to fight countless campaign and elite campaign battles to only get 1 raid ticket per battle and only get one 50 to 80 percent of time. And only offer them for sale every once in a blue moon, for a ridiculous amount of diamonds. People have spent a lot of money and time to upgrade their epic gear only to get cheated when we get to the higher levels. Its absolutely not fair. If you read this and agree with me please like the message and create one of your own, because the more people that do this will help change this. Because they cant ignore all of us. Let ur voice be heard.

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You deem the 8000 raid tickets you get for 100 diamonds too expensive?! :face_with_monocle:
(Well, given you’re on a younger server)
Just get the diamond deal & wait for the guild perk on your server…

Every guild I’m in has the raid tickets perk.

Every account I have, had thousands of tickets before it was introduced.

We must be playing the game very differently?

I have never had an issue with raid tickets.

If you agree with me, please like and create a comment of your own.
I’m curious how big an issue (in terms of number of players affected) this is…


Before the perk not a single member of my guild had trouble with raid tickets and a few of them are FTP.
On the other hand I know some folks who just started and are trying to catch up who could really use some :slight_smile:
That’s an extremely special circumstance though.

Never had any problems with raid tix, I run 2 F2P accounts.

Buy ‘em from the diamond shop…

Just join a guild with the relatively cheap raid tix perk :slight_smile: