Raven party cleric set question? - cosmetics


I notice that for cosmetic Raven Party. The last set of give cleric sharps and other consumables. Also that all the different set of raven party are
Having the hero 3 stars, the. Having hollow skin, one special skin and the last item is a portrait or a stamp. But for the cleric one. It still showing that is coming soon. Is this a mistake? Or is correct. It just that not make any senses becuase all different cosmetic set each of the group have similarly options that conform the set.

Not a complian. But maybe is some that need fix

Thanks in advances
@Polaris @OhRlyeh

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Coming soon isn’t mistake, if I remember right
I believe it’s either something they have made and are waiting for a specific patch note to release it, or just something they need to make for an upcoming patch note

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I did a ticket for this day one she released… Nout confirmed just yet on it

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They are probably waiting to have a special skin for cleric. Notice that those other sets have a non-hollow or classic skin in them

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